Location: Philadelphia, New Jersey
E-mail: cypruss.allure@gmail.com
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27
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Have booked a holidaytrip to Philadelphia for oktober , and I hope to meet her there and arrange a grappling session with her.


Has anyone been able to get in contact with her so far?


Looks like she disappeared again.


Cypruss Allure was a great time. She had personality, and a crazy amount of energy. We had a competitive wrestling session, and I figured she’d have her work cut out for her but pin after pin, scissor after scissor, arm bar after arm bar; I was the one being put to work. She’s got good looks to go with the muscles, and she’s no clock watcher. It was an all around fun time.


I’ve had many sessions with Cypruss and she’s 100% legit. She is an amazing wrestler and very friendly as well. Typically it’s easy to set up a session with her but I know she recently had a string of bad luck and hadn’t been able to return emails but she’s back now for sure!

Cypruss works with you to make sure your session is enjoyable and exactly what you want. She’s very skilled in grappling and despite her petite stature she can easily handle bigger opponents. Cypruss isn’t a clock watcher at all, trust me you won’t be disappointed!


Recently I met with Miss Allure for a competitive gi submission wrestling match. Our prior session was a brutal fantasy/role playing/beatdown sort of session. She nearly pounded me beyond recognition, and hence, I was eager to get revenge.

First let me give you some perspective. I have several years of BJJ training, mostly no gi. I'm 5'11'' and about 165 lbs. I can pump out 45 pushups and about 12-15 pull ups. I'm no slouch!! It's been about a dozen years since I've done any MA training, yet I felt my years of BJJ experience should trump her 6 months of training. Judo is her game. I'll give her that. But BJJ is my game!!

Round 1: We began on our knees. I pulled guard. At first I decided just to test her a little bit. So I let her pass my guard. She quickly and skillfully (I admit) transitioned from side control, then to north-south, and yanked on a kimura. I coulda escaped very easily but I decided to give her a false boost of confidence. So I tapped. 1-0.

Round 2: Again we began on our knees and once again I pulled guard. Now keep in mind that I'm still only testing her at this point. So once again I let her pass my guard. I can't explain all the details of the scramble that ensued, but I managed to fool her into believing that I was completely immobilized. From that position, she grabbed an armbar. I could've escaped in one of 10 different ways, but I reeeeeally wanted to lure her in you see!! So I tapped for the second time in less than 2 minutes. At this point I was fuming! She beat the hell out of me in our last session and now she's gloating about how easily she's beating the retired "Jiu Jitsu man".

Round 3: This was finally my time I told myself. I really set her up for an overwhelming offensive on my part. I lured her into a state of extreme overconfidence. I got her right where I wanted her. On top of all of that she was mocking me and I was really getting mad. Again I pulled guard and, unlike the first two times, I managed to close it. HA HA!! Surely she we fall victim to either a triangle or armbar (whichever was available) from my guard like so many others in my jiu jitsu career. My Eddie Bravo high guard was sneaky and effective. But all of a sudden, I decided that I reeeeallly reeeeally wanted to lure her in. I suddenly decided to give her an absolutely huuuuge false boost of confidence!! So I left just a little opening for her to slip through. All the credit it to her, she saw that opening and slipped on through. She ended up passing my guard. After a bit of a scramble I ended up in her spider guard. It was then that I decided to end it. No more foolin around!! But suddenly, my knee slipped on a small puddle of sweat that was on the mat. And I slipped right our of her spider guard and right into another armbar. I could've escaped veeeery easily, but I took this as a sign from god that the best strategy is to tap once again and thus really really really give her a false sense of confidence. This third round lasted at least 2 minutes. So it was 3-0 within four minutes.

Round 4 and up: For the remaining rounds I decided to let her rack up one submission after another. I decided that this session was just a test. That's right!! I was just testing her! The next time will be different! I'm gonna use my huge psychological advantage against her. Next time, and there will be a next time, she's gonna show up vastly overconfident. And then I'm really gonna give her a thorough jiu jitsu lesson!! I'll let you all know how it goes!! I won't let you guys down!!


