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Height: 6'1 - 185 cm
Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Hi guys!! I am new to the session world, but look forward to it!! I have done wrestling in the past for CPL Wrestling, and do work there now too. I have a great personality, fun and energetic. If you are looking to book a session with me, you will have a blast. I do require the following information when emailing:

1. Name, Age, Height, Weight

2. The type of session you are requesting

3. I DO NOT do anything else sex related what so ever, dont ask. Have respect please.

4. I do require a non refundable deposit before our session. 

I offer a wide range of sessions if it is not listed please feel free to ask. As for lift and carry I will only go to 170lbs. I want your experience with me to be memorable, fun and something you wont regret doing. I love the feeling of over powering a man and completely making him submissive to me. I am very powerful, but will never go beyond your limitations, as you should respect mine as well. I will dominate you easily with a smile on my face!!!(As I love to smile!!)

I look forward to hearing from you and bring your wrestling fantasy come to life!!


No time wasters, dont write me saying, oh I can beat you, yadda yadda, dont be disrespectful in emails, as all will be ignored.

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-27-2018 07-28-2018 Montreal Canada
08-03-2018 08-04-2018 Toronto Canada
09-22-2018 09-24-2018 New York New York United States
In Toronto I will be staying in Mississauga. In New York City I will be staying in Brooklyn this time. If interested in meeting up for a session please email me with details and to arrange sending a deposit to secure your spot!! First come first serve!!! Dont miss out!


Had a session with Gia on sat, the 19th of May, and it was a freakin rush!!! Started out innocently enough, grappling and what not, then when she gets you in a headscissor, you better tap!!! I was tappin like crazy, and the whole time, she’s giggling like a little school girl. But even after you tap, she’ll keep you there, squeezing the life out of you! And the facesitting, you won’t be able to breath at all, total euphoria and fear of not breathing, at the same time! Pics don’t lie, she is gorgeous but you better be able to handle it, or scream!


Let me tell you guys, you NEED to session with Gia! First off she is Gorgeous! I had the best session ever with her down here in Florida. I tried a lot from trampling to facesitting but mainly scissorholds. The view from the floor as you look up to her full height is truly breathtaking! Feeling her bodyscissor clamp down and crack every last bone in my back was truly pure toe-curling ecstasy. I wanted to be pushed and wanted her to be a bit sadistic with the scissorholds and boy did she deliver. For all you panic lovers, it's the best feeling when giant Amazon thighs are squeezing hard in a reverse with a great view of her 10/10 ass and just when you thought you could take all tap and tap then realizing she's not letting go as you envision her sexy sadistic smile she's probably getting in that moment and the panic sinks in knowing you are going out soon. She hugged my legs and adding that extra constraint on my movement so I could not even squirm or thrash around and that sent me to a blissful state of helplessness as I collapsed in her thighs. And I love her personality being playful as I woke up to her singing Good morning and twerking her beautiful butt in my face hahahaha. My favorite moment was in a sleeperhold she put me in, I tapped right before going out...or so I thought...until the next thing I know I'm leaned up against her realizing I went out a little after she let go in an amazing never before experienced Delayed KO! All in all she is awesome and she even featured a pic from our session on twitter:
Can't wait for the next squeeze!

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