Faith Shalynn

Faith Shalynn


Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina

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Last logged in: 10/26/2021


Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 19

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About Me

My name is Faith Shalynn I'm a professional model, jobber, &more! I love making people happy in life & spreading laughs and good vibes. I also love to dominate men & make them my submissive pets. I enjoy being active, out in nature, & wrestling!!!! 

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Tickle Wrestling
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Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10-27-2021 11-07-2021 Greensboro North Carolina
11-08-2021 11-11-2021 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
11-11-2021 11-13-2021 Washington DC Maryland
11-13-2021 11-15-2021 Raleigh North Carolina
11-14-2021 11-15-2021 San Antonio Texas
11-16-2021 11-19-2021 Greensboro North Carolina
11-19-2021 11-30-2021 Atlanta Georgia
01-07-2022 01-14-2022 Burlington Vermont
01-15-2022 01-18-2022 Concord New Hampshire
01-22-2022 01-24-2022 Portsmouth New Hampshire
01-25-2022 01-29-2022 Boston Massachusetts
01-30-2022 02-02-2022 Woburn Massachusetts
02-03-2022 02-06-2022 Hartford Connecticut
02-06-2022 02-09-2022 New haven Connecticut
02-10-2022 02-13-2022 Portland Maine
02-14-2022 02-16-2022 Cranston Rhode Island
02-17-2022 02-20-2022 Providence Rhode Island
02-21-2022 02-24-2022 Newark New Jersey
02-25-2022 02-28-2022 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
03-01-2022 03-04-2022 Baltimore Maryland
03-05-2022 03-08-2022 Wilmington Delaware
03-08-2022 03-14-2022 Washington DC District of Columbia
03-14-2022 04-01-2022 Charlotte North Carolina
04-01-2022 04-06-2022 Charleston South Carolina
04-07-2022 04-12-2022 Columbia South Carolina
04-13-2022 04-30-2022 Atlanta Georgia
05-01-2022 05-11-2022 Greensboro North Carolina
05-12-2022 05-19-2022 Durham North Carolina
05-20-2022 05-25-2022 Louisville Kentucky
05-25-2022 05-29-2022 Lexington Kentucky
05-30-2022 06-06-2022 Nashville Tennessee
06-06-2022 06-08-2022 Memphis Tennessee
06-08-2022 06-10-2022 Knoxville Tennessee
06-11-2022 06-30-2022 Atlanta Georgia
07-01-2022 07-08-2023 Tampa Florida
07-09-2022 07-12-2022 Orlando Florida
07-12-2022 07-14-2022 StPetersburg Florida
07-14-2022 07-21-2022 Raleigh North Carolina
07-22-2022 07-31-2022 Atlanta Georgia
08-01-2022 08-04-2022 Houston Texas
08-05-2022 08-08-2022 Austin Texas
08-09-2022 08-12-2022 San Antonio Texas
08-12-2022 08-14-2022 Dallas Texas
08-14-2022 08-27-2022 Atlanta Georgia
08-28-2022 10-31-2022 Charlotte North Carolina
Hello thank you for following me on session girls! Here youll find all my upcoming travel dates you can book me for sessions customs shoots! You may email my for serious business inquiries ONLY at If you do not see your city or state on my list and you want to work with me you can message me either sponsor a trip book mehire me or both! Travel dates for the year 2020 will not be finalized until Christmas Eve 2021 what you see now is an outline for my upcoming tour Ps.. my birthday is 11 18! I will be available for sessionsphoto shoots video shoots customs either solo or with another of your favorite locals!

Since Mistress Faith began her journey in the fetish industry in January she has worked very hard to make a name for herself, I see her dedication and passion for her work and satisfying her clients/subs. Every chance I get to communicate with Faith she has ALWAYS been sincere, honest, & genuinely kind. She is extremely busy working in a non stop industry finding her place where she belongs. Faith is the breathe of fresh air this industry needed, any hate or negativity you may have towards such a lovely human may only be caused by your own jealousy or just pure impatience. These girls owe us nothing yet there are few girls like Faith who pour their heart and soul and creativity into pleasing and satisfying her customers. Keep up the incredible work goddess Faith!

Faith Shalynn

Thank you! Bless your heart & your sweet soul! Thank you a million times for your support, love & understanding!


Had a chance to wrestle Faith a few weeks ago and it was an amazing session for the both of us! Not only was she full of raw energy and a genuine love for pro roleplay wrestling, she put her all into her performance and was whip smart and funny during the in-between conversations.

Here's the important part, though:

Setting up the session was a CINCH. Wanna know why? Because I emailed her with a thorough description of EVERYTHING I wanted and a full understanding of how to compensate her IMMEDIATELY without wanting to get free lip service via a string of unnecessary emails. If there's one thing I understand, it's that these ladies' time is PRECIOUS to them, so getting everything settled asap was a huge priority for me.

Bonus: Faith is STRONG. Like REALLY strong and FAST. Add to that her ability to improv and you have yourself a sure-fire DREAM of a session.

Looking fwd to the next one!!!!!

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