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Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
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Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 32

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I am a Brazilian Fighter and want have fun with sessions! I have my Clip Store! Enjoy!

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Will be a driving trip and let me know if I can stop by in your city.

I just had my first session ever.. i was a mixxed wrestling virgin­čść maria queen was so awsom.. she even gave me a discount for our incredibly small room.. but after the session i felt guilty and because she was so amazing during the session, funny with a good sence of humor and so fun to be with. I told her to forget about the discount... i highly reccomend you get a session with maria queen... she is truely amazing!!!


I had a session appointment with her. When I message her 30 mins before where to meet, she told me that she was buzy now and the session was posponed. 1 hour later she said, she had not found a hotel and thd session was cancelled. If I had sent her the required the deposit that would probably be gone aswell.


I had a session with MariaQ in 2017 when traveling to Pittsburg and nearly fell in love. She aksed if I wanted to go "extremely" competitive which was a bit intimidating so I told her that semi may be best. I held my own at 5'10", 190lb. in terms of preventing her submissions but could not submit her. She was obviously toying with me and started to turn it on and made it clear how much in control she really had. She has a gorgeous body, is feminine and sultry, but has far too many skills for me to get anywhere unless she allowed. I loved her teasing with her accent. When I has her from behind, thinking I would score a rear choke, she would say: "Oh no, what I'm gonna do" in her sort of cute broken English, and would reverse whatever I had whenever she chose. She is sexy, quick, and the real deal in BJJ. I have to admit, I have thought about her many many days since then and look forward to another "shot".

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