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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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I offer sessions in Boston and surrounding areas. I’ve been session wrestling and Dominating for 16 years. I love to wrestle! Email to set up a match!


If you dont see me traveling to your area, sponor me, Ill come to you!!! Email me directly for details.


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-18-2019 01-19-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
02-09-2019 02-10-2019 West Palm Florida United States
02-11-2019 02-13-2019 Wilmington North Carolina United States
03-09-2019 03-11-2019 Dublin Ireland
03-11-2019 03-12-2019 Wales United Kingdom
03-12-2019 03-13-2019 London England
Email me directly to set up a match. Deposit required to book a match sent to Pay Pal via I will be traveling with Ashley Wildcat during my Europe tour. We will be offering doubles.

Lia Labowe and Skylar Rene
Christmas in New York 2018

This was my fourth and final trip to USA this year and it was even better than my amazing trips to Florida, Boston and California. I’d booked hotels and flights months ago and had been looking forward to the trip for months, counting down the days. Some weeks after I’d made my arrangements with Lia, I noticed that she would be doing double sessions with Skylar Rene while in New York so I made some enquiries to see if it would be possible to have a double session and I was very lucky that Skylar was able to join us. I was staying in the same Midtown Manhattan hotel as Lia and had arrived before her so I waited for her to arrive. She entered, we gave each other a hug and then went upstairs where I helped Lia arrange the furniture in her room so the mats could be put down. Lia’s room was a corner room, perfect for sessions, and with a great view of New York at Christmas time. Lia and Skylar had a couple of sessions on that first evening before they joined me for something to eat. This was the first time I met Skylar and she is a lovely person. All three of us were wearing superhero Christmas sweaters and received plenty of compliments from the other guests and hotel staff for them. We had a great chat about the scene and different types of session and our plans for the future. After we had eaten, Skylar and Lia were back in action so I would see them the next morning.

0900 on Monday morning I knocked on Lia’s door, when she opened it and called me in, I could see Skylar was there already. We changed into our superhero costumes for some photographs; Lia wore a purple Bat Girl costume, Skylar wore a blue skin-tight costume that looked like one of the fantastic four but I think it was something else – whatever it looked absolutely great. First up it was Skylar against myself. We locked up and I could see that Skylar was laughing at my facial expressions, I don’t deliberately make these expressions to put my opponents off, it is me trying to concentrate on the difficult challenge of defending myself against some of the best athletes in the World. Skylar got on top, but I used my half guard defence to prevent her getting full mount before rolling on top myself. Skylar was in a great position to get me in an arm bar except she was backed up against the wall and did not have the room to lean back and complete the move. I let her know this through my commentary that was kept up during the match. Lia is used to my one-man wrestling, commentating and comedy routine, but Skylar was being exposed to it for the first time. However, she went about her business without letting me put her off. I could see Lia was itching to come to Skylar’s aid, but she refrained and allowed Skylar to tackle me one on one. I could not capitalise while on top and Skylar got the first point with an arm lock. She then got on top but I managed to hold out, our costumes slipping against each other which helped me evade her submission attempts for a while. However, when Skylar got on top this time she made no mistake and rolled me into a head scissors which had me tapping pretty quickly. I took about 30 seconds after this as I felt breathless having been trapped beneath Skylar’s full mount. I think it was just the start of the session that caused this as I was able to go all out for the remained of the session without encountering this difficulty again.

So with Skylar having achieved two points on her own, Lia decided it was time for her to join the battle and so I was now up against two awesome opponents. Skylar discovered I’m ticklish and took full advantage of this while I was trapped in Lia’s mounted triangle. It was hard work trying to ward off their attacks but exhilarating at the same time. Skylar and Lia swapped roles with Skylar pinning me down and Lia throwing in a couple of stomach punches. Then they went for double holds; firstly I found myself being crucified in a double arm bar and then I was in a double scissors with Lia scissoring my neck while Skylar scissored my trunk. Lia backed off for a while and let Skylar do more of the work, this time when I tried to roll on top of Skylar, Lia craftily positioned herself so I couldn’t.

