Location: Miami, Florida
E-mail: miaannabella83@gmail.com
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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35

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Get ready to meet a woman like no other! Dont expect me to be like the rest I can only be like me!  I love my job and I love for us to build and evolve our sessions with time! Make sure our session is the best you ever had. For the last 3 years I have been traveling and sessioning cross country. I give priority to those paying for travel on deciding where I travel too next. 

So far Ive done some fantasy/ pro-style sessions/videoshoots as well as from semi to full competitive grappling. Lift and carry, arm wrestling, belly punching/kicking and test of strength.  bondage, tickling, giantess and random silly fetishes. My fave sessions being the footfetish ones! What girl doesnt love her feet played with? You have also seen how much I love wrapping my pythons around your little necks. Message me and we can explore your different fetishes find out which ones are your fave! Lets play! I cant wait!!! 

 Just to be clear, I do not allow any nudity or anything sexually related in nature throughout my sessions. So dont even ask! 



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05-17-2019 06-30-2019 Miami Florida United States
Please nothing nude or sexual. Not even topless! Travelling model! Been sessoning 2 plus years. If you want a session email. My prices are set and Im not here to convince you to session! since I take my time and work serious I expect you too. Every session is special and particular please read my reviews promise u wont be disappointed. I expect half up for deposit to hold your session date and time! If u arent ready to place a deposit dont waste my time. Willing to shoot custom requests on the road with models you may prefer in the cities we are traveling. Contact with details. Thanks Mia
Philly Femdom

I just recently had a session/shoot with Mia again for my clips4sale shop Philly Femdom and I absolutely loved it, she is one of my favorite ladies to wrestle! She is both sweet and spicy and she is loaded with energy. She is so energetic about everything, it's like she doesn't get tired at all, she'll just keep wrestling with you or keep scissoring you and she doesn't have to or want to stop.

She's so strong. She will grab you and rip you down to the ground and grip you with her arms or thighs and you will holler unless of course your throat is what's being gripped, in which case you can't make much sound besides squeaks if at all. She will make you tap, and if you ask her to she will put you to sleep, and she will love every second of it and make sure you are, too. She'll make you comfortable and lock you in and take you for a wild ride that doesn't stop until you're at your limit. When I first sessioned with her I didn't know she'd be so powerful, but she's one of the few who can put you to sleep so fast you don't even notice it happening, which I experienced multiple times in every session I've had with her.


I really wanted to meet Mia even though her trip in my city was almost incompatible with my schedule. She was really accommodating and we finally managed to secure a time and place, right after their arrival and right before my own departure.

Mia and Megan, who was travelling with her and resting in the room during the session, were incredibly friendly and we had a nice chat before we got to the wrestling part of the session. My hopes of a semi-competitive fight were quickly crushed between Mia's legs: she's simply too strong for me. Luckily for me, it seems to be a common occurrence, and Mia likes fantasy wrestling too.

I had explicitely asked for knockouts: after watching Philly Femdom's video, I couldn't wait for her to put me to sleep. Due to her strenghth, I was quick to panic at first, but she helped me to relax and gave me instructions on how to help her. After that, her RNC and reverse headscissors sent me to dreamland with ease.

If you're into strong women, do not hesitate to book her when she comes to your area!


I had a triple session with Megan Jones, Mia Annabella, and Karly Salinas; and it was a once in a lifetime experience. I had not even had a 2-on-1 session before, so I was a little nervous. From the beginning, it was easy and quick communication setting up the session. They were all fun personalities and interacted seamlessly with each other; so it quickly became relaxed and the flow through the whole session was constant and just a down to earth session. Throughout the time, they are joking with you and each other, so there are no lulls. They wanted to make sure that you are having the best session, and all of them are Not just going through the motions to run out the clock. Obviously, they are all very beautiful and definitely strong; and I look forward to sessioning with any one of them again in the future. Highly Recommended.

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