Location: Saint Petersburg,
E-mail: marinaradstar@yandex.ru
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 46
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I met her in my country Egypt , she is so friendly, beautiful, she interested in all details about each thing such as time , abilities of client , and she is being so concentrated in session and very serious in it so it makes client feals great feelings, she has magical face sitting I did not see anything and feal as another life will approach but i love it , she has killer scissors with many poses backwards , forwarded, and in side pose scissor, each scissor I feal as my head will explode but she know what she did so no risk in it , and mixed wrestling session with her very beautiful, she is professional in mixed wrestling beside she is sexy , beautiful and friendly, I advice all to do session with her.


Marina is such a great lady and a perfect wrestler.
She is a lot more strong and more beautiful than she looks in the photos, she is so strong and fast that I can't beat her at all if we wrestled for ever.
She is also nice, friendly and understanding.
My session with her was really amazing like a dream coming true to be with this beauty and strength in that perfect way, she could lift and carry me easily too.
I really loved my session with her and can't wait for her next visit to my country.


I met Marina while she was visiting my town. She reply quickly and in details to my mails. Finally when we met, I saw she is much more beautiful than her photos. And when we grapple I saw that she is much more stronger than she looks too. We had a good, tough and enjoyable strength duels and wrestling. She is very tough and beautiful lady and our session was great. Cannot wait to see her again.


Marina has become my favorite wrestler since I met her
I didn't believe such a beautiful girl to be such a strong wrestler
She has great tecnique , great strength and most of all she is always concentrate and determinate
She puts a lot of attention in listening what are your wishes and your limits about the session and never put you in danger, she knows what she does
I look forward to wrestle her again everytime she comes in my town


My session with Marina was very special, although she's very strong and very fit, she's extremely nice and very keen to not hurt her client, she always asks about what you like also she 's willing to teach you some holds and show some techniques. She has beautiful eyes, kind voice and very strong body with 6 abs :)

I had almost 2 hours of competitive wrestling and I didn't want the time to end :) she won almost all the wrestling rounds between us, although I'm taller and heavier! By accident I injured my foot, she stopped the session, asked me to sit down and she was extremely sweet to took my injured leg and carefully started to tie my injured toe :)

I wish to meet her again for a new session and I recommend her for anyone who's looking for a different special wrestling experience :)


Hi everyone, take some time to read my review. I hope you all like it as much as I love to write it. After couple of texts we agreed for a session. Warning- Dare you think that she’s weak. I was dreaming with my eyes wide open when she turned me unconscious with her arms wrapped around my neck with incredible power. Trust me it was real shit ! 10 of my taps were ignore ( as per my demand before the session) !! Her head scissors are extremely powerful without any escape. Session ended after hour. I left the place and again came back after couple of hours like stupid looses with that grin on face. Again ready to get fucked ( this time even worse ) by now she knew what I wanted l. Very easily before I realise I was on ground with her beautiful knee crushing my neck. I felt all the pain in the world ( it’s was heavenly) all the sleep holds were just perfect and more intense this time ! I tried to beg mercy in return is what I got was her beautiful spit all over my face and series of tight slaps that almost knocked me out !! Every moment and second was worth with her !! I cannot wait for her to come back ! Highly recommend her ! She’s just perfect.


I had a session with Marina recently. As soon as I her travel plans to my region, I mailed her. After a couple of back and forth email exchanges, we decided on the price and the type of the session. A few days before the session, she gave me her WhatsApp number. My PayPal account was facing issues and so I was not able to make payments beforehand. She is a very understanding person. The whole process was smooth and clean.

She really amazed me with her calm and sweet nature. She really showed great interest in understanding my interests about the session. We had a language barrier but she made sure she understands exactly what I am looking for. I had booked for a one hour session and we started slowly. Trust me when I say that her arms are real strong. Once she gets it around your neck, it's game over for u. I had told her that I love trash talking during the session. But I was really impressed when I realized that she had learned some English swear words for me.

She is really strong and the best part is that she adjusts the difficulty of the session according to our endurance and toughness. She made sure to tease me everytime I tapped out. If it was facesit first, then it was breast smother next.

Another important thing about her is safety. She knows when to apply holds and when to stop. Also she gave me some instructions before the session as on which parts of my body might be sore or stiff for the next day.

Marina is an absolute package. She is worth every fine and every minute.


It was a pleasure dealing with Marina right from the beginning. She replied to my message quickly and after a few emails we had agreed on the session and the details. On the day of the session I got her number and the rest of the communication was done via WhatsApp.

And there I went. I’ve had tens of sessions during the years, but most of them have been more on the sensual and fantasy side. As I knew Marina was a real grappler, I was a bit nervous. But hell, she’s just a small girl, what can possibly go wrong?

Let me get this straight: being 186 kg and 120 cm (do your math, I’ll stick to the metric system…) I’m twice the size of Marina, but it did not take long before I was convinced that my size was not helping me at all. After just a few seconds, my world was full of hands and legs – suddenly I realized that I was on the same mat with a skillful grappler with the soul and aggression of a real fighter.When she went for my neck for a headlock I was thinking to myself: ”Oh, this shit is for real, what have I done?”

It didn’t take long until I found myself tapping after all those twenty seconds. I’m in a quite lousy condition and smoke too much, so after a couple of rounds it was clear that a slower pace would be needed if I really want to stay alive. So we slowed things down, but still I was totally helpless. Headlock after headlock, armbar after armbar I wore out.

When I’ve had enough, it was time for some face sitting and scissors. There I was, helpless below those firm, sweaty buttocks wondering what I should do with my nose… Even though breathing was quite a challenge in that position, I sure don’t have any complaints!

After an hour of sweaty fun, it was time for a quick shower and away I went with a stupid grin on my face. I felt the existence of each and every muscle of mine for several days, and my jaw is still a bit sore, but the meeting with Marina was really worth every minute and every dime.

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