Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
E-mail: delytedalacruz@yahoo.com
Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 36
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Met Delyte and Chloe over the July 4th weekend. Two very beautiful women who know what they’re doing. I’m an older guy who stands 5’11”, weighs about 180 with little wrestling skills. Thought I could maybe hang with one of them. I was wrong. Wrestled competitive/semi-competitive on their travel mats from our knees. Delyte is playful, fun and laughs a lot. She’s also a pretty thick, solid looking girl in the arms and legs. First thing I realized when we made contact is this girl is STRONG as well as skilled. She handled me quickly, and I believe could’ve wiped the mats with me, but her grappling style she used on me is best described as “rolling” more than super serious submission wrestling. Yea, she submitted me quickly a few times, but just as often she simply rolled around the mats taking me with her. It was humiliating and very humbling to be trying my best to win while being rolled around the mats. She told me this was her style (or one of her styles) that wears out her opponents. I did manage to trap her on her back once while she was kind of wedged against the foot of the bed, but it was so obvious she could’ve escaped and submitted me if she really wanted to. I recommend Delyte highly if you want to test yourself with a pretty, skilled and strong girl. I recommend her highly and I’ve been doing this a while.


This is little late (and maybe too long)... I had the pleasure to meet this beautiful lady when she visited Baltimore. First off she was a TRUE pleasure to meet and just talk to. She was warm, friendly and has just an amazing sense of humor. My session with Delyte honestly felt more like a couple friends hanging out and then a playful wrestling match broke out. She really seems to TRULY love to wrestle!!! And that made my session so, so much better than most. We both had a blast. Delyte was extremely accommodating to all my session requests...her outfit was EXACTLY what I wanted! And she looked incredible...so beautiful and so very sexy. Once we started wrestling I quickly realized this girl can REALLY WRESTLE!!! I usually enjoy a fantasy style wrestling session where I get completely dominated. So I usually ALLOW myself to get trapped in different holds, put into headscissors or pinned down. Well, I promise... I DID NOT let Delyte win! But she actually out wrestled me and thoroughly dominated me!! Without me 'letting' her, she kept getting on top and pinning me...or wrapping them long legs around my neck squeezing me into submission. The entire session she's laughing and being so playful while talking to me...she was driving me absolutely crazy!!! I loved every second! It was still sensual but more naturally (if that makes sense,lol) at one point she even gave her own commentary...she transitioned from a grapevine to a tight schoolgirl pin and soon as she moved up to sit on my chest she says: "OH...the classic schoolgirl pin!" and then cracks up laughing. OMG... that really got me! I hated it but freaking LOVED it!!!! My head was trapped between her knees so I could do nothing but look up at her while she was obviously enjoying how helplessly pinned she had me. Her full weight on my chest and seeing her laugh was both humiliating and VERY much enjoyable. This was by far my favorite moment because she was so excited and happy to have me so COMPLETELY pinned down. We both had a blast and wrestling with Delyte was probably the most pure FUN I have had during any session. She was so good at the playful teasing & taunting that I started wrestling much more competitively then I had planned. I wanted SO BAD to get her back and was trying SO HARD, so it was even more frustrating getting caught in a headscissor and just be stuck there while she laughed some more. I think she has a seductive style that lures you into wherever she wants you, and before you notice you're trapped. BUT....... towards the end of our match I FINALLY DID get her!!!! Oh yeah! LOL 🤣... I was so proud of myself for catching her as good as I did (which is kinda sad,lol) and I made sure to let her know she wasn't going ANYWHERE... until she "gave up"!Delyte was a pure joy to spend time with. She really does enjoy the session as much as we do. So I can not recommend her enough!!!! She's a beautiful, highly skilled woman who will enjoy wrestling you into submission...and she'll be laughing at you the whole time. I know I DEFINITELY 💯 plan to see Delyte again. If you enjoy being helplessly pinned down by a gorgeous woman who will tease and taunt you than Delyte84 is your girl!
- B.


Recently had a session with Delyte and can’t wait for the next! Impossible to move, highly skilled, her scissors will cut you in half! Tough as nails, yet sweet as can be! Easy to set up a session with , yet don’t let her beauty and contagious laugh lull you to sleep. Or she’ll put you to sleep. A MUST SEE!


