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Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
E-mail: the.art.of.lexi@gmail.com
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 40

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11-11-2021 11-13-2021 los angeles California
11-13-2021 11-15-2021 Las Vegas Nevada

I got to meet Lexi this summer in Minnesota and got a fun and humbling intro to BJJ! She’s kind and easy to communicate with , easy going and a lot fun In Person. FYI if you’re ever in trouble with no way out…. She’s ticklish;) lol

Pleasure to meet and roll with you Lexi. I wish you all the best


I met Lexi for the first time today, 9/14/2021 in the Boston area and couldn't be any happier with my decision.

My initial introduction to Lexi was online, like many of you. I heard a 45 minute radio interview that she did where Lexi was incredibly candid regarding family, her life and inspirations.

My immediate takeaway wasn't that I needed to session with this woman. My takeaway was that I needed to meet this woman and learn a-little something about this thing we call LIFE! Yes, wrestling with her was a BONUS and you'll learn a few life lessons there as well, lol Seriously, we share a lot of the same life experience and hit it off extremely well.

Poised, stunning, engaging, GENUINE, strong, skilled, safe, kind, caring, compassionate are just some of the many first impression adjectives I could use to describe Lexi.

Lexi is absolutely STUNNING from her head to her feet. Gazing into her eyes can truly take your breathe away. Really a natural beauty!

Be careful, she'll easily submit you with her powerful physique and skill. I was really impressed by her strength and prowess. Lexi is completely in tune with how you're doing and feeling throughout your time with her and is a true professional. Everything about her says, SPECIAL PERSON!

Lexi has a way of making you feel comfortable, she's a great conversationalist and an even better human being. A shining LIGHT! You really need to set up a session and see her!

Thank you Lexi! Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Frank O

Had a session with Lexi a few weeks back. Super easy to book & a good communicator.

Pictures don’t lie. She has an amazing, lean and chiseled body. Abs are a work of art. No pun intended.

We had a competitive match with 5 min rounds and 2 mins in between. She has an engine that will keep going and going so the 2 min breaks are a must if you want to compete and not get totally winded. Bring lots of water because you will work up a sweat.

She has good BJJ skills considering she hasn’t been doing it that long. What she does make up for in actual skills she can overcome with speed and power. She can quickly maneuver out of a hold and into her own hold
very quickly and has the strength to make you tap.

She is definitely competitive, is both a trash talker and a giggler which is a fun combination.

She said she was surprised by my speed( lol- apparently most everyone is very slow on this site) and I was able to get into some good positions that her skillset didn’t have an answer for (yet). It won’t be this way for long.

Her friend who trains her came at the end of the session and she introduced me as the guy who just kicked her butt ( she said hadn't lost since she started sessioning).

Overall an A rating. If she is within a few hours of you, it’s time well spent.

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