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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 36

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WANT TO CHAT WITH ME directly before booking a session or ordering custom content, call or text here:


Full-time traveling model/performer/producer. 

My sessions are athletic based and or fetish related. Involving no nudity or anything sexually related in nature, so dont even ask.If you wish to film your own session, I offer that as well for an additional fee. 

Due to the fact that I offer multiple options for the lengths of sessions (which most providers will not) my rates are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

My rate is $400 an hour with half upfront as a deposit to confirm.

$500/hr for Semi-Competitive

30 minutes is $250 upfront

20 minutes is $150 upfront

If you wish to film or take pictures of your session, that is fine by me, for an additional charge of $100 flat rate. Regardless of the length of your session.

I occasionally offer tagteam sessions with other providers I travel with. That is starting at $650/hr, 30min/$450, 20min/$300 

As far as attire for the session, I DO NOT allow underwear as an appropriate form of wardrobe. Please wear some kind of bottoms whether they be shorts or pants and or sportswear.

The fact that I travel cross country and internationally allows me access to talent everywhere. Available to shoot custom videos with pretty much anyone of your preference.  With proper notice of course.  

Since this is my full-time profession, I treat it as such and expect the same professional courtesy in return. My time is money, as is yours, conduct yourself as such. 

I will not entertain anyone that emails me and needs convincing to session or anyone that tries to negotiate with me. My rates are what they are for the service I provide. This is a luxury so make sure you can afford it before you even message me. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR... I am available for any and all kinds of fetish sessions so you are welcome to inquire.  My only stipulation is no nudity and nothing sexual.  


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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04-13-2021 04-15-2021 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
04-15-2021 04-17-2021 Newark New Jersey
04-17-2021 04-19-2021 Boston Massachusetts
04-19-2021 04-20-2021 Providence Rhode Island
04-20-2021 04-22-2021 Hartford Connecticut
04-20-2021 04-22-2021 New Haven Connecticut
04-22-2021 04-23-2021 Atlantic City New Jersey
04-23-2021 04-24-2021 Manhattan New York
05-08-2021 05-09-2021 Phoenix Arizona
05-21-2021 05-22-2021 Detroit Michigan
05-23-2021 05-24-2021 Buffalo New York
06-23-2021 06-25-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
06-25-2021 06-26-2021 Sacramento California
06-26-2021 06-28-2021 Los Angeles California
06-28-2021 06-29-2021 San Diego California
07-09-2021 07-10-2021 Destin Florida
07-10-2021 07-11-2021 New Orleans Louisiana
07-11-2021 07-13-2021 Houston Texas
07-13-2021 07-14-2021 San Antonio Texas
07-14-2021 07-16-2021 Austin Texas
07-16-2021 07-18-2021 Dallas Texas
07-18-2021 07-19-2021 Tulsa Oklahoma
07-19-2021 07-20-2021 Kansas City Missouri
07-20-2021 07-21-2021 StLouis Missouri
08-24-2021 08-26-2021 StPetersburg Tampa Florida
08-26-2021 08-27-2021 Orlando Florida
11-06-2021 11-11-2021 Dubai UAE
Traveling full-time cross country and internationally for photo shoots video shoots custom orders and sessions. Always looking to collaborate with dependable talent. Unlike most producers I have access to any talent you can fantasize about. All you have to do is email me if you are interested in having them for a personal custom video and I will make it happen. Also if the lady is a session wrestler and you want a tagteam with us that can also be made possible. NO TIME FOR TIME WASTERS MEN THAT HAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE OR THE DISRESPECTFUL FEW THAT ARE LOOKING FOR MORE THAN I OFFER PASS! In my sessions I DO NOT allow nudity of any kind or anything sexually related in nature. Email and Payment Instructions PLEASE READ- When contacting me please be prepared. I am not here to convince you of getting a session or to negotiate my rates. This a luxury so plan accordingly. In email subject specify your city and state because it makes it easier on me and faster to respond and get booking complete. I accept deposits via PayPal Venmo or GiftRocket. As for PayPal option- ALWAYS send as a gift so I DO NOT get charged the website fee. Also DO NOT write anything in the notes because that website flags accounts for anything they deem suspicious. If you want to save me some time send me your session experience and any references of other session wrestlers you may have. I will ask and I will check. If you are new thats fine too just message for review.

