Michelle Wrestles

Michelle Wrestles


Location: College Station, Texas
E-mail: michelle.wrestles@gmail.com
Phone: 979 464-9919

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Height: 5'3 - 160 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

Howdy Yall,

Im Michelle. Im just your everyday-girl-next-door-type of gal . . . except I LOVE wrestling! Ive played sports (softball, volleyball, track) all my life and know I can be more than enough to handle if you ever find yourself across from me on the mats or in the ring!So, if you wanna

So, if you wanna tussel with me, then let me know (text or email) and we can see about setting up a match!

I mostly offer semi-competitive fights. However, if I think were a match or if you want me to fight your wife or girlfriend, we can talk about potentially making it a competitive fight. I also have a partner available if you want to see about a couples fight (if mixed-tag team matches are your kind of thing).

Dont be shy, reach out and see if you think you have what it takes to take me on! I promise I wont make you cry too much when I defeat you ;)



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Michelle is an absolute pleasure to chat with online, even cuter in person, and a fierce competitor on the mats. I've had the (at times painful) pleasure of wrestling her twice now in Houston (with a little boxing the second time). Both of my sessions were competitive submission wrestling sessions where we both fought our hardest to put the other in enough pain to hear them scream out a submission. Let's just say I'm 0-2. For both my sessions (2 hours each), Michelle manhandled me on the mats throwing me at her will, cranking my neck into so many headlocks, guillotines, and scissors that I couldn't even count how many times I felt my head squeezed and had to tap our right before my lights went out. She definitely knows how to smack talk as she'd taunt me throughout every round on how a big strong man like me would be embarrassed to tell my friends that I got beat by a girl. Her arm bars ARE LETHAL! Multiple times I thought I was gaining control over her only to find out she was really maneuvering into position to straighten out my arm until I gave up. I came really close to beating her a few times with locking her head into a compromising position and then cranking it back until I could feel her getting desperate. But every time she managed to take the pain, refuse my invites for her to submit, and fought out of it. Make no mistake, she might step onto the mat in a bikini top and booty shorts, but don't think she's there for eye candy, she's there to do one thing and she does it well-put you in as much pain as you can handle!

At the end of our second session, thinking I could gain a bit of an advantage on her through boxing, I asked her to box instead of wrestle some more and she pulled out two sets of boxing gloves she has. I got the better of her in the first round knocking her flat on her ass. But when she got back up to fight for the second round, after teasing her "Is that all you've got?" she punched me mercilessly around the room until cornering me and wailing on me for I don't know how long before I had to shout out "I submit!"

She's definitely an amazing session wrestler, cuter than her pictures can do her justice, and puts up one hell of a fight. If you're lucky enough to get around to where she is, DEFINITELY book a session with her--you won't regret it. I can't wait until I'm back in Texas and can fight her again!

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