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Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 22

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Well, I started my weight lifting at the age of 16 (with no coach, proper nutrition and supps) but bit by bit I was getting more serious about my fitness. Over the time I realized that I truly love it and want something more than just being fit. My final decision was to move to another country, find a coach and start my bodybulding journey. So, here I am, 4 years later, in a new country, with one of the best coach, struggling my way up to my dream- to build up my muscles for the physique category and be a successful fitness model. My confidence skyrocketed, my love for female strength and power knows no bounds, and my passion for domination enhances as I develop my body and symmetry. Yet deep inside Im very feminine, playful and flirtatious. I dont travel much at the moment because I have regime to follow if I want to succeed. If I do travel, I will let everybody know. P.S. Please be serious and reliable, I hate when people waste my time. Please note that I WONT ANSWER to emails like hey, how are you?. You introduce yourself, let me know what session you want and the dates. Thank you for understanding:)   I start travelling from May 2018. As for the currency I accept CZK or USD

Cheers :) :*

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NOT AVAILABLE FOR SESSIONS TILL MAY 5th I will get back to my mail box once im back from vacation


I know that most of you guys will not believe much of what I'm about to say, but I don't give a fuck...I'll tell you anyway.

I recently had a session in Prague with Dominic and it was by far one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had. No, this was not the part you were not gonna believe, this is: I'm a 6'3 200lbs guy in his late 20's, play soccer twice per week, eat healthy and overall stay in good shape. Ok I don't train regularly as I work many hours per day, but in no way, shape or form I am a couch potato type of guy. Well, she simply overwhelmed, overpowered me in every possible way at any moment during our session. Period. She made me know how it feels to be in the presence of a beautiful, sweet young lady who is almost twice as strong as you and could kill you whitin one minute if she just wanted.

I asked her for a session with wrestling and some feats of strenght, she quickly answered my email and was very kind and responsive about the type of session I wanted. We chatted a little bit back and forth and then we agreed on a date and a time to meet at the private apartment I was staying at.

She was kind and smiling all the time, almost flirty I'd say. She did everything to put me at ease and we started the session after a little chat. First thing after she changed in a breathtakingly hot 2 pieces workout outfit, she did some muscle posing and so I was able to watch and touch her 15.5 inches biceps and legs muscles: I swear I could have died right there for how sexy she was and how rock hard her muscles felt. She is very tall at 5'10 and well proportionate, her muscles size looks perfect on her frame.

Then we sat at the table and switched to the armwrestling: having just felt and seen her biceps I knew it was gonna be a challenge but still thought that being a guy and quite bigger and shit like that, I was going to at least be able to compete against her. Boy I was wrong! As soon as we locked our hands, she realized she was much much stronger than me and started to play with me, smiling while I was going all out and she just held me at an even position before putting me down with absolute ease. Feeling her immense power and strenght was such a cool sensation that I could have just gone on forever. We armwrestled something like 10 times with each arm and the result was obviously always the same. I sensed she didn't want to humiliate me any further, so she ended each round quite quickly after a few seconds where she gave me the chance to pull (even though I would have loved her to tease me a little more about my incapability to even move her arm). She also gave me huge head start advantages at some point, but it was still embarassingly easy for her to revert the situation and put me down with a big smile on her beautiful face. I was so much caught in the moment, that I even forgot to ask her to let me try with 2 hands, maybe next time I will: as crazy as it sounds, I think she might even have a chance to beat me that way!

