Masteress Shayne

Masteress Shayne


Location: New York, New York

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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

A Dominatrix with five years experience, Masteress Shayne is poised, cultured, seductive, peppy, composed, and unflappable. 

Masteress Shayne is also a powerlifter, semi-competitive wrestler, and acrobat.


With legs of steel, Masteress will scissor you into submission, robbing you of your breath and your dignity too.

Masteress takes pleasure in beating weak boys into the ground with merciless fists and legs, choking swollen egos, and pinning worthless men in their place, under her muscular body.

Masteress Shayne will lure you in with her vibrant blue eyes, tease you, beat you, hold you down, laugh as you struggle to escape from under her, and toy with you until you lose yourself to the bliss of breathlessness. 


Masteress Shayne currently offers the following sessions- Fantasy wrestling, semi competitive wrestling, tickle matches, smothering, face sitting, Muscle/Leg/Foot worship, Scissoring, fantasy roleplay, fiancial domination, and more.

Masteress Shayne will check in with you at the beginning of our time together to review wants and plans.

Please know your boundaries and injuries, and be prepared to disclose them. I will do the same with mine and we will both respect them all. 


What To Email

- Your name

-Your desired session style

-When you are looking to schedule a session

-Past experience with professionals, INCLUDE their name and profile if you have it.


All bookings require a 50% deposit, email for more information and payment options.

Minimum session 60 mins



60 min- 300

90 min- 450

120 min- 600


Masteress Shayne takes incalls near Union Square or Herald Square (NYC)

All outcalls must include ordering an UBER + $100 outcall fee


Refunds are only issued in the event that Masteress cancels a session.

If you cancel, or do not show, no refund will be issued.


How To Show Up For a Session

-As a gesture of common courtesy, please shower before our session, make sure to scrub those hard to reach places. (One of the locations I take incalls in has a shower on premise) I will do the same, unless you specify a preference otherwise.

-Wear street clothes

-Eat a couple hours prior to our session so you may retain your energy during our time together.

-Be hydrated. Drink Water that day.

-Take all medications and follow all routines necessary to be in a clear and calm state of mind on the day of our session.

-Do not show up intoxicated, high, or in an altered mood that could put either of us at risk. 


Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Albuquerque June- 17- 2019 June- 20- 2019

This girl is a flat-out bruiser. In 12 years of mixed wrestling, I don't think I've gone up against anyone her size even close to that strong. She's only been wrestling for six months and has limited technique but the power in her arms and upper body is unreal.She's also lightning-fast. I'm 5-9 and 190 and she had little trouble pinning me seven straight times even after I got position on her. At one pioint I got her in a reverse triangle choke and she powered her way out of it using just her forearms and hands. If she learns a few moves I predict she'll wipe up the mats with anyone close to her size.


Had the pleasure of having a wrestling session with Masteress Shayne and she was absolutely wonderful. She was cool and professional, cheerful and cordial, and pushed me to my absolute limits while also taking me to new limits I didn't even know I had. I highly recommend her as someone to take up a session with if you enjoy figuring things out about yourself that you perhaps didn't even know you had in you and having a good time.


I had a great session with Masteress Shayne. She is a great communicator and easy to book and professional in every way. Her pictures make her look quite stern, but she is really very sweet, until the wrestling begins or her fists start flying, then she is a nightmare. First, her upper body strength is crazy. She beat me in arm wrestling in under three seconds...I could offer virtually no resistance. I usually go 5 seconds, even with the stronger ladies. She got to Orange belt in high school in BJJ, so she is not totally without skill, but she is not a technically advanced wrestler. But her fantastic strength was all she needed to pin me...usually in under 30 seconds. In one match, I lasted 1 minute. She really gets the psychological aspects of the session and taunted me throughout. I had her do belly punching and I told her if I fall down force me to get up. Her punches were devastating. When I fell, with her strength she was able to lift me from the ground back to standing position and pin my chest against the wall with her arm. She knocked the wind out of me. She forced me back up repeatedly again and again and I was desparately pleading with her to stop. I felt like I was going to pass out. Finally, she responded "you didn't say 'red'". I immediately said the safe word. (She hadn't told me the safe word until I it was so desparate). That was awesome. After I regained my composure, she ended with a great deep tissue massage. Highly recommend Masteress Shayne. I will definitely see her again.

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