Lia came back in again and they started giving me all sorts of problems. I was on my back and Skylar sat on my chest while Lia pressed my legs up over my body, afraid I had to tap through lack of flexibility. Skylar got me with a thigh scissor, I always wondered what it felt like and how the athletes resisted for so long in the thigh scissor videos. Let me tall you all, Skylar’s thighs are much stronger than mine and I could feel circulation being cut off to my lower leg and I had to tap within 10 seconds of it being applied. Lia got me with knee lock while Skylar helped keep me under control and then Lia placed her cape over my mask. I did not realise this and was trying to adjust my mask because I though it had move sideways on my head. Lia also used her cape to choke me for another submission. So that was the first video done; I don’t know how many times I tapped, I’ll see when I watch it back.

Next up was a 15 minute bout with Skylar without filming. I wore t-shirt and gym shorts while Skylar opted for a black bikini. She was now used to my wrestling style and had figured out how to best take me on. She got me with a guillotine, a breast smother, a grapevine, a fore arm pressed to my throat, and a rear naked choke. She finished me off getting me with a reverse head scissors. I looked up and could see her looking over her own shoulder down at me to make sure I was still conscious. She squeezed once, I tapped, the she squeezed harder and I tapped again and then squeezed with full power. Wow, I’ve never felt anything like that. Lia and Sky asked if I was ok because I looked like an “albino monkey” after the three reverse head scissor squeezes.

A quick drink and then it was back into costumes for Lia against myself. Skylar took a quick shower while the next match was on because she would be getting back to her other sessions after the first hour. This time she was Cat-Woman taking on me in my traditional red / blue costume. I really appreciate the effort Lia made getting the costumes she used for these sessions, five of them in total. Lia got me down with a Thai grip and then got my back, electing to place me in a head scissors from behind, pulling my chin up for good measure. I tapped. I tried my “dead beetle” defence to avoid Lia’s grapevine, and took great joy in commenting on how I’d managed to avoid the grapevine. Lia put her hand over my mouth to shut me up before rolling onto her back and then making me tap to an upside-down grapevine. We locked up again and this time after a bit of a struggle, Lia got my back and placed me in a sleeper hold. More scissors followed as Lia closed out an impressive victory. We did some posed photos of Lia with the Cat-Woman suit on holding a whip. Wow! Skylar said her goodbyes for now, she would be doing further double sessions with Lia the next day. We hugged before she left. I really appreciate Skylar fitting me into her very busy New York schedule.

Next Lia wore the blue one-piece costume that Skylar had been wearing earlier. We zipped each other up and got the video camera rolling from an elevated position. Lia got me with a bear hug, a Boston crab, an arm triangle and a school girl pin before a pillow fight broke out at the start of the fifth round. The school girl pin was particularly effective with both of my arms and my head squeezed between Lia’s knees. Once we’d got a few shots in each, the pillows were discarded and we were back on the mats straight grappling. I found myself face down on the mats with Lia sitting on top of me facing my feet and pulling my legs up stretching my quadriceps. She could have probably turned this into an Indian death lock but I was tapping out before she got that far. Lia was trash talking me from start to finish, every time I said “I’ve got an idea” or “I know what to do”, she taunted me asking me what my big idea was while trapping me motionless in a controlling hold I could not even begin to escape from.

A quick break and then Lia changed into her Wonder-Woman costume while I went for the black Spidey costume. We did a face off before this match started, our foreheads pressed together and the tips of our noses touching. I was on the receiving end of body scissors and also had to tap when my ear was being pressed hard to the mats by my own head. I tried to cross my legs to avoid Lia’s grapevine but she ended up smothering me with her shoulder telling me to “eat some shoulder” as I was tapping out. We gave the office workers opposite the hotel a wave, great that Venom and wonder-Woman had a live audience for this match! I noticed that the body piece of Lia’s wonder-Woman costume was pretty tough, not that my body scissors would have been effective anyway. I was on my back trying to get up, pressing the palms of my hands to the mats, but Lia just pushed me back down again, laughing at how I was wasting all of my energy trying to get up. I tried the hedge hog defence but Lia caught my head with her thighs and had me tapping to a reverse head scissors.

