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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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I am a Wrestler and Dominatrix working in Southern California. I will occasionally travel to other cities/states. I train professionally with Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas, NV. If you would like more information about me or my sessions, visit my website, or shoot me an email. 


<3 Goddess


I have observed that serious inquires usually have a format similar to this:

-Name or alias 

-where/when the person would like to Session 

-what kind of session they are interested in

-questions about my rates, and about whether I do the kind of session they are interested in.

Once I answer these questions, they will usually send a deposit and book within the next five emails. 

Therefore, I have developed the following rules to avoid time-wasters:

I DO NOT take phone calls. Only text. If you want to hear my voice describing a session to you, or see more images of me than I already provide, I charge $50/15 minutes for skype. Otherwise, I have arranged dozens of sessions with satisfied customers via email.

If you are hosting the session in any way, I require references of other ladies you have sessioned with. I would appreciate it if you take the initiative and ask them to email me. 

If you want sensual anything (even sensual nipple twisting), your initial email should have verifiable references. 

It is extremely rare for someone that pays no deposit to show up for a session. Sending a deposit is your way of letting me know I WILL be submitting you in RT. I will not travel to see anyone without a deposit. I will not hold an appointment without a deposit. I am usually completely booked when I travel, and rarely have last minute appointments available. It is best to book in advance. 


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Services Offered

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Muay Thai
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Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
04-19-2019 04-23-2019 Las Vegas Nevada United States
04-24-2019 04-25-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
04-26-2019 04-26-2019 Newark New Jersey United States
04-27-2019 04-28-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
04-29-2019 04-30-2019 Charlotte North Carolina United States
05-01-2019 05-08-2019 Las Vegas Nevada United States
05-09-2019 05-12-2019 Los Angeles California United States
05-15-2019 05-17-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
05-17-2019 05-18-2019 Detroit Michigan United States
05-18-2019 05-19-2019 Grand Rapids Michigan United States
05-19-2019 05-20-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
05-20-2019 05-21-2019 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
PLANNING STAGES May 15-23 Minneapolis Chicago Grand Rapids Detroit Pittsburgh EXPRESS INTEREST NOW BEFORE SCHEDULE IS FINALIZED Please contact me through email to contribute to travel plans Any date not listed I can be presumed to be in Las Vegas and may be requested for sessions in Southern California and surrounding areas. If your location is not on my schedule contact me to request me in your area. Deposits are REQUIRED. No exceptions. Follow me on twitter for the fastest updates on my travel schedule.

Today, I had my first session (ever in my life) with Goddess Anat. I don't know enough English words to describe the experience or to describe Goddess. The only thing I can say is WOW. :) Highly highly recommended.

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Thank you Sayan! I enjoyed our sessions a great deal! I hope to see you each and every time I return to India. 😘


First session ever for me was recently with Anat and it blew my expectations. Loved it!

As I fit the overpowered stereotype (from her website), I was daydreaming of being lifted off the ground by a strong woman. I knew she could do it from her videos.

After pondering a lot, I decided to ask Anat for a session. Mostly for L&C but open to try some wrestling.

Picture a rugby player, I'm the opposite. Skinny, only a tad taller than her, 145pounds. I do some running but that's about it.
I've seen her videos where she puts big guys in big trouble. I was nervous to be honest.. Will she put me in hospital? Broken bones? Will I pass out? I have no clue about wrestling by the way.

Setting up the session was easy as she replies quickly and is very professional.

First impression of her? She looks great! Somewhat like that fit girl at the gym you wish you could get to know better one day. Second though was: "this will be fine, she doesn't look that big or scary". Sure, her thighs are double mine's but that's true for many women. "Might have a chance", I thought.

Introductions then we started with some fireman and shoulder carry. Wow. Firstly, even though I've seen videos I was blown away on easily she was carrying me around. Secondly, Jesus! Those abs of hers are hard!

Eventually I was slapped in the face out of nowhere! "You like that do you??"
From there it quickly escalated. Hand over mouth, thrown into the mat, inescapable breast smothering, slapped multiple times, pinned under her. Tickled! Mocked for my futile attempts at escaping. It felt incredible though! All while whispering trash talk and verbally humiliating me. I was getting exactly what I was looking for.

Smothered some more, picked up from the ground into the air. Slapped again! Most of the time I couldn't prevent anything as I couldn't see it coming. When I could see it coming I couldn't stop it
Every now and then, a break to get some air in between the chokes. Some sweet cradle carry. This is fantastic I thought! A voice in my head also saying i should be able to resist more. How is this possible? This isn't wrestling, I can't do anything to her!

Back to punishment mode... enough of this I thought! I'm gonna at least escape this pin and maybe bear hug her to stop her a bit and get some breathing space.

Anat moved about 10 inches. Still pinning me and I was now exhausted. "Is that all you got?" She asked after laughing in a sexy way, then proceeded the punishment by putting me in a head scissor while covering my mouth to muffle the scream as I realized what was about to happen again. Amazing!

Honestly.. despite my best attempts, I was a little puppet thrown around for her sadistic enjoyment. I couldn't move or breathe until she allowed so. What I had no clue is that I'd enjoy that so much!

The entire session felt very safe though. Anat always respected my taps and never crossed my hard limits even though she threatened to some times just to induce that mini panic.

I left feeling like I was hit by a truck but with a big smile on my face.
Can't wait for a rematch some day :)

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