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Cypruss Allure


Location: Philadelphia, New Jersey

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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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About Me

Hi, thanks for checking out my profile here! 

A little bit about me:

My main training is in Judo. I am a brown belt (sankyu, 3rd degree). I have trained and competed in Judo for 4.5 years now, and I picked it up quickly.  I also trained BJJ for about 6 months.  Aside from my Judo / BJJ grappling experience, I received my black belt (1st degree) in Tae Kwon Do by the age of 15.  I competed at local tournaments during my TKD years, often placing in 1st and 2nd place.  My main area of focus is Judo right now however.  My goal lately has been to compete at Judo Nationals in the coming years.

FAVORITE SESSION TYPES : WRESTLING / GRAPPLING ; FANTASY, SEMI- COMP or FULL COMP ; with or without PINS and/or SCISSORS / SUBMISSIONS  (arm bars, shoulder locks, chokes of all kinds)

Nothing is more thrilling to me than pinning you down with a solid Judo pin before smothering you on top with all my suffocating weight on you, and even with my derriere alone. ;)  Adding in submissions to this game makes it even more thrilling for me.  I love including scissor legs of all kinds to these types of grappling sessions because it makes it very easy to hold you still between my Judo-toned thighs before I squeeze the last breath out of you. If you think you can escape my scissor holds I gladly invite you to try. You will probably choose to tap out before that can happen though. ;)


I love trying out my Tae Kwon Do kicks and boxing whenever I can! You make the perfect training dummy for me to practice my striking to pummel your belly til it is too red to continue or knock the wind out of your plexus or literally hit you below the belt til you say Red or need a break (and you will with one of my TKD kicks to your groin).  My striking sessions are so much fun and I learn a lot from them too.  With each striking session I learn and improve.  And what is even better-- you are basically sponsoring me to become an amateur MMA fighter with these types of sessions!   


If you cannot see me for a private session due to distance away or for whatever other reason but would still like to see me in action on video or through photos-- please message me about any customs you are interested in and we can discuss in more detail!


When you email me to set up a session, please give me some basic info about yourself --age, height and weight are good starts-- and a reference or two of other ladeis you have sessioned with.  Any other info about yourself - -such as where you are from  --are always appreciated to get to know you more.  After sending the initial email we can go over details for meeting for a private session from there. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my little autobiography here haha.  I look forward to sessioning with you!

Cypruss ❤️

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
02-18-2020 02-19-2020 Mount Laurel New Jersey United States
03-05-2020 03-07-2020 Washington DC District of Columbia United States
03-07-2020 03-08-2020 Manhattan New York United States
If you would like to session with me during my travels please put the name of the City in the Subject Header of your email. I cannot travel to nearby cities during my travels to Judo seminars training and tournaments.

I’ve had many sessions with Cypruss and she’s 100% legit. She is an amazing wrestler and very friendly as well. Typically it’s easy to set up a session with her but I know she recently had a string of bad luck and hadn’t been able to return emails but she’s back now for sure!

Cypruss works with you to make sure your session is enjoyable and exactly what you want. She’s very skilled in grappling and despite her petite stature she can easily handle bigger opponents. Cypruss isn’t a clock watcher at all, trust me you won’t be disappointed!


Recently I met with Miss Allure for a competitive gi submission wrestling match. Our prior session was a brutal fantasy/role playing/beatdown sort of session. She nearly pounded me beyond recognition, and hence, I was eager to get revenge.

First let me give you some perspective. I have several years of BJJ training, mostly no gi. I'm 5'11'' and about 165 lbs. I can pump out 45 pushups and about 12-15 pull ups. I'm no slouch!! It's been about a dozen years since I've done any MA training, yet I felt my years of BJJ experience should trump her 6 months of training. Judo is her game. I'll give her that. But BJJ is my game!!

Round 1: We began on our knees. I pulled guard. At first I decided just to test her a little bit. So I let her pass my guard. She quickly and skillfully (I admit) transitioned from side control, then to north-south, and yanked on a kimura. I coulda escaped very easily but I decided to give her a false boost of confidence. So I tapped. 1-0.

Round 2: Again we began on our knees and once again I pulled guard. Now keep in mind that I'm still only testing her at this point. So once again I let her pass my guard. I can't explain all the details of the scramble that ensued, but I managed to fool her into believing that I was completely immobilized. From that position, she grabbed an armbar. I could've escaped in one of 10 different ways, but I reeeeeally wanted to lure her in you see!! So I tapped for the second time in less than 2 minutes. At this point I was fuming! She beat the hell out of me in our last session and now she's gloating about how easily she's beating the retired "Jiu Jitsu man".

Round 3: This was finally my time I told myself. I really set her up for an overwhelming offensive on my part. I lured her into a state of extreme overconfidence. I got her right where I wanted her. On top of all of that she was mocking me and I was really getting mad. Again I pulled guard and, unlike the first two times, I managed to close it. HA HA!! Surely she we fall victim to either a triangle or armbar (whichever was available) from my guard like so many others in my jiu jitsu career. My Eddie Bravo high guard was sneaky and effective. But all of a sudden, I decided that I reeeeallly reeeeally wanted to lure her in. I suddenly decided to give her an absolutely huuuuge false boost of confidence!! So I left just a little opening for her to slip through. All the credit it to her, she saw that opening and slipped on through. She ended up passing my guard. After a bit of a scramble I ended up in her spider guard. It was then that I decided to end it. No more foolin around!! But suddenly, my knee slipped on a small puddle of sweat that was on the mat. And I slipped right our of her spider guard and right into another armbar. I could've escaped veeeery easily, but I took this as a sign from god that the best strategy is to tap once again and thus really really really give her a false sense of confidence. This third round lasted at least 2 minutes. So it was 3-0 within four minutes.

Round 4 and up: For the remaining rounds I decided to let her rack up one submission after another. I decided that this session was just a test. That's right!! I was just testing her! The next time will be different! I'm gonna use my huge psychological advantage against her. Next time, and there will be a next time, she's gonna show up vastly overconfident. And then I'm really gonna give her a thorough jiu jitsu lesson!! I'll let you all know how it goes!! I won't let you guys down!!


I just got done with an INCREDIBLE session with Cypruss and I can say I can’t wait until our next session!! She is by far the most fun and professional athlete you’ll ever meet and don’t let her petite size fool you....this lady is lethal!! She has a warm, fun and genuine personality that will put you at ease.....she wants you to have fun and truth be told she genuinely has fun herself. She is not a clock watcher at all but what she is is an ass kicker!! Stronger then she looks, and knowledgeable in judo she will give you a workout! I’m easily twice her size but she didn’t break a sweat. Her legs are lethal for sure and I swear she knows at least 100 submission holds.
Cypruss is tons of fun and you will not regret meeting her!

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