Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
E-mail: goddess@goddessanat.com
Phone: 424 261-2628

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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 32

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About Me

I am a Wrestler and Dominatrix working in Southern California. I will occasionally travel to other cities/states. I train professionally with Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas, NV. If you would like more information about me or my sessions, visit my website, or shoot me an email. 


<3 Goddess


I have observed that serious inquires usually have a format similar to this:

-Name or alias 

-where/when the person would like to Session 

-what kind of session they are interested in

-questions about my rates, and about whether I do the kind of session they are interested in.

Once I answer these questions, they will usually send a deposit and book within the next five emails. 

Therefore, I have developed the following rules to avoid time-wasters:

I DO NOT take phone calls. Only text. If you want to hear my voice describing a session to you, or see more images of me than I already provide, I charge $50/15 minutes for skype. Otherwise, I have arranged dozens of sessions with satisfied customers via email.

If you are hosting the session in any way, I require references of other ladies you have sessioned with. I would appreciate it if you take the initiative and ask them to email me. 

If you want sensual anything (even sensual nipple twisting), your initial email should have verifiable references. 

It is extremely rare for someone that pays no deposit to show up for a session. Sending a deposit is your way of letting me know I WILL be submitting you in RT. I will not travel to see anyone without a deposit. I will not hold an appointment without a deposit. I am usually completely booked when I travel, and rarely have last minute appointments available. It is best to book in advance. 

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Muay Thai
Fantasy Boxing
Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-17-2018 07-18-2018 Jacksonville Florida United States
07-18-2018 07-19-2018 St Petersburg Florida United States
07-19-2018 07-21-2018 Ft Lauderdale Florida United States
07-22-2018 08-08-2018 Los Angeles California United States
07-22-2018 08-08-2018 Las Vegas Nevada United States
07-27-2018 07-28-2018 San Diego California United States
08-09-2018 08-10-2018 Seattle Washington United States
08-10-2018 08-11-2018 San Francisco California United States
08-12-2018 08-20-2018 Los Angeles California United States
08-12-2018 08-20-2018 Las Vegas Nevada United States
08-21-2018 08-22-2018 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
08-22-2018 08-23-2018 Chicago Illinois United States
08-23-2018 08-24-2018 Grand Rapids Michigan United States
08-24-2018 08-25-2018 Cleveland Ohio United States
08-25-2018 08-26-2018 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
08-27-2018 08-28-2018 Toronto Canada
08-29-2018 09-02-2018 Montreal Canada
09-03-2018 09-10-2018 Los Angeles California United States
09-03-2018 09-10-2018 Las Vegas Nevada United States
09-11-2018 09-12-2018 Vancouver Canada
09-13-2018 09-14-2018 Calgary Canada
10-04-2018 10-07-2018 New Orleans Louisiana United States
11-02-2018 11-02-2018 Galle Sri Lanka
11-10-2018 11-11-2018 Dubai United Arab Emirates
11-12-2018 11-13-2018 Tel Aviv Isreal
11-14-2018 11-14-2018 Naples Italy
11-16-2018 11-16-2018 Rome Italy
11-18-2018 11-18-2018 Florence Italy
11-20-2018 11-20-2018 Venice Italy
11-22-2018 11-22-2018 Milan Italy
11-24-2018 11-24-2018 Brussels Belgium
11-26-2018 11-26-2018 Amsterdam Netherlands
Any date not listed I can be presumed to be in Los Angeles and may be requested for sessions in Southern California and surrounding areas. If your location is not on my schedule contact me to request me in your area. Deposits are REQUIRED. No exceptions. Follow me on twitter for the fastest updates on my travel schedule.


I had a session with Goddess Anat to indulge in my passion for Facesitting/Smothering, and while we made our introductions, we arranged to do some light wrestling.

First off, Anat has those Angelina Jolie-esque pouty lips with beautiful eyes....and combined with her figure, she's walking artwork. We began with grappling. I mentioned her looks--I should also mention I was completely disarmed by them. This was a mistake.

To be honest, Anat looks strong already, but she's actually quite a bit stronger than looks. Not only is she strong, she's very fast and demonstrated well-rounded knowledge of grappling. You often read bios about wrestling/grappling experience and find that those claims don't hold form under scrutiny. ...well, that's not the case, here. If she gets those thighs around your neck..whether it's to be dominated in a scissorhold or you found yourself there, via her guard, and she's locking in a triangle choke, it's either going to be a tap-a-palooza(tap out) or instant slumber party. There's no way around that.

Now, as far as the facesitting/smothering goes..? I'd probably post the heart-eyes emoji if this site was coded to display it. That was incredible. Her firm but feminine body was such a dream to be under that I wanted to voluntarily pass out beneath her. Unfortunately, I lacked the courage.

Book with Goddess Anat.
I truly enjoyed the experience.


I had the pleasure of meeting Goddess Anat in Washington D.C. and it was easily the most intense and best fantasy session I've ever had!

When I first arrived, Goddess Anat was in a red bra and thong; I was already thanking God! After getting changed, I kneeled on the mats and she threw me around and controlled me like I was nothing. I'm a big guy (300 lbs.) and she put me in holds that I still have bruises from and some residual soreness (which I consider badges of honor to remember a great time)!

Goddess Anat is extremely sexy and vivacious, but at the same time, her ability to pounce and control me was such a turn on. This is a petite woman who you cannot take your eye off for one second and has the ability to disable you like a cobra. I mean that in the most flattering way.

The breath play was excellent and there were times I was seeing stars, but I would tap just in time and she would just sit there smiling, giving me a few seconds to recover and wham...another hold!

So glad I traveled to D.C. to see her and I mean this...if you want a session that will make all others pale in comparrison, you must ask for the priviledge to see Goddess Anat!

Best. Session. Ever!

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