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Hey all you losers... For those of you who dont already know, my names Electra! Im one of the most gorgeous females to ever walk across this planet along with one of the meanest if u decide your brave enough to get on my bad side, Or maybe im just always a mean bitch to such weak creatures they call men. Anyways Im here to take all your money and if you don't wanna give it to me I'll just have to teach you a lesson the hard way by beating the shit out of you with my lethal boxing skills and deadly scissors.... not to mention all the many jiu jitsu holds I could snap your arm off with... and if you try to pipe up I'll just utterly humiliate you by sticking my foot in your mouth to shut you whining mouth up. It doesn't stop there though, I will torture and humiliate u in ways you thought only happened in the movies!! You think this is all fiction? LET ME MAKE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES COME TRUE!!! OR FANTASIES I SHOULD SAY!!!

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I just had a session with Electra in San Francisco. Electra and I had emailed several months earlier about setting up a session but our schedules did not match. I asked her to email me when she visited San Francisco again. Last month I was happy to get an email regarding her coming trip. Communication with Electra was great and she seemed excited to meet.

When we met at the door I was blown away. Electra has changed up her workouts and she is ripped! Her body is absolutely fantastic, and she has the beauty to go with it. I had a great time wrestling with her and chatting with her during our match. She showed me a few moves I've never seen. She's coming along great as a wrestler, and I can tell as a boxer she could cause some serious damage.

We already talked about our next match when she visits again, and she even helped me out with adjusting my calorie intake for my workouts. Can't wait to see her again.


I had a session early this week with Electra. She is a very nice person, energetic, super athletic, and a fun person to session with. She can easily twist someone into positions they can't escape from. I do not think she stopped smiling through the whole session. She also talks lots of friendly smack...overall you won't be disappointed with her. :)

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