Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
E-mail: dakotarosey@outlook.com
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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My name is Dakota I have a passion for health and fitness  I love challenging my strength and body, I absolutely enjoy lift and carry sessions the most there such a good laugh, I also do muscle worship, domination,  and other things that I have ticked the boxes for, (nothing sexual) I like to do scissoring, fantasy wrestling and semi comp.. nothing too extreme or dangerous. I can also duo with another lady from this site : Madampennie but this would cost extra but extra fun for you :)


If you want to book a session with me then get in touch for my rates 

My lift and carry limit is 85kg


i am am mainly in Leeds but tour in Manchester, Birmingham and London, Newcastle, Scotland, Bournemout. Thinking of traveling to Germany, Dublin, Belgium, France in the future if anyone can recommend me some easy access hotels, that arent too expensive and dont have any keycards or fobs to get in.. that would be much appreciated :)


I always ask for a deposit to my PayPal account after we have agreed a time and date of our session.. please don’t feel scared or put off by this, it is to filter out any time wasters as I take my job seriously and us girls have to pay for accommodation and travel so we need to know if you guys are 100% going to turn up as this will be a waste of or efforts, time and money which isnt very fair so no deposit = no session Im afraid


Can anyone please let me know of popular areas that are screaming out for girls? I would appreciate it much Muchly xoxo 


PLEASE READ*** if you send me long ass emails with a ton of questions I will assume you are a time waster and ignore your emails.. serious bookers always get straight to the point with dates, times deposit none of this time wasting business! I’m a busy lady and don’t want to play email ping pong with a time waster that just wants a free fix***


Check out my onlyfans for my recent updates


Many thanks,





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10-02-2019 12-31-2019 Sheffield United Kingdom
10-02-2019 12-31-2019 Leeds United Kingdom
10-18-2019 10-19-2019 London United Kingdom
10-23-2019 10-24-2019 Birmingham United Kingdom
11-06-2019 11-07-2019 Manchester United Kingdom
11-13-2019 11-14-2019 London United Kingdom
11-27-2019 11-30-2019 Dublin Ireland
12-11-2019 12-12-2019 London United Kingdom
Flexibility in the Barnsley South Yorkshire area if you can come to me I have mats here and a pool for oil wrestling Email me to book a slot! dakotarosey@outlook.com Looking forward to Sessioning with you guys Xxx

Had an amazing match with the lovely Dakotarose this week. Very professional from start to finish from initial emails to making me feel welcome at her lovely matted out flat.

Don’t let looks deceive you, this is one tough lady and for someone who hasn’t been wrestling long she is very highly skilled. Think you have her trapped, then the next minute she’s found a way to escape and your the one in trouble. Favourite hold is the guillotine choke, be warned guys, your Adam’s apple will end up popping out the back of your neck if you don’t tap out pretty sharpish.

Can’t recommend enough if you get the chance to take her on.


Had my first session with Dakotarose today - wonderful. All my initial emails were answered very promptly (easily within half an hour). Her new, private, matted facility is within easy reach of the M1 and as for the session itself? She was so warm, friendly and welcoming. When it came to the session (I’d requested competitive) it was pitched perfectly at my level. She is a little more expensive than the average rate for a session, but definitely worth it. I’ll be back again!


Dakotarose and Madampennie
Review March 2019

I’d done a session with Dakotarose in Birmingham in January 2019 losing 1-0 to a one legged Boston Crab. I was keen for a rematch and also to do a match with her partner in crime Madampennie. When I saw pictures their new matted facility I booked a session, paid the deposit and arranged travel up to Yorkshire. Dakotarose picked me up at the local rail station and drove me to the venue. Once changed we did three 30 minute matches; Dakotarose v me, Madampennie v me and finally both ladies against me at the same time. Before the matches started we took some photos with their MMA dummy.
Madampennie decided to let Dakotarose go first so she could suss out my weaknesses while watching. Dakotarose turned on the stereo and it was playing the soundtrack of one of the Spiderman movies. I loved it. Dakotarose was looking as fit and toned as she did in our first match. But I noticed immediately a big step up in her technical ability and tactical know-how. Dakotarose made several attempts to pin me down, kneeling on my arms, but I was able to escape from under her through shrimping out and using half guard to get leverage to roll on top. I was able to see myself and Dakotarose in the mirror as we grappled, I look more clumsy than I feel! Dakotarose got her first point wit a rear naked choke after I’d made the mistake of letting her get my back. We took a break for water and then re-engaged. I was trying all sorts of tricks in round two. I pulled one Of Dakotarose’s arms around my head so I could roll on top, I ducked out of her Thai grip, and tried to bridge up to unbalance her. At one point I ended up inhaling her hair. The problem with rolling on top was it did not do me much good. Indeed Dakotrose’s second point came while I was on top when she got me in an upside down breast smother. So it ended with Dakotarose winning 2-0.
Madampennie realised the leather gear she was wearing was not going to help her wrestling so she changed into sports gear. She had an opportunity for an Americana but I don’t think she recognised it, then she mucked up an armbar attempt before trying to get a Nelson hold on me (she referred to it as a Wellington hold). I managed to get her back but was not able to capitalise. She commented that I had good stamina and that I must do lots of cardio. That’s for sure! I was putting her off using my bicep flexing and kissing biceps in middle of round. However, Dakota was giving Pennie coaching advice from the side and Pennie was getting closer to trapping me. She eventually got me with a school girl pin and I did not have the strength to dislodge her. There were o more points but an excellent debut win 1-0 for Madampennie. She has a great sense of humour and enjoys doing matches. She is competitive and enthusiastic, I’m really glad I got this match in.
So to the 2 v 1 match. I did ok, lasting out for long periods before being submitted. However, it was never going to e 0-0. With Madampennie controlling my legs, Dakotarose was able to get the body scissors on me and squeeze home the submission. Their second point was an arm lock by Dakotarose when Madampennie was sitting on me. I was helpless to prevent Dakotarose from getting me with a lotus lock once they had pinned me face down to the mats. The fourth and final point came when Dakotarose was trying to place an ankle lock on me but Madampennie made me tap first with a neck hold as she lay perpendicular to me; she had basically isolated my head and I could not get my legs into play to prize myself out of the situation.
All in all an excellent day. A bonus was that I got my glasses back! I had left them at the Birmingham venue where Dakotarose and I did our first match in January, but she had picked them up and held onto them for me. They also have a paddling pool and a ball it at their venue. I highly recommend sessions with either or both of these athletes. They are excellent fun. Thanks again for great sessions Dakotarose and Madampennie and for dropping me back to the station. We’ll do this again soon.

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