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Hotstuff Hollie


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Member for almost 8 years
Last logged in: 11/25/2019


Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35

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reviews from my very thoughtful clients:) 


Thank you for the best time ive had in a long time. I havent laughed like that in a while.Im so sore! Lol. But totally worth it. You are awesome!


Thanks again for a great session. You made me feel comfortable for a first timer like me. I cant wait until youre back in town to do our second match.


Hollies pre-match setup was professional, efficient, and friendly. Her fitness level was fantastic. Tight abs, defined biceps and shoulders, tight, muscular legs. Quite simply, she was beautiful, far more beautiful in person than her pictures. Her smile and her tight, fit body disarmed me from the start. Her hotel set up was perfect. She brought mats and had prepared a perfect space for our match. She let me stretch and warm up a bit, but it was clear she was ready to attack. And she did in such a fabulous manner. We were both quickly covered in sweat from this most athletic encounter. And of course she became even more beautiful when the sweat glistened off her tanned, tight physique. She captured me in a countless series of moves and positions. She giggled throughout and the beautiful smile never seemed to leave her face as she muscled her way around the mats. At my request she instructed me on an escape technique and allowed me a few minutes of practice. Also at my request, she engaged in some gut-punching while having me otherwise pinned. She took it easy on me though. We ended with some muscle worship which I thoroughly enjoyed. p.s. And she has the prettiest, sexiest little feet on the planet!!! This tiny, tightly sculpted, strong, feisty, sweet tigress provided me the best session I have ever had. I will definitely repeat!


Thank you so much for that unbelievable session!! Like other reviews suggested, you are so down to earth and made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment you entered the room. Im still blown away by the incredible energy you displayed from the first second to the last pin. You really are the total package; fit, quick, and strong as hell, yet feminine, sensual, and absolutely stunning.You are a true professional and I am already looking forward to my next session with you!


June 19th  OMG youre incredible! That was so much fun! Thank you thank you thank you!


April 25th  I loved the smile and the laughter when I came in. You instantly put me at ease. I really enjoyed when you would get me in holds and not let go - leveraging your weight and your strength. When you shared with me that you were 108 pounds, I couldn’t fathom how you could do what you do. I really appreciated you helping me into my gloves, bringing me water, and sizing the head gear (and offering to take my mouth guard). It was just another example of how you made me feel much more like a guest or a friend than a client. I was awestruck by your demonstration of skill and power with the MMA gloves and totally blown away by the power in the punches where you did actually strike me with your full force. Finally, the energy of the last five minutes was incredible. I loved when you went all out and combined chokes with striking and scissors and just really made me submit to all your skills. It was a perfect session (other than it having to end). I can’t wait till you’re in town again!


March 30th   I wanted to let you know that the videos turned out great. You are a hell of a performer, and I hope we can work again. Good luck.


March 17th  Thank you so much for our session. 2 Hours seemed to fly, didn’t it? I had so much fun, in fact, more fun than ever for a session; you are uninhibited, carefree, and very easy to get along with. I look forward to keeping in contact with you and to session with you again.


March 9th  Just had my latest of many sessions with Hollie last nite, as a matter of fact. Shes the absolute BEST. I see no need to session with anybody else. Shes the total package.


March 1st   in addition to being stunningly beautiful, incredibly strong and athletic, as well as amazing wrestlers, the two of you are so naturally friendly and genuinely solid, down-to-earth people that i almost immediately felt as if i had known you as friends for a long, long time.


feb 1st    You are a blast !!! you are so freakin HOT


oct 15    photog from modelmayhem 0to60. 1282401-Hollie Dunaway-All I can say is shes perfect!


June 4      frickin awesome catfight. I wont sleep tonight. I was surprised at how good of a fight she put up and, tickled she did. . I cant wait to do this again.


May 21    Thank you so much for the awesome session! It was better than I had hoped for. You are beautiful and strong and a joy to be around!


May 15     ..Just want to tell you that I think youre freakin awesome!!

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Just had a session with Hollie. It’s the best session I’ve ever had. We started off with boxing and I asked to get knocked and she delivered so hard. She started off lightly but once she realized I could take the punishment she started hammering me. It was awe inspiring, almost as awe inspiring as her beauty. She seriously looks better in real life than in pics. After my boxing beatdown and getting knocked down a few times we switched to wrestling. She is fantastic her scissors were tight she’s a great grappler. I will always say that Hollie is the best to session with because you can’t best her personality, her looks and her skills.


Hollie is a blast! Great personality and sexy as hell. And, she can sure wrestle all why laughing as she makes you submit. She truly enjoys wrestling guys. I have sessioned with her several times, and each time gets better. She remembers what you like, and is more open as she gets to know you better. Hit her up when you are in Atlanta. You won't be disappointed.

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I've been working with Hollie for a while and she never fails as delivers some of her sexy and strong punches in boxing. This is definitely one of the greatest and sexiest women that I've ever experienced. She's so kind and passionate and she will alway give you want you need.

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