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Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 22

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About Me

Hello everyone once again. Ive decided to update my profile information because I believed its a must. First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a 59 (175cm), 22 y.o. athlete from a tiny town, almost like a village, in Russia. All my childhood I spent doing gymnastics and trampoline then switched to basketball and later to track and field. I am a newbie to bodybuilding even though I picked my first dumbbell when I was 16. In the beginning I was doing it just for personal pleasure because I already had enough of going to the track, playing basketball and volleyball. Bodybuilding is the reason who I am now and where I am. Its never been easy, ever. Never did I have any support from my family and friends. Just few people stayed beside me no matter what. I was lucky enough to go abroad for the first time on my summer holidays. I was 15y.o. Thats when I met foreigners for the first time as well... it motivated me to learn English. Languages have always been my passion. Thats why I left my country- for English courses. I had to work days and nights to cover that of course since my family was not able to help that much. I finished my courses and took TOEFL, I got pretty high scores to my surprise...or maybe not :D cuz I was studying hard, really. After, another leap of faith brought me here to Prague. And thats where I decided to take even more risks and just move towards what Ive been always dreaming about. Lots of people ask me whats my goal and where it all begun. Well, the goal is to see how far I can go and see what potential my body is hiding, and the most important- to stay healthy and happy. I also finished Art school with honors, so I guess I have that artistic look on things, their beauty and shape.

Unfortunately 2017 was a hard year for me. I had a terrible experience with a coach who just damaged my health, wasted my time and money. But he paid for that -for sure! I took care of that. Nevertheless I decided not to give up and find someone who is legit and trustworthy. And I did. I finally entered my first competition in physique category on April 6, 2018. That was the first time when I saw what my body is capable of! I never been that shredded and full. It was just a sneak peak to what is coming at me. The contest preparation was roughly like 3 months and already such a progress! My coaches done a great job as well. They literally saved me.

Anyways, for now... the goal is to improve and keep going :) now Im off season, awaiting for the next competition.

My features: sometimes I can be quite blunt and egoistic (but just because of the people I met in my life). I am not naive, quite synical. I dont trust people right away. On the other hand you can see me compassionate, negotiable, tender and benevolent. Flirtatious too :) 


As for the sessions: I try to answer all the emails BUT, please be short and precise. I usually skip long ass emails because I have tons of them and I prioritize those where people are actually coming to Prague and want to organize a soon meeting. One more thing, write a topic to your email, where it says that you are going to Prague so I could find it easily. As for the travels : DONT ASK ME if Im going anywhere, I DONT ANSWER them. If I travel somewhere for sessions, you will see it here on the site.

Thank you :) xoxo



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Hello everybody. Im back to Prague!


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Dominic is amazing

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