After the armwrestling, which I wish would have continued forever, we switched to some sort of leg wrestling. We sat on two different chairs in front of each other, she squeezed her legs around mine and, with her usual smile, she challenged me to separate my legs while she tried to keep them tied. Again I foolishly thought I had a chance, since I really possess strong shapeful legs from having played soccer all my life. Boy I was so wrong once more! I couldn't even budge her legs, while she was crushing mine together so forcefully it became painful and I basically had to submit as I asked her to stop squeezing. Then we switched positions: this time it was me trying to squeeze her legs together and prevent her from separating them. Well it lasted 3 seconds, and she repeated it a couple of times to demonstrate me her superiority. I fond out to my astonishment that, as strong as her arms are, her legs are even stronger, as it proved to be the case even more when we switched to some scissors: she put me in various scissor holds and she challenged me to try to separate her legs and get out. It was obviously pointless, but the scariest part was that she was increasingly squeezing more and more until I had to tap out. Each time she put up the pressure, I couldn't resist more than 5 seconds. And to flatter my ego some more :), she casually announced me that I was tapping while she was still at 50-60% of her squeezing power. Don't know if that's true or it was just her teasing me. The most effective positions were the reverse headscissor (I had my head spinning all the day after) and the body scissor (Jesus it really felt like I was being cut in half). Then we tried some bjj moves like triangle choke and rear naked choke. All the while we were in front of a mirror and I was able to see her teasingly flexing her biceps at times while holding me in place. Finally she showed me the so called bear hug (both front and reverse) and was incredibly able to submit me even in that hold (I felt my rib cage crush and had to tap).

At this point, almost an hour had already passed and we hadn't done any actual wrestling. So I said her we were going to try it next time, but she invited me to continue since she was in no rush. What can I say, besides her many other attributes, she is gentle and kind and definitely not a clock watcher. She might be the perfect woman :)))
As far as wrestling, I thought she was going to be able to dominate me with her strenght alone, and assumed she had not much grappling skill since her sessiongirl profile states she only offers "semi-competitive wrestling". So I was surprised when she said she actually has trained in wrestling and also has some experience in mma. Besides I could already tell she knew her stuff in jiu jitsu as she had before applied every move with tremendous effectiveness. She said she only lists "semi competitive wrestling" among her services because she recently had a bad knee injury and doesn't want to take unnecessary risks during sessions. But, for what mattered, she said I could try to do everything to win the grappling falls, so it was basically competitive wrestling. Or at least that's what it was meant to be, as it turned in a complete mismatch like any other physical competition we did until then: the only advantage I thought I could exploit against her (i.e. my size advantage) was not even a factor, as she was able to take me down at will with some very powerful, quick and well executued wrestling throws and use some bjj move to submit me. First submission came via armbar within a minute or so. I was completely unprepared for her level of aggression and skill. If I was impressed with her raw strenght earlier in the session, it was her agility and athleticism that completely shocked me during the wrestling, as I would have thought that a bodybuilder physique would lack in flexibility and quickness. But I was wrong again! She later told me she has experience in various sports and it shows in her movements. I'd say she is not only a bodybuilder but also an athlete overall. The wrestling ended after a dozen or so submissions, when it was clear I was completely done. In the last couple of falls she also teased me a little bit while she hold me down in a grapevine and I absolutely loved it.

To sum it up, yeah I'm probably not in such a good shape as I thought I was, in fact my ego has been hurting a little bit ever since I met Dominic :) But at the same time I'm sure she is the real deal! I deeply deeply doubt that there are many girls in this sessions world who possess her combination of breathtaking beauty, overwhelming strenght and legit grappling skills. Also I have a really hard time believing that, unless you are a particularly fit and trained guy, you will be strong or skilled enough to avoid ending up thoroughly dominated just like me. Size and height alone, as I am here to testify to, won't help you at all against this 5'10 80kg amazon. So especially if you are a big guy like me and have always thought that, no matter their background and training, no smaller girl could ever be able to dominate you for real (no fantasy stuff...for real!), you HAVE to meet Dominica! Rest assured she will change your perspective on life and society once for all :)))
Like I said at the beginning of the review, I'm sure you will think I'm overhyping her. I'd think that too if I hadn't met her. But she definitely made me a believer, and she'll make you a believer as well if you just give her a try.

All in all, it was a fantastic (yet very humbling..) experience, I can't wait to meet Dominic again and couldn't recommend her highly enough.


Bonjour , Arnaud je souhaite vous rencontrer pour une session de lutte fantaisie en France dans la.ville de BORDEAUX . À bientôt je l'espère.

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