Just had a double session with Delyte and Chloe.
E-mailed Delyte for the double session and she was quick to respond. In her initial response she said, "we are a force". That should have given me a hint of what was to come but looking at the photos of them they did not seem like they be that strong.
Delyte met me at the "studio" north of Pittsburgh. We had chance to talk a few moments before Chloe arrived. While talking to Delyte, I realized how sweet and kind she was. I said to her that she seem "too sweet to be able to dominate anyone".
Delyte laughed (another "sign" of what I was in for). Then Chloe arrived.
Both of them are more beautiful in person than the photos indicate, and each has hard biceps which I enjoyed admiring.
Now the session began (I had asked for a 2-hr. competitive wrestling session).
I "faced off" with Chloe and I knew that it would be a good idea to avoid her headlocks. But I would find out that "knowing" and being successful was two different things!
Chloe got me in a headlock and took me down. Damn this woman is strong!!
I was not able to move her at all. I asked Delyte to help me but she simply laughed.
Then it was Delyte turn and I figured perhaps I have better "luck" with her. I was wrong.
Delyte was as strong as she is beautiful. This sweet lady totally kicked my butt!
Delyte is solid muscle, which is not noticeable in the photos of her.
At one time I came up behind Delyte "just to admire her biceps from behind, then I tried to surprise her by suddenly taking her down with a headlock. But she flipped me over her back (I think) as not certain since this happened so fast and she landed on top of me!
The session continued as Delyte and Chloe took turns doing what they wanted with me. Chloe teased me as how "weak" I was and how "quick" I tap out.
WOW these ladies are strong as well as skilled!
They both did make certain couple times in the 2-hr. session if it was enjoyable for me. they truly love what they do and desire the one sessioning with them are enjoying it.
I also did try to "surprise Chloe also, admiring her biceps, then trying to "take her down". I ended on my back with Chloe on top. I was not able to do anything with these two.
Each one by themselves could easily beat me. Together...Well, the original email from Delyte said it all, "WE ARE A FORCE"!
For the last part of the session I said that they could not tie me up with the rope they had. Chloe got the rope and Delyte took it. Chloe then took hold of me in a headlock. Her headlocks are like a vice! I could not move. Then Delyte began tying my feet. I tried to move my feet and also reach back with my arm to take hold of her arm but could not quite reach. Delyte continued tying me up as I was in a very strong hold by Chloe. When I tried to free myself, Chloe would say "you're not going anywhere". After I was tied up, they both got up and left the room saying "we'll be back in the morning. Only a few moments they came back. They both enjoy "toying" with me and they knew that I was helpless to stop them!
After the session we talked a few minutes. These are such wonderful and kind ladies.
BUT get you on the wrestling mat, they are a true force to be reckoned with!
When leaving I gave each a long hug. I so admire Delyte and Chloe!
If they travel to your area, you must see them! They are both worth it!
Thank you Delyte for putting me at ease with you kindness in the few moments before Chloe arrived.
Thank you Chloe for your kind sweetness. You are a lovely lady!
Thank you both for a session I won't soon forget!
I was a mouse and you two were the cats!


I had a competitive session with Delyte and I highly recommend her. I am 5'11" and 235lbs and she was able to give me a very competitive session and hold me down multiple times. She never tired and if anything got more energy as we progressed. Plus she was a blast If anyone is looking for a competitive match with with a wrestler who not only can hold her own with big guys but enjoys doing it, then they have to give Delyte a try.


This young lady is the real deal and a fantastic session gal! I asked for pro style and she delivered to my complete satisfaction. Great conversationalist between "falls" and not a clock watcher at all. Most enthusiastically and highly recommended!!


I first need to tell people, that I have known about this young lady since she was a BABY at 18 or 19 years old when I first sessioned with her 16 years ago. She was traveling & training with the late great Kyla Luciano (may she forever rest in eternal peace).... And let me tell you, she was AMAZING then, & now that she's back, all these many, many years later, nothing has changed. Only that she's prettier & probably EVEN more dangerous now!!!... She was a Tall, BEAUTIFUL, stacked, & curvy powerhouse with ferocious brute strength to go along with an incredible grappling/jujitsu skill set that was second to none... Remember she trained with Kyla, nuff said.... So when I sessioned with her AGAIN, lately along with our mutual friend Chloe from Pittsburgh, I was completely overwhelmed by her. I had NO CHANCE!!!.... She could have beaten me with her power & strength ALONE, but when she added chokeholds, armbars, & pressure point holds to make me tap quickly & immediately, then you can get a pretty good idea how GREAT, a grappler this girl is.... I'm SO glad she came back to session, if just for a little while (hopefully a lot longer)..... Guys, give her a GO.... She's attractive, she's sexy, & most importantly, she's ONE HELL of a fighter.... She'll beat 95% of any unskilled guy sessioning with her & give any of the rest that's left, a run for their money... Trust me on this....

Welcome Back Delyte!!!...... T in the D......


I've just had a double session with Delight and Chloe and boy do they work well together. Both are powerful and attractive women and very good at delivering exactly what you ask for. Before the session started they were as easy to talk to but once the session started they became as mean as your worst nightmare. A hot blond and a brunet brutally squeezing my midsection, chocking my neck and smothering me. It was brutal I was afraid for my safety. They really seemed to enjoy my pain and panic. I've been a huge fan of Chloe's for years and I'm so happy she introduced me to Delyte because like Chloe, Delyte has unbelievable mixed martial arts skills and great rope skills as well. I'm a pretty big and heavy guy and I'm good shape but they owned me. Either one of them could have destroyed me by themselves... but together... I never had a chance. During the session I was begging them to stop but now I'd like to beg them for more. Give Delyte a try if you think you can take it. If you want a real crazy struggle, ask for a double with her friend Chloe. They work so well together.


Hey session peeps I had to give a shout out to Delyte! Just had a session with her and man it was everything I hoped for. She is tall, curvy and cute but that's not all she is responsive to emails and really polite and funny. Enough of the pleasantries and more about the session. I am a Army Vet 6ft 5 220lbs so not a small person at all. I am into trampling and squashing I typically do not session with a female below 220lbs so I was skeptical that she had enough weight and strength to give me a challenge. I definitely underestimated her! The strength she has due to martial arts training is unreal and she is willing to cause as much pain as you can take. I am proud I didnt tap out and I think I impressed her a bit but let me tell you when she stepped that 190lbs on my chest I thought I got this, it will be easy. Then she raised that power foot and started stomping and jumping and smiled and stood on my head.

To wrap it up she is extremely nice, professional and will kick your ass without any fear. She will respect your limits but if you think you are tougher than you actually are get ready to be crushed!


Had a session with DeLyte in 2003 or 2004 in Ohio. She was a ball of energy and so fun to be with. Easily overpowered me despite my height/weight advantage (I'm not trained or skilled). Had a great time with her and I'm happy to see she is back on the scene!

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