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Kourii Khaos


Location: Houston, Texas
E-mail: irrafoxx@yahoo.com
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Height: 5'11 - 180 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 32

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Im a former Womens Football Quarterback, and currently training for my first Rugby season...SOOOOO EXCITED! Ive been in the Mixed wrestling circle for almost 3 years, and Im so thankful for our awesome community and generally respectful fansboys. Luckily I havent had to break anyones neck yet ;-P


I DO NOT wrestle naked. I DO NOT perform physical sexual favors of any kind. I am an Athlete and a Model, not an escort. 


I AM, however, an Erotic Writer, and a very open-minded one at that... so if youd like a custom story made just for you, email me and we can set something up.


If I feel that you are genuine and respectful, I am a very kind, patient, and extremely goofy. I love to have laugh, have "Dreamer" conversations, and give ridiculous nicknames to people that I find charming. 

If you are judgemental, alpha-aggressive, or a bully, I can tell you right now that we are not going to get along as to not waste any of our time; unless youre just contacting me to purchase a custom story.

Shoot me an message! I dont bite heads off... [unless you deserve it lol!!!!]












 Houstonia! Nov. 2013

     "I recently had a mixed boxing match with the attractive and talented Kourii Khaos. She was thorough in asking questions about the session to be sure that we both fully understood what to expect from a semi-comp match.  Kourri explained that she is relatively inexperienced and still working on her comfort level during sessions.  She was very organized in setting up the session and arrived right on time.  I was surprised to find that she had already completed wrapping her hands before she arrived.  Kourii is extremely polite and almost seems shy when you first meet her in person.   She had all her own boxing gear, including a round timer from her training in kick-boxing.  Kourii is a well conditioned boxer with solid skills and surprising strength.  She increased her punching intensity each round as she gained confidence and by-passed my meager defenses.  She used her height and reach advantage to punish me in tough clinches.  Kourii flashes that charming smile nearly all the time; but when the bell rings for each round the smile disappears and her competitive nature takes over.  Kourii has all the boxing skills and dominant traits to make a session with her an awesome experience.  Looking forward to a rematch"


December 2013

          "Miss Kouriis smiles and lean phisique are truely a delightful deception...as the bell rings, you see how truely tough and vigilant she is. She showed ZERO mercy on the mat! Id wrestle every month if I could. looking forward to February Kourii!!"



January 2014

Being a bigger guy, I thought was worried that she wouldnt be able to do certain moves that involved her wrapping her gorgeous legs around my whole body...I was wrong. Im pretty sure shes got some spider monkey blood mixed in there, but she assured me that shes 100% Human lol. Not in the best of shape, I only lasted about 10 or 15 minutes or so; but Kourii refused to just let me walk out the door with out the door with out making sure that I got what I came there for. She said "You could leave if you wanted, but I really dont mind sitting and talking or even just trying out some different positions for the next half-hour or so. I dont like that you drove all the way over here and paid all that for 10 minutes." I could tell she was a good person and that melted my heart when she said it. Its nice to meet someone down to earth, goofy, understanding and very considerate. Youre going to do great Kourii, I loved being around you and of course them THUNDA THIGHS! LOL








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[b]Khouri answered the door and I was immediately struck by how much younger she looks in person than in her pictures. Another reviewer used the word "shy", that fits. The shyness vaporizes with the first move she makes. Khouri (pronounced COR-EEE) is skilled, playful, and well spoken. Like a satisfying play; we basically had three acts: Act I: I have no doubt that she could have been much more aggressive than she was but calibrated her effort to be only slightly superior to my clearly inferior skills. Act II: After it was clear that she was the superior wrestler, I asked her to simply place me in some stress positions and fantasy holds. She was 100% open to the suggestions and obliged me in turning me into a pretzel six or seven different ways. Act III. I was spent and catching my breath when Khori launched a playful sneak attack to exploit an earlier detected weakness; my ticklishness. I was largely helpless to extricate myself from a cross-body pin which left arm at the mercy of her grip and my left armpit totally exposed. My right arm? Scissored and at her mercy as well.

Khouri was incredible; I highly recommend her.

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