Time for a break, I went down stairs to bring up a couple of cups of coffee. Then we were into the last part of the 3 hour session which was a photo shoot of Lia doing lift and carry on me. Someone had requested this on twitter so we took the photos for her fans. There was a fireman lift, a cradle lift, front and back piggy backs as well as Lia lifting me up on her shoulders.

I spent the afternoon seeing the sites of New York City while Lia and Skylar continued with their sessions. The next day (Tuesday) was very special. Once Lia and Skylar had finished their morning sessions we all went to the matinee showing of the Roxettes Christmas Show, it was truly magical. Then we went to the top of the Empire State Building to see New York, it was amazing. I really appreciate Skylar and Lia spending the afternoon with me. They are two kind and lovely ladies who can kick ass when they need to. I had one more day in New York after Lia and Skylar had travelled their different ways home. I saw more sites and made the most of New York at Christmas time. Yes, no doubt about it, this has been my best ever session wrestling experience. Thanks Lia. Thanks Skylar.


Lia's reputation precedes her: there are very few people in this business who have accumulated as many accolades as her. I'm very happy, and honestly a little shocked, to say that somehow she managed to exceed expectations. Obviously there are many reviews here providing meticulous detail on what a session with Lia is like, so rather than writing a wall of text I will hit on a few distinctive themes that can help inform people considering sessioning with her.

Since it's often the first question on people's mind, whether they ask or not: Lia is gorgeous. Her recent video interview on sesssion girls, or clips on clips4sale, give a pretty good sense of what to expect physically.

Lia has a wonderful personality, perfectly tailored to this activity. She is a prompt and efficient communicator by email (which if what you want), accommodating and welcoming when you arrive, and cares deeply about understanding what you want from the session; however once the wrestling starts she effortlessly code switches into a fun sort of bratty taunting dominant. It would feel like an act from other people who weren't such naturals, but from her it's terrific. The chats between falls were just as crucial to the experience as the wrestling.

As for the wrestling, Lia was unlike anyone I've ever sessioned with before. I'm not skilled or in great cardio shape, but I am also not small and am reasonable strong, so I can normally brute force my way to a few submissions even with women who are more skilled than me of Lia's size. With Lia I got zilch, and honestly only even came close to putting her in trouble once (which felt like a moral victory; she praised me and gave me a high-five for it!) The issue is that it feels like she knows what you are going to do before you yourself do: every move I made was immediately blocked and deflected, any opening I thought I saw was really just an invitation to expose an arm for an arm bar or a neck for a triangle choke. Her long legs are justifiably famous for the pain they cause when scissoring, but less well known is how effective they are defensively; Lia likes to use water metaphors to describe the flow of wrestling, but if so her legs are a dam you crash against again and again, until eventually you are diverted into a submission hold. Lia's is the first session I've had where it really felt like even if I were somewhat stronger it would not have helped; if you aren't either quite fast or skilled she is probably going to dominate you regardless of how big and strong you think you are. And isn't getting dominated by women you feel like you "should" be able to easily take, even when you're genuinely trying, why a lot of us are here?

Looking over this, I guess the common theme that makes Lia so special is her empathy and understanding at every level of the process, from setting the terms of the session to chatting during it to the wrestling itself. I can't imagine there are very many women around who can do all of that, and so would strongly encourage anyone who thinks that this sounds like someone they want to roll with to book her as soon as they can.

lia labowe

Thank you so much! I’m in this world for people and session like this one! I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for these kind words and I had so much fun on my Birthday trip with rolls like this one! Thank you Thank you and Thank you again! I look forward to the next one...;) xo

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