I booked my double ballbusting session with Megan Jones and Terra Mizzu months in advance when I saw they were touring my city. While I was very excited to meet the women I've been a fan of for years, I was also a little bit terrified. Have you seen their ballbusting vids?!?! Even as an experienced ballbustee for over 15 years I was nervous for the next few months as the date approached. The day before and even the day of the session, I thought about cancelling. But, my time had arrived and I made it up to the hotel room. My balls be damned!

When I enter the room they are both wearing very sexy two piece bikini sets. They are so hot on film and pic and even hotter in person. I'm blown away!
After exchanging greetings and pleasantries they ask me to get undressed.
I strip down to my newly purchased red speedo and Megan asks me to kneel before her. She proceeds to give me about 4 wake up nut-thudder kicks. Not balls-in-the-throat kicks, but hard enough to get me wide awake in this early morning session. Terra follows through with the same.

They then have me stand up as they both take turns kicking me in the balls from the front and back. Ooof! I then lay on my back as they trample my little eggs.
Over the next hour my little huevos are busted by these two goddesses, Megan and Terra. But it is the best day of my life. I'm sure my nuts hate me so much. :)
Some of the best moments were when Megan and Terra put clothes pins on my nads and flicked them with their hands and rulers. They also beat my nads with rulers. Oh, so painful! I can't forget the nut stomps and squishing. Megan said she felt my little nads rolling around trying to escape!
Megan and Terra also gave me some very had nut punches from behind. I've seen this in Megan's vids but to experience it was amazing.....even as I crumpled and gave my "oooooh, ooooh, oooh's" throughout the session.
I also got scisscored and reverse cowgirl nut punched. And just plain ol' nut punched so many times.
And they had me get all fours as they booted my balls from I crumple and Megan and Terra take turns.

As the session draws to an end Megan knee drops onto both my little eggs. Owww!!
And as I'm still laying on my back in pain, Terra has me spread my legs and gives me a few hard kicks. And then has me stand up to kick me more until I drop.
After a moment of recovery Megan has me stand up again and blasts my balls a few more times until I"m down again.
Session complete. I passed the test and made my fantasy come true.

My balls hate me but this was one of the best times I've had. I can't wait to see them both again. We're gonna turn it up!
If these ladies are anywhere near your area do whatever you have to do to make a session happen!!! You will not be disappointed!


I had the pleasure of having a session with both Megan and Terra in Philly and could not have been more delighted at the experience!

First off, they accommodated my request to wear 1-piece bathing suits and they both wore these gorgeous and very sexy royal blue outfits. Talk about “Sugar and Spice” …the way they both played it as Terra was the softer, sexy, and “nice” one and Megan was the “kick my tail and showed no mercy” one and very sexy also. I was dominated, squeezed, smothered, slapped, and enjoyed every single second of it. There is nothing sexier than strong women, who look and smell amazing (perfume) who dominate you and give you that look to let you know you don’t stand a chance if you resist.

During breaks, they were so fun and interesting to talk to. I had a lot of laughs while getting beaten up. I’m still in a state of euphoria from yesterday!

If you can meet either one of them…DO IT! If you have the ability to meet both for a double session…DON’T THINK TWICE!

It was just an absolute thrill that I’ll never forget and look forward to when they come back to Philly!


I had my first session with Megan today in Charleston, and she was an absolute blast! It was a double foot tickle/worship session with her and Terra Mizu, who I've sessioned with before. Both are incredibly sweet, with just a playful hint of domination. Megan's feet were beautiful and deliciously soft with a green pedicure. And I am happy to find out that she is very ticklish not just on her feet, but all over! I also requested smelly feet/socks, and Megan delivered there too! Even after applying coconut oil on her feet for tickling, there was still a slight hint of vinegar, which made them perfect for smothering. I can't wait for the next time she is in town and I give her the highest recommendation for any fans of feet, tickling, or whatever fetish you are into that she offers!

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