I just got done with an INCREDIBLE session with Cypruss and I can say I can’t wait until our next session!! She is by far the most fun and professional athlete you’ll ever meet and don’t let her petite size fool you....this lady is lethal!! She has a warm, fun and genuine personality that will put you at ease.....she wants you to have fun and truth be told she genuinely has fun herself. She is not a clock watcher at all but what she is is an ass kicker!! Stronger then she looks, and knowledgeable in judo she will give you a workout! I’m easily twice her size but she didn’t break a sweat. Her legs are lethal for sure and I swear she knows at least 100 submission holds.
Cypruss is tons of fun and you will not regret meeting her!


I've had the distinct honor to have maybe a half dozen sessions with Cypruss over the past couple of years. I was able to meet with her quite early on when she was just getting started, and she was great to talk to and gave me a wonderful stomach punching beatdown. Since then, she has only gotten better and more creative in finding ways to punish my solar plexus, which is exactly what I want. Our most recent session was just mindblowing. She is just so cool to talk with, quite pretty, and skilled at testing and going beyond limits once she is comfortable with you. Yes - she is not always great with responding to emails, but once you are able to have a session with her you will be willing to accept that. It's worth the effort!

Anthony in DC

I've seen her twice now. Not only one of the most skilled wrestlers I have ever met but also one of the most down-to-earth and friendliest I've met as well. I have just as much fun wrestling her as I do talking with her. I can't wait to see her again!


I've unfortunately had trouble contacting her via email also, I've tried multiple times since maybe April and I havent gotten anything but the automated response back :( I've also had the pleasure of sessioning with Cypruss in the past and she is absolutely as delightful as you could ask for, she is just a straight up down to earth chill amazing woman. I hope I get to session with her again soon!


I met Cypruss for another session back in May but haven't had a chance to post a review. She is very communicative, friendly, easy to talk to, and always smiling, even as she tortures you in a hold. I’m not sure if there are any session girls with a better ability to out-wrestle an opponent. She is a very beautiful person and is very kind. If she comes to your area, definitely try to meet her!


I used a city and date to meet in the subject and Cypruss got back to me in a few days, this is the surest way to get a response if she's interested. A fantastic girl and definitely worth making an effort to meet if you like real wrestling in your sessions. Can't really add anything to the other positive reviews, she's one of the best and one of the few with absolutely legit skills.


Any negative review about Cypruss' athleticism or professionalism needs to stop. First off she is a great athlete. She is an expert at judo and has flipped me several times the first two sessions we had. The third session she had hurt her foot severely and wasn't able to flip me, but she still tried. But even without flipping me she was still able to win because of her BJJ knowledge. (I do want to win and if there is a fourth session in six months I'm hoping for a much different result)

She is also very professional. She doesn't make fake claims in her profile. It's not like she says she's great at football throwing or mini-golf, she probably isn't, how would I know? But I do know she's good at judo/BJJ and is professional.

But hey, I'm just a guy who doesn't go around making bad reviews with weird capitalization's.

Cypruss Allure

I knew who this was after reading "mini-golf." ;) Thanks for being a secret fan. I know you don't like losing to my grappling standing up or on the ground, but you're going to have to deal with the fact that a shorty like me can flip a bigger boy like you. And I enjoy every second of it as you already know! lol.

Thanks again pb, I hope to see you again soon for a rematch hehehehe.


i saw cypruss allure saturday july 14th in boston booked a belly punching fantasy wrestling session cypruss is friendly, pretty and powerfull she is excellent at communication and limits guys this girl knows how to punch quite well we agreed at half speed my belly is still sore she took it easy on me incredible belly punching session will repeat hoping to see her again really enjoyed my time with her


I had the pleasure of having a session with Cypruss. We first met for lunch and right away I realized that she was a sweet person unlike some of the touring ladies who are just in it for the money. We had a semi-competitive session which she showed me her judo moves, (I enjoyed the flips). At all times she was concerned for my safety and we finished off with a sleeper hold and she explained it too me and I felt confident in her knowledge to allow her to apply it too me. I would recommend her 1000%


