Lana Luxor

Lana Luxor


Location: New York, New York
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 24

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I am being trained in submisson grappling under well known session wrestler diva VeVe Lane and work for her production company Doom Maidens. I cross train at a martial arts school in BJJ as well.

I am dominant but friendly and sensual. I can do several kinds of sessions. If have a particular request dont hesitate to ask! I do require a minimum deposit for every session. These deposits are non refundable however rescheduling is allowed!

*Offering sensual domination sessions***
The photos I have with clientele are posted with their permission
*** For sessions in NYC I’m regularly available for double sessions with Kayla Kilpatrick of Tempest***

Don’t let my pretty face fool you boys. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
Canada Toronto 04-26-2018 04-28-2018
United States Washington DC District of Columbia 05-17-2018 05-19-2018
United States Springfield Virginia 05-17-2018 05-19-2018
United States Baltimore Maryland 05-19-2018 05-20-2018
United States Fort Lauderdale Florida 05-25-2018 05-26-2018
United States Miami Florida 05-25-2018 05-26-2018
United States Los Angeles California 05-30-2018 06-03-2018
United States Seattle Washington 06-03-2018 06-05-2018
United States Vancouver Washington 06-05-2018 06-06-2018
United States Portland Oregon 06-06-2018 06-08-2018
United States Mashantucket Connecticut 07-17-2018 07-19-2018
United States Houston Texas 08-01-2018 08-05-2018
United States Atlanta Georgia 08-05-2018 08-09-2018
United States Tampa Florida 08-09-2018 08-12-2018
United States St Petersburg Florida 08-09-2018 08-12-2018
Travel agenda is subject to change. If I do not get enough interest or pre bookings with deposits Ill be subjected to change travel plans. In Baltimore Im available for double sessions with Veronica Vixen


I had a session with Lana, and she was absolutely amazing!

Lana is extremely fun, friendly, yet dominant. The moment she gets you in a chokehold, you know you're done for.

I tried hard to win in the end, but she used her wits, strength and flexibility to make me submit to her.

I will definitely go back to see her again and I totally, absolutely recommend her, if you're looking for a competitive, friendly wrestle match.


Just had a session with Lana. When I got there, Lana was very friendly and personable. I asked for a competitive session, and Lana was very competitive! She is very strong and skilled, and really went all out. I definitely recommend her!

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