Lia Labowe

Lia Labowe


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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I offer sessions in Boston and surrounding areas. I’ve been session wrestling and Dominating for 16 years. I love to wrestle! Email to set up a match!


If you dont see me traveling to your area, sponor me, Ill come to you!!! Email me directly for details.


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Email me directly to set up a match.


It has got to be close to 18 years since I first had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lia and having a session. Yes, it was that long ago 😊. I would go up to her place in Manchester where I would then begin the part of getting my ass kicked by a simply gorgeous women with a “devilish” laugh each and every time she got me into one of her unbreakable and painful holds… How can such a small girl dish out so much punishment? Well, if her name is Lia Labowe she can!

Well, fast forward 18 years and, I once again had the pleasure of seeing and sessioning with her again today. She is just as beautiful as I remember and, just as much of an “Ass Kicking” machine!!! Everything I enjoyed so many years ago was just as good if not better this time. And, yes, she still has that “Devilish” laugh when she had me all tied up. She was having so much fun simply dominating me and, doing whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted. It was as if I had seen a friend I hadn’t seen in years yet, didn’t feel like we lost a step.

The session world has changed if you have been in it as long as I have 25+ years. There are so many different women to chose form, so many different shapes, sizes ,looks and types of sessions available.. But few have yet to match the Class that Lia has not to mention the looks, skill and personality that it takes to make the session great for all of her clients. She is a true professional. She has always brought my “Wrestling Fantasies” to life both years ago as well as today. How many women can you say that about after 18 years?. If you have not had the privilege of meeting Lia, and, you want to meet one of the “Rock Stars” of sessions, I strongly suggest that you put her at the top of your list for women you want to wrestle. There is simply no way that you wont have a great time regardless of the session type you like. She is ‘One A Million” guys so please treat her well. You will thank me for it 😊 Ok enough reading …contact her now!!!


Lia Labowe is a goddess, plain and simple!! A session with Lia is the dream scenario. She is relentless, exhibits awesome strength with unreal stamina. Test her - at your own peril. Don't obey her commands and pay the price - immediately! Lia is relentless with an approach that seems 'never ending.' She taunts, engages in one-sided dialogue, and punishes to drive home a point, her point! But all of this might not even be the best part of working with this absolute gem. Lia is a kind, considerate, caring, friendly, super attractive woman who considers a session a success only when you benefit. In the end, guaranteed you will ask, "When can we meet again?"

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