Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas


Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
Skype: https://Jennifer73921
Travel Phone: 310-985-0028
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Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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June 21st 2018


The Many Hats and Boots that I wear :

Session Wrestler 

Pro Wrestler   ( WWE Developmental 2004-2007 )

Lucha Libre  ( Luchafer ) 

LFC ( Lingerie Cage Fighting )  Jenny Bloody Valentine

Custom Videos Performer

Fitness Modeling  ( Muscle Mag, Muscular Development , Flex , Oxygen ) 

Owner of this site 

Paul Heyman Girl and Line Producer  ( At Hard Rock in Las Vegas ) 

Figure Competitor for NPC   ( 2002-2010 ) 

The World is your Oyster , Claim your Pearl .    For me .. I claim Heads Instead :) 



July... 23rd, 2017 

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to know that I can  put a man in his place and make him beg for mercy. 

Its my way of leaving my mark in this world and Im truly grateful that i have this opportunity and talent

to get the JOB DONE.   Slam Bam, Thank you Sir!!!




I will tell you whats up about me and this business of wrestling. I absolutely LOVE it!! I get such a rush out of having control and making my victims tap continuously. . Most of my challengers underestimate me on my strength and skill due to my size however its very true when they say dont judge a book by its cover!

However I have to make a confession because it bugs me to think that you may find all the videos of me out there real .. I am mostly trained as a pro wrestler I began session wrestling and pro wrestling at the same time. It was great for me to learn quickly and benefited me in both Live Shows and Private wrestling appointments. However anytime you see me wrestling a GIRL Im not truly giving it my ALL .. They are more geared as fantasy semi competitive or Competitive matches.

So please do not use my videos as a way to measure me up and say that if we ever met you could easily beat me. It is quite the contrary !!!

Im a fun wrestler I dont take any of this serious where I need to prove I am the biggest baddest female wrestler out there. However I can put you in your place with a SMILE as I look down at that cute red face of yours and make you call me Princess Jennifer :) -



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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-09-2019 01-11-2019 Toronto Canada


12-18-2018 - 12-18-2018
Las Vegas
Lucha Girls with Lucky!!

She’s Back...... 😉

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Jennifer is so much hotter and more muscular in person even than her pictures. She's also a genuinely nice and friendly person. When we wrestled, it was ridiculous - even though I outweigh her by 70 pounds or so and am not weak, I couldn't move her at all. How do you do that Jennifer?


I just had my first session with Jennifer in the DC area. It was the first time I had seen her travel out this way and needless to say I was so excited to have a session with her. I will say that she did not disappoint. It was one of the most enjoyable sessions that I have ever had. Jennifer is very skilled, fit, and really does enjoy defeating men. She is a sweetheart and will give you the exact session that you are looking for. She basically SG pinned me, face sat me, headlock, head scissors and she forced me to worship her feet. Her trash talk was so real and funny and cute. On a scale of 1-10 I will rate Jennifer's skill's, fitness, strength, beauty, and personality all a 12! Highly recommend her.


had a great I had a great session with Jennifer. She is very strong.It was a 2 on ,1 session. But when I went one on one with her a few rounds. She totally dominating. Tapping me out very quickly. Woozy after many submissions. I am looking forward to taken her on again this time a one one one hr session as for this time I could not tap her out at all. Highly recommend her. She is very beautiful and fit. I have to arm wrestle her next time. Don't miss out with this muscular beauty if she is in your area

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