Location: Clearwater, Florida
E-mail: lelaberyl@gmail.com
Height: 5'5 - 165 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33
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I had my first session with Lela a few months ago but it was a wonderful experience. I had never done any sessioning and she was extremely friendly and put me at ease and was happy to help me through the steps. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and is interested in making the session fun for all parties involved. It's very clear she enjoys the work and is there to have fun with you, not just take your money. She was very communicative when trying to arrange a time and was more than willing to help make things work with my schedule, as well as giving me a heads-up when she got delayed.
Lela's bubbly personality and adaptability made for a wonderful session. I hope to get to work with her again!


I just had my second session with Lela last night and once again, I can't say enough wonderful things about her. Lela is one of the friendliest, feistiest, most energetic, and FUN women I've encountered in this industry thus far. She has a genuine appreciation and enjoyment for life in general and her positive energy is simply contagious. Add to that the fact that she's absolutely beautiful and the quintessential girl next door type and you've clearly got the perfect combination. When it comes to her skills and abilities, Lela is in excellent shape and her strength will most definitely catch you off guard. While having minimal formal training in martial arts and grappling, Lela has developed a style of her own that is highly effective - I hardly ever tap out and there were several times where I had the choice to either tap or be left unconscious. My session was two hours and it was so much fun that I felt like it was over in 5 minutes. She is worth every penny spent and more - I can't wait until I have another opportunity to meet with her again in the near future. :)


I just recently booked a 2-on-1 session with Lela Beryl and Rachel DD (modelharleyrae) while they were traveling in the Boston area. It was my first 2-on-1 session and to be honest, I was a bit nervous. As soon as I arrived, however, I immediately felt comfortable. Lela answered the door and my first impression was that she was every bit as cute, fun, and sexy as I had pictured she would be. She was full of energy and the chemistry between her and Rachel was perfect. The way I described it to them was that it was like they had their own sexy comedy show - that being said, however, I was amazed at how skilled and strong they both were. For a small girl, Lela is surprisingly powerful and managed to continuously get the best of me. Her legs were deceivingly strong and her determination even stronger. Most importantly, though, she was so much FUN. Lela is a blast to be around and helped to make this the best session I've ever had. She made an obvious effort to provide exactly the session I was looking for and I will jump at the next opportunity to session with her again and recommend that you do as well! From Happy Client SB


I recently had the amazing opportunity to meet with Lela and we had a EXTREMELY fun session together. Filled with plenty of pins, submissions and scissors. I have done MANY sessions in the past with MANY different girls but honestly when it comes to Lela i would drop anything i am doing to have another opportunity to session with her. Her roleplay and creativity was second to none...and not to mention do you not see how GORGEOUS this girl is. Extremely tough and strong she was everything i was hoping for and more. Lela i hope we see each other again soon!


I met Lela recently for a fantasy session. She is an excellent role player! Her playful, devious smile is VERY sexy. And just like in her photos, she looks great in yoga pants! :) I loved the way she enjoyed dominating me with scissor holds and smothers. She portrayed my request of a sadistic villainess perfectly. I think she is new to wrestling sessions, but her role play and fantasy skills are already first rate. I'd definitely see her again.

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