Location: Newark, New Jersey

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Height: 5'7 - 170 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Newark dates are also NYC availability Booking sessions in Tampa contact me promptly if youd like to book! xo

The post from11/5/16. Says it all. Met her once and it was ok. Then it was excuse after excuse on why she couldn't session on date agreed and excuse after excuse on why she can't send deposit back. And pretty much the same excuses. Flat tire, pay pal not working. Etc etc. Very exhausting to work this her. There are a lot better choices. Save the aggravation. I'm still waiting for a deposit to be returned and it has been months. Stay away.


Steer clear! The odd thing is...I had two sessions with her previously that went great. I sent half upfront, which makes me nervous, but she showed both times and I enjoyed the sessions. So, when she emailed asking if I was ready for another session, I said yes. Sh told me that I could still send half, but her new policy was that, if you sent the whole session fee upfront, she would knock fifty off. Sounded great to me. Well, she blew a tire out on the way to my place on the day of the session. Her phone was broken or sh would have let me know. Then she took a trip to Fla and would contact me when she got back. Never heard from I emailed her.....a flood of excuses illness hit her household....she took a trip to LA....her phone was broken AGAIN.....I finally asked for a refund and said we could reschedule another time....she asked if I could wait till the 30th since she didn't expect a reimbursement....fine....the 30th came and nothing.....emailed again....nothing. For a week.....then, she was diagnosed with Lupus (I shit you not) and her PayPal was screwy....could she have my address. So she could send a check....sure, even though I gave it to her when we arranged the session originally.....that was Nov 5....last time I heard from is Nov 25..... three weeks since last contact. No check. She is a ethics or morals. Avoid this con woman.


These are just accusations. There are two sides of every story and that rumor is being perpetuated by another producer.

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