I don't even know where to start, i enjoyed 3 hours with cypruss, she was so friendly,kind and really good at getting you to come out of your skin. She travelled 4 hours by bus to see me in my home town, paid for the room, AND brought us wine to drink! she is a fantastic lady, she was very open to all of my fetishes and indulged them each 110%. Even though i was afraid, i felt very comfortable in her inescapable locks, her kicks are fast and accurate, and she can combine her TKD/grappling effortlessly and HOLY GOD is it amazing. she bound and gagged me to a chair and kicked me with perfect form and made me worship her toes, the she lied me down still bound and kicked me some more, drove her heels into my jaw/neck/and chest. her holds are inescapable, i weigh 2.5x more than her and i couldn't move to save my life. She respected my pain limitation, and somehow knew when to crank it up, and let me have a small foot break if i needed! I started the session in the hall of the hotel scared to knock on the door, to not wanting to leave after the session because we had so much in common. she even called me an uber ride home. Def go hang out with her, it's worth every penny! ik i can't wait until i do again!


Words can't describe my session experience with Cypruss. Upon first meeting her, she is so gorgeous that it hard to remember your words. Once you find words, she's so easy to talk to that you'll forget why you came there in the first place. I think she's secretly trying to get your confidence up so she can crush them later on the mat.

Once you start grappling with her, you'll quickly realize that you won't stand a chance. She'll smile as she puts one of a hundred judo/bjj moves on you. Luckily for me, she does have a weakness, but I'll let others find out what that is. I don't want to risk future punishment.

At the end of the session I really didn't want to leave. She's so worth driving 2-3 hours to meet. I recommend her to anyone who wants a challenge or anyone who likes good conversation while being mesmerized.


Cypruss is an incredible wrestler.
His experience in judo allows him to offer extraordinary sessions.
She is friendly, patient and very friendly. She perfectly masters the armlocks and especially the strangulation. We ended the session breathless but happy.

Birthday boy

Cypruss est un lutteuse incroyable.
Son expérience en judo lui permet de proposer des sessions extraordinaires. Elle est amicale, patiente et très sympathique. Elle maîtrise parfaitement les clés et surtout les étranglements.
On fini la session à bout de souffle mais heureux.


I just had an amazing session with Cypruss. Seriously, if you want a session with a person who is responsive, energetic, witty, patient, generous with her time, attentive to your preferences, and the absolute tops on the mats, drop whatever you are doing right now and book Cypruss. Her stock is - justifiably - rising sky high in the circuit, so get on her calendar while you can. You will not regret it, and will be beyond grateful you saw her while you still had the chance. No joke, 10/10!


I was worried that her smaller size might prevent her from being able to do a truly competitive match but she owned me completely right from the beginning and never let up. I had no chance with her.

I spent two hours with Cypruss and even that didn't seem like enough. Besides having incredible wrestling skills, she was really friendly and I loved just talking with her. Less than 24 hours after, I'm already thinking about when I can see her again!


I met Cypruss for my very first session, mostly for scissors and smothering, so we discussed a bit by emails and she was very responsive to my requests. I could already feel that Cypruss loves what she does.

I was as excited as intimidated, but when we met, i saw a beautiful young woman, a combinaison of muscle and feminity very attractive, smiling, and that made me feel good from the beginning of the session.

About the session, i asked her to be really dominant, well, she was ! I loved every minute of the session, she was laughing while i was suffocating between her thighs. She played with me and made me tap when she wanted. Some of her really hard pressures were really scary, i had to tap in less than a second.
I also loved to be smothered by Cypruss, her dominant side was so sexy when she was on top of me...

She showed me some of her judo/grappling skills and she really love it too. Fore those who are looking for competitive, she is a real challenger.

I wanted to never let her go, she is very open-minded and intelligent, i definitely had a really good time with Cypruss. She is a must see, so don't hesitate, even if it was my first session, i'm sure she'll be very soon one of the most famous session wrestler.

And i wish her

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