Location: Miami, Florida
E-mail: miaannabella83@gmail.com
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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 36

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Get ready to meet a woman like no other! Dont expect me to be like the rest I can only be like me!  I love my job and I love for us to build and evolve our sessions with time! Make sure our session is the best you ever had. For the last 3 years I have been traveling and sessioning cross country. I give priority to those paying for travel on deciding where I travel too next. 

So far Ive done some fantasy/ pro-style sessions/videoshoots as well as from semi to full competitive grappling. Lift and carry, arm wrestling, belly punching/kicking and test of strength.  bondage, tickling, giantess and random silly fetishes. My fave sessions being the footfetish ones! What girl doesnt love her feet played with? You have also seen how much I love wrapping my pythons around your little necks. Message me and we can explore your different fetishes find out which ones are your fave! Lets play! I cant wait!!! 

 Just to be clear, I do not allow any nudity or anything sexually related in nature throughout my sessions. So dont even ask! 



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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-12-2020 11-04-2020 Miami Florida United States
11-05-2020 11-06-2020 Lake worth Florida United States
11-07-2020 11-22-2020 Miami Florida United States
11-23-2020 11-30-2020 Fort myers Florida United States
12-03-2020 12-04-2020 San antonio Texas United States
12-11-2020 12-13-2020 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Please nothing nude or sexual. Not even topless! Travelling model! Been sessoning 2 plus years. If you want a session email. My prices are set and Im not here to convince you to session! since I take my time and work serious I expect you too. Every session is special and particular please read my reviews promise u wont be disappointed. I expect half up for deposit to hold your session date and time! If u arent ready to place a deposit dont waste my time. Willing to shoot custom requests on the road with models you may prefer in the cities we are traveling. Contact with details. Thanks Mia Happy to announce I will be at the live session girls event in September! STAY TUNED for your opportunity to order a sexy custom clip of Me and to sign up to watch this HT event live via Pay Per View

Mia and I just completed an amazing scissors session. Mia’s leg strength is simply incredible. She’s a 5’3” BOSS and she let’s you know it. Will definitely session with Mia again. Andy


I just completed an amazing scissors session with Mia. Mia’s leg strength is out of this world. I will definitely session with Mia again.
All the Best;


Mia Annabella is truly one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever encountered, and I do sincerely mean both inner and outer beauty. Communication was always prompt and fun, and she insured that she understood my specific interest, fantasy scissors domination, both in the days before and at the start of our delightful session yesterday in Philadelphia. She delivered beyond my expectations.

Mia met me in the hotel lobby right on time, asking "Is that for me?" when she saw the little gift I'd brought for her. She led me to her room where I briefly met Kimchi, who gave me a rib-crushing bear hug and suggested I see her one day for a future session. I told Kim that she's "on my list", and she then retreated to another room leaving Mia and me to our private time together.

Mia is a fit active tomboy in a gorgeous model's body. Her legs are exquisite, toned and muscled, smooth and silky soft yet potentially lethal. I love the sensual part of being scissored, and I had requested that she not hurt me but just show me that she could. That mission was quickly accomplished. We explored a variety of positions, and she assured me she was only applying 20% power at most. But I repeatedly saw stars as she nearly squeezed the life out of me. Mia has exquisite control of her thigh muscles, and I was amazed at the effectiveness of the pressures her sexy legs exerted on my neck. 

She even unintentionally sent me to dreamland in her favorite position, the reverse. The accidental KO surprised both of us. She said she hadn't even started squeezing when I went limp and started snoring. It was painless, quick, and very pleasant.

Then we spent a lot of time just chatting while she held me between those amazing legs. Heaven on earth.

Mia is one outstanding girl, a beautiful sweetheart who is totally committed to providing the experience her clients desire. Don't miss the chance to see her when you can. I guarantee you'll be wearing a huge smile long after as I am today. Thank you, Mia. I'm addicted, and I can't wait to see you again!

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