Location: Pyatigorsk , Russia
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Height: 5'10 - 178 cm
Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35

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About Me

Im tall and strong girl. I am stronger than many men. And the more stronger than those who are not involved in sports. I have also a lot of experience in wrestling and have good technique. Mixed wrestling I do since 2013 have also not small experience

For those who want to experience it for yourself to make a real offer meeting. I often go to Europe. And if you come to Russia - this is not a problem

For those who want, but can not make a real meeting - I offer Skype session

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I had a competitive wrestling session with Yana. Well, I thought it'll be semi-competitive (this was my first experience with a strong woman) and after I started trying my best to resist and score a win it was still totally futile, she always grabbed me and put in holds with seemingly little effort. Yana is indeed very strong and skilled wrestler, average man has almost no chance to outwrestle her.
After that I asked her to just crush me with headscissors a bit, and I was thoroughly crushed. When she applies full pressure, I couldn't wait more than maybe 3-4 seconds before tapping out.
In real life Yana looks exactly as beautiful as are her photos.
Also, Yana is not only a great wrestler, she is also friendly and (as I call it) rather "positive" person.

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