Heather Armbrust aka Alpha Hughes

Heather Armbrust aka Alpha Hughes


Location: San Diego, California,
E-mail: spiritualbadass29@gmail.com
Skype: https://spiritualbadass29
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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 42

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I am known by Heather Armbrust, Heather Policky, The Spiritual Badass or my Domina alter ego, Alpha Hughes. I encourage my more submissive clients to contact me at dominahughes@gmail.com

I am retired from professional bodybuilding but still stay as muscular as possible because I love it. My personality is naturally dominate yet kind. I can be your biggest fantasy or your worst nightmare; maybe both. My meetings however, depend on the individual client as I am very versital. I like to get a clear sense of what you are seeking out of our time together so that I can make it the best experience possible. Although my first love is being a Domina, I can also go very gentle on you due to my relaxed nature. Whether you are just a hardcore fan or a true sub, I can mold the session to your fantasy. I adore being worshipped and making a man my slave is a deep, cerebral turn on. In my spiritual practices it is important to honor the self in what makes us tick rather than suppress who and what we are. Our fantasies can bring us into alignment. I want my clients to leave floating on Cloud 9. 

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I have seen Heather twice in the last six months. She is one of a kind. I cannot recommend her enough. She is very good at finding out how to meet your fantasy and bringing it to life. Both times I was left thinking about what I had done in my life to not have experienced this sooner, and what I have done with my life to deserve such a treat. Strong, sexy, dominant, attentive, and a great personality. We have clicked since the first email and it has carried over to great sessions. I am sitting here right now trying to figure out how to scrounge up the money to see her again.....i guess it is no lunch for the next few weeks.....

She is awesome, and will see her as often as your schedules and my wallet will allow.


I've met her several times, both in the early 2000s and more recently, she's a spectacularly sexy woman. I get her sense of humor and she's always understood exactly what I want. She does yoga now which means she loves doing grapevines, there's nothing hotter than being locked in a grapevine smother by a woman built like Heather. She is a must see if you are into feminine fbbs.


Heather here- My dad died and EVERYONE received their deposits back!!!!!! THANK YOU to the people that were selfless enough to understand!

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