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Height: 4'11” - 150 cm
Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 26

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About Me


-Pole athlete/ariel artist

-Total Weeb

-Im actually 410 but 411 was as short as it would allow me to select 

-Hair Stylist

-Packs a HUGE punch for such a small package.


Im Rampage :] Im an aries that lives for competition and domination. I enjoy nothing more than to wrap my strong bicep around your throat and choke you.

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Couples Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


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04-05-2019 04-07-2019 Newyork New York United States
05-10-2019 05-12-2019 Las Vegas Nevada United States
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Philly Femdom

I just recently had my first session/shoot with Rampage for my clips4sale shop Philly Femdom, and I loved it. We got along right away as acquaintances, and once our session started it was clear we passionately enjoyed many of the same things both on and off the mat, and quickly she opened up and started doing whatever she wanted with me in our session and I loved it. I love intense sessions, I love being thrown around, held down, even knocked out for real, and Rampage could easily handle that. She's short and thicc, and she is hiding a ton of dense muscle in that little body, and once she puts it on you without going easy on you you will tap out or pass out very quickly, like she's made me tap out within 4 seconds of trying to make me tap out, and she's also made me pass out within 4 seconds of applying a rear naked choke. She assured me her rear naked choke was scary, but it's only scary if she wants it to be, which she did to me several times, but when she told me she wanted to give me a rear naked choke for real and not just tease me, I passed out so fast I didn't even have time to be scared, I didn't even feel it coming, she is that good. When her biceps and forearms flex, you feel your throat not even able to stand against it at all, your throat instantly shrinks in her grip, usually leading you to pass out. I don't think an anaconda can squeeze that quick with that much power.

Her legs were no joke, either. She put me in a reverse headscissor and didn't go easy on me, and yet again I passed out so quick I didn't feel it coming. Those legs are mostly muscle for sure, and she'll turn you purple literally just by gripping your throat properly without applying any power. But when those inner thighs tighten, and those glutes tighten, you won't have time to tap, so make sure you're OK with real KOs before you tell her to not go easy on you. At one point she even took me down to the ground using a handstand reverse scissor, and as soon as she had me down there she adjusted her grip and flexed so hard her hips came off the matt, and as soon as her inner thighs tightened in that hold, I was out, didn't even feel it coming as I was just staring at her voluptuous ass.

But Rampage doesn't have to be intense, she also loves to tease and has the endurance to do a ton of it. She'll wrestle you down into a hold and just keep you locked up in it and apply enough pressure to keep you sweating and keep you tapping here and there if that's what you want. And if you want her to smother your face with her epic ass afterward, she'll completely cover it until you're tapping out.

She loves to be competitive, but she also loves to dominate. Sometimes we'd just go at it and she'd use trips and grapples to take me down for real, other times she'd just walk up to me with a dominating aura, fiercely tell me to get down, and then once I did it she'd put me in an intense hold and shit talk me while she did it. Rampage is two girls in one; your sweet, sultra, happy-go-lucky girl who will please you and test you and compete with you while laughing or smiling, the kind of girl you can speak open and freely to and just relax with, and she's also that dominant woman who legitimately wants to use you for sadistic fun or for grappling/choking training, and she will tell you where to go and what to do and as soon as you accomplish it she will saunter up to you in a super sexy, dominant manner and just start using you like a rag doll, trying to make you beg and holler, if that's what you tell her you enjoy.


She is heaven on earth. A sweet voice with a commanding presence. She is power packed into a tiny package. Safety is her first concern, but after within that she will have you begging for more pain and punishment. More than worth the money. I need to see here again.


Smallest girl::biggest fun. Not sure what it was that tipped me off for wanting to meet her (I usually pick girls a foot taller) but I'm very glad I did. She's got good moves, wicked speed and legs a 200 pound powerlifter would be proud of. I'm psyched to book an even longer session with this gnarly mega pixie dream girl.

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