lana luxor

lana luxor


Location: Manhattan, New York
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 26

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I am being trained in submisson grappling under well known session wrestler diva VeVe Lane and work for her production company Doom Maidens. I cross train at a martial arts school and currently a blue belt in BJJ. 

Favorite submissions: Kimura, Omoplata, Straight Armlock, Yoko Sankaku (Side Triangle) and Reverse Head Scissors/Figure Four. 

I can do several kinds of sessions including those geared to fetishes including but not limiting to face sitting/ass smothering,feet worship, ball busting, BDSM, spanking and tickling.

If you have a particular request dont hesitate to ask! I do require a minimum deposit for every session. These deposits are non refundable however rescheduling is allowed!



*Sensual domination sessions*

*Bondage Wrestling*

*Oil Wrestling*

*Gi Matches*

Don’t let my pretty face fool you boys. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
11-14-2019 11-16-2019 Cleveland Ohio United States
11-16-2019 11-18-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
12-08-2019 12-10-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
12-12-2019 12-14-2019 Toronto Canada
03-23-2020 03-25-2020 Zurich Switzerland
03-25-2020 03-30-2020 Budapest Hungary
03-30-2020 04-02-2020 Frankfurt Germany
04-02-2020 04-05-2020 Paris France
04-17-2020 04-20-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
Travel agenda is subject to change. If I do not get enough interest or pre bookings with deposits Ill be subjected to change travel plans. In CLEVELAND offering double sessions with DOMINA KATARINA. In PITTSBURGH offering double sessions with DOMINA KATARINA along with the LOCAL PITTSBURGH sesisongirls DELYTE KITKAYBABY338 AND CHLOE CUMMINGS.


11-16-2019 - 11-18-2019
Custom Requests for Female Fighting, Wrestling

Domina Katarina & I will be in Pittsburgh this weekend and have the amazing opportunity to work with Chloe, Delyte and Kat permitting we receive custom requests. Limited opportunity - email: for all inquiries.

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Dave of the north

Lana. I had the pleasure to session her twice on her visit to London. Wow she is the best most sexy strong lady .a great wrestler and if your lucky she will sit on your face. 😝😍 What a treat it's a shame she has to return to USA. No one in England can match that American hospitality I will miss her


I had a session with Lana on 6/15 and it was the best session I have ever experienced. I had a facesitting session mixed in with some headscissors. Lana is absolutely gorgeous, she has a sweet bubbly personality and it’s almost unbelievable that she can be so sadistic 😏. She smothered the hell out of me and her legs are extremely strong as I nearly passed out from her strength. She took a moment to make sure any limits of mine were being considered and she was a ton of fun. Definitely worth the experience and I can’t wait to see her again!


I just had a session with Lana. She was just awesome, by far my favorite session. She’s deceptively strong, gorgeous, and has a personality that is scintillating. I highly recommend having a session with her if you get the chance. She was as playful as she was dominant.

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