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milah romanov


Location: Saint Pete, Florida
Skype: https://Milah Romanov
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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 27

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I will be attending fettish con in st.pete Florida 2019. 

All bookings must be made in advance. 


What is your fantasy? What are your desires? Check out the long list of services that I offer and see if Im the girl next door who can make your dreams a reality. Im the curvy master of domination and smothering. No one can last more than 10 seconds in one of my face sits or breast smothers. With a 32 E cup bust and a 48 round ass I am the best at what I do. I am a pro-dom of 6 yrs. I am fully trained in a wide variety of services including but not limited to the list below. Other services include ; ball busting, corporal punishment, trampling/foot fettish, stink face, face sitting & smothering K.Os, humiliation, sissification, fin dom, body worship and much much more. Virtual sessions are also available. Be sure to check out my Iwantclips store for your daily dose of ass worship. 

Below are some Q&A for your convenience 

Q: How much for a session?

A: That depends on both the type of session and the length of a session. Send email to get an exact number. 


Q: Will you price match other session girls if I can prove how much I paid them?

A: Yes, if their rates are higher then mine I will gladly price match. 


Q: Can I record our session for personal use? 

A: Yes, filming of the session for personal use only is an upcharge of $100 usd. 


Q: Will you travel to my state/country If I sponcer the trip?

A: Yes, I will travel to you if the entire trip is sponcered(flight +hotel) 


Q: Are you comfortable sessioning with someone outside your race/religion?

A: Yes, I dont discriminate based on race, religion, sexual preference or gender. 


Q: Do you offer full nude sessions?

A: No, I do not offer full nudity. 


Q: Do you plan on visiting my state/ country?

A:  If its not listed in my travels, then no. But you are more then welcome to sponcer the trip. 


Q: Im very small, do you have an issue with using full force on Me?

A: The energy level of your session is for you to decide. I have no issues inflicting pain on others. I rather enjoy it actually. 


Q: Are you really 185lbs? 

A: Yes, my weight is pretty consistent give or take a tacco. 



Do NOT send PayPal as a buisness transaction. 

With fasta/sesta PayPal has been shutting down accounts with too much activity. You MUST send via friends and family. If you choose not to, there will be an additional fee starting at $20 added to the cost of your session. This is ONLY in regards to PayPal. I also accept money pack, cash app and Zelle. 

I now offer cosplay sessions!!!! Do you have a favorite character from an anime, comic book or video game? Have you ever wished they where real so you could wrestle them or be smothered by their ass/tits? Lucky You! Your dream is now a reality!!! I currently have a Dva cosplay and offer cosplay sessions. My collection will grow over time, but for now if theres a character youd prefer, You sponcer the cosplay, and Ill provide the smothering!!! I also have sexy school girl in purple and red as well as poison ivy (I dont know where poison ivy is atm but I will update) 

I do NOT offer full nudity.


Update: as of 2/15/2018 I will no longer respond to emails without tribute from subs. My PayPal email is the same as the one listed. I have had too many issues from users of this site emailing me nonsense or wasting my time making false claims of sponcership or backtailing out of sessions. I WILL respond to general questions such as do you offer this


All sessions require a 50% deposit.  

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
04-05-2019 04-07-2019 Phoenix Arizona United States
04-12-2019 04-14-2019 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
05-28-2019 05-31-2019 Miami Florida United States
08-08-2019 08-11-2019 Saint Pete Florida United States
Update! I will be attending XBIZ Miami. Open for paid shoots and private wrestling and fetish sessions! Email me to book. I responded in 24hrs or less. Accepting deposits for Minneapolis MN Phoenix AZ And Fetish Con 2019 Florida. Depot required If you choose PayPal you MUST send via friends and family. Buisness transaction will be charged an additional fee . I will travel to you upon sponcership hotel flight Do not e-mail me with will you come to XYZ the answer is yes should you fly me out. Otherwise see travel log. Dont see your state country Then no.

Where do I even start! After seeing Milah on sessiongirls I knew I had to get a session with her, so I sponsored her trip out to indiana. Which was very easy and she was extremely nice and patient throughout the whole process. So we set up a cosplay session and wow. She is drop dead gorgeous, if you think she looks good in her pictures. You'll be even more amazed when you see her in person. So during the session she just tossed me around. These other reviews are no joke she is crazy strong, and her smothers are to die for! Once you are stuck there is no hope of escape! I will definitely be setting up another session with her. So don't miss an opportunity to session with this goddess of a woman!


So what are the chances of you sponsoring her trip here again man? Or th thought of working something out for all of us to enjoy her like you did. We definitely need her back in Indiana


So, booked a session with Milah and as usual, phenomenal!! I didn’t stand a chance! As soon as we locked our arms, she turned it around real quick, and spent most of the session buried under her. I was squashed, smothered, facesat into oblivion. 10 out of 10. Heaven and hell was acheived at the same time. Can’t recommend her enough!! Contact her, you’ll see

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