Julia Chokes

Julia Chokes


Location: Berlin, Germany
E-mail: julia-chokes@web.de
Phone: 49 1525 1971 162

Member for almost 4 years
Last logged in: 08/02/2017


Height: 5'5 - 165 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 25

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About Me

Hey Guys! Iam Julia, 21 years old and a new-passionated groundfighter. Training now Submission Wrestling, Grapping, BJJ for 3 years, 6 times a week - to clime the top of the fighter-girl-scene. Mostly men underrate me for my female-look and style, and the babyface i still have. But my chokes and lever handles are dangerous! (Its not a joke if my coach called me his Pit-Bull) As a student i dont have the time or the money to travel, but you can visit me everytime in Berlin, Germany! Just call me spontaneos, or shortly before you are going to be in Berlin! I dont care if you are tall or thin, I just want to fight! Hope to choke you soon ...

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Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Semi-Competitive Boxing
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16-18 August 2017 Karlsruhe Germany 18-19 August 2017 Stuttgart Germany The other Dates iam in Berlin Germany! If you want to meet me just write me a mail to Julia-chokes@web.de


Ich hatte vor einigen Monaten eine lift carry session bei ihr. Es war meine alle erste session(Ich bin 21 jahre alt).
Wir haben direkt mit lift carry angefangen. Huckepack war die erste variante. Ich sprang auf ihren Rücken und sie klemmte sofort meine Beine an ihre Hüften, was gleich ihre Dominanz und Power ausstrahlte. Ich bin 186 cm und 70 kg schwer. Sie trug mich in allen Varianten praktisch eine stunde lang(Firemann,Front, Cradle,shoulder etc.). Dazu besiegte sie mich im Wrestling wie einen Schuljungen. Ich hatte garkeine Kraft im Gegensatz zu ihr. Dann durfte ich mich in ihren Schoß reinsetzen(Gesicht zu Gesicht) und sie stand mit mir auf und hebte mich im front lift. Geil waren allgemein die front lifts, i have thougt she is my stepmom.


I meet this "cute little girl" in Berlin on October 1, and i must say she was amazing, a very skilled wrestler and VERY strong for her size ! Have wrestled with about 15, or so different girls over the last 20+ years in a few different contrys and Julia is one of the best ever. She is also super friendly and easy going witsh doesent make things worse......Nick.

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