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Location: Prague, Europe, US
E-mail: fitnessphysique9@gmail.com

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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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09-10-2019 09-12-2019 Berlin Germany

I had the great pleasure to meet Lena after the Tampa Pro show. I was nervous at first because it was only my second session, but she really put me at ease because she was so nice and kind.

First of all, I feel that she is one of the most beautiful women on the physique scene, and I was intimidated a bit by her beauty. However, she ended up being great to talk with and was very sweet.

Second, Lena's body is really beautiful! I was especially impressed by her legendary biceps and triceps. Her back, lats, and abs were also awesome. Calves were also rock hard and shapely.

The session was strictly posing and feeling her hard muscles, but that was what I wanted and I was very satisfied overall to work with Lena. I highly recommend a session with her - you won't regret it! I think she travels frequently to the U.S. for competition, so keep an eye our for her coming back to the U.S. from her home country, Czech Republic.

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