Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
E-mail: goddess@goddessanat.com
Phone: 424 261-2628

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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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About Me

I am a Wrestler and Dominatrix working in Southern California. I will occasionally travel to other cities/states. I train professionally with Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas, NV. If you would like more information about me or my sessions, visit my website, or shoot me an email. 


<3 Goddess


I have observed that serious inquires usually have a format similar to this:

-Name or alias 

-where/when the person would like to Session 

-what kind of session they are interested in

-questions about my rates, and about whether I do the kind of session they are interested in.

Once I answer these questions, they will usually send a deposit and book within the next five emails. 

Therefore, I have developed the following rules to avoid time-wasters:

I DO NOT take phone calls. Only text. If you want to hear my voice describing a session to you, or see more images of me than I already provide, I charge $50/15 minutes for skype. Otherwise, I have arranged dozens of sessions with satisfied customers via email.

If you are hosting the session in any way, I require references of other ladies you have sessioned with. I would appreciate it if you take the initiative and ask them to email me. 

If you want sensual anything (even sensual nipple twisting), your initial email should have verifiable references. 

It is extremely rare for someone that pays no deposit to show up for a session. Sending a deposit is your way of letting me know I WILL be submitting you in RT. I will not travel to see anyone without a deposit. I will not hold an appointment without a deposit. I am usually completely booked when I travel, and rarely have last minute appointments available. It is best to book in advance. 


Preview: Punishing Your Mommy POV

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02-28-2019 02-28-2019 Frankfurt Germany
03-02-2019 03-02-2019 Munich Germany
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03-08-2019 03-08-2019 Berlin Germany
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03-22-2019 03-23-2019 Portland Oregon United States
03-24-2019 03-25-2019 San Francisco California United States
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03-30-2019 03-31-2019 Bangkok Thailand
04-01-2019 04-02-2019 Mumbai India
04-03-2019 04-04-2019 Delhi India
04-17-2019 04-17-2019 Houston Texas United States
Please contact me through email to contribute to travel plans Any date not listed I can be presumed to be in Los Angeles and may be requested for sessions in Southern California and surrounding areas. If your location is not on my schedule contact me to request me in your area. Deposits are REQUIRED. No exceptions. Follow me on twitter for the fastest updates on my travel schedule.

Session with Anat today she was fantastic. She picked me up a whole hour and didn't complain. Her strength was amazing even squating me heaps of times as well as lifting me in all ways with ease and I'm 160 pounds . Shes a must see great session.


I haven't always been great about leaving timely reviews, but I decided to put an end to the procrastination in this case. I recently had my third meeting with Anat, something that should resonate as you consider your next -- or first -- mixed wrestling session. While I'd like to further verify the validity of the numerous recounts you'll see here, I'd rather highlight her impressive professionalism. All three sessions have been a blast with each one being more fun than the last thanks to the dedication Anat has for her craft and her desire to understand the psychology behind her clients' session requests. There are a number of wrestlers who can toss you around the mat and apply various holds, but if you're interested in a more enriching experience, make it a point to see Anat the next time the opportunity arises.


I met Anat again recently, and I held off on writing this review for a little bit, mostly because I didn’t want to have two big reviews on her front page. Since this one should bump the other off, here I am again.

When I saw that she was considering a quickie tour of the East Coast, I sent her a message to ask if she’d come by Charlotte, not thinking it was likely but figuring it was worth a try. To my surprise, she was very much up for the idea and agreed to swing by, and I’m grateful - what happened was probably the best session I’ve had in my short time doing this hobby. Everything I wrote in my last review still applies, but I will talk about how Anat’s got even better since we parted ways.

First, while she wasn’t rude the last time we met by any means, she was quite welcoming this time around, from door opening to door closing. We talked and we laughed when the action wasn’t going, and it was close to the sort of welcome you’d expect from meeting a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Not only was she personable, but she was ready to go, seemed very eager for the scenario I’d laid out. She had a great setup for it, and it seemed like she’d given some real thought to my ideas for our session, even adding onto it and a few ways that hadn't occurred to me.

It also can’t be overstated how much she’s physically improved since last time. I wouldn’t have called her weak by any stretch back, but in the space of a few months she’s put on a good deal of muscle, and it’s resulted in a stunning physique. I don’t want to compare her strength to women I haven’t wrestled yet, but going off looks alone, I’d compare her to the likes of some of the strongest legs I’ve seen on this site, like Sara Lips. Crushing, punishing legs that enveloped my head and put me into a world of agonizing silence, and a facesit that dropped me into a dark void.

As a final note, I want to say how pleasantly surprised I was to see she’s quite good at roleplaying. I can’t recall her doing too much along the line of more fantastic scenarios - in most of the stuff I’ve seen, she’s just being herself and ripping through someone, which is fine and I love it, but made me wonder how well she would do when it came to playing something more out there. We did a spy vs. spy interrogation scene, with her grilling me for information on my partner and picking me apart after she’d gotten, and she was quite game for it. My character had to succumb to her torture quickly, after being battered around the room on a chair, and then she proceeded to use me as her plaything, ragdolling me around and knocking me out...maybe four times. It’s hard to remember, all kind of a blur.

I’ve became an unapologetic fanboy for Anat. It might seem a bit much, you look at her page and you see all these reviews that she’s wracked up in comparatively short time as a session wrestler, but it’s all justified. Goddess Anat is really that good, and if this second session was any indication, she’s only going to get better with time.

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