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I met Debra several years ago in Sheffield, UK, Her looks power and muscle are simply outstanding, she must train frequently.
We agreed a fantasy session, she didn't disappoint, I submitted to my favourite Boston crabs repeatedly, I couldn't stop her putting them on me and she was totally safe in pushing my limits. I couldn't resist her womanly charms.Love to meet her again one day. A real sweetie. Thanks Debra 100 percent.


I did a wrestling session with Debra two years ago.

As opposed to many others, I wrestle to win, as I actually fantasize about being able to force a big female bodybuider into submission. I enjoy measuring my strength with muscular women.
Debra was very sweat and made me feel very comfortable quickly.
Allthough she was slightly sceptical about doing a competetetive wrestling match, as I am abig guy ( 6.2 , 180 Ibs)we agreed to do a competetive wrestling match.
I was 25 years at the time and work out a lot, and I am quite strong.
We strarted out with armwrestling. After a long hard battle, she was able to put my arm down. With her left arm though she was able to beat me surprsingly easyily.

The wrestling was very intense. I was able to use my height and weight advantage to get on top of her.
Her upper body strenth was however to much for me, and I was left frustratrated time after time that I wasnt able to pin her down. At one point I was able to get her in a headscissor, but I just couldt get her to tap out. Instead she cought my head in a scissor as well, and with both strained extremely hard to force the submission from the other. It was extremely exciting, and I got an amazing adrenaline kick, being so close to forcing this mature musclewoman into submission! In the end though I started tiering and loosing my grip,as she managed to pry my legs apart, while at the same time tightning her grip and applying more and more pressue around my head. Amazingly I was able to withstand her powerful scissor for a long time, still being in and adrenaline kick, but in the end I had to submit.
It was agonoizing being so close to forcing this musclewoman into submission.
After the first fall she forced me into four more submissions. It was hard fought though, and we wehere both dripping sweat
, but she was just to strong for me.
It was an amazing session, and she looked better than in her pictures I thought. I just wish I had been able to at least get one submission from her :-).

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