Miss Andree

Miss Andree


Location: New York, New York
E-mail: mistressandree@gmail.com

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Height: 5'1 - 154 cm
Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

Beautiful sensual national level female bodybuilder/strongwoman located in New York City who enjoys mentally and physically dominating her victims until I am their only desire. 

Growing up as a tomboy, I enjoyed defeating boys in sports, the classroom, and emotionally.   Watching their tears flow after my utter humiliation of them gave me pleasure, and as I reached my teens that pleasure took on an additional dimension.  As an adult I believed I had to suppress the dominant side of my personality to fit in with societys expectations.  Despite a successful career I felt unfulfilled.  I joined a gym as an outlet for my frustrations and found my strength and size rapidly increased easily surpassing that of the other women in the gym.  Men who initially supported me began to discourage me.  Their protestations only motivated me to become stronger than them.   Watching the combination of awe, fear and desire on their faces as I easily out-lifted them was an aphrodisiac, but I needed more.  Fortunately a friend of mine introduced me to sessions.  

Outcall only, deposit required. 

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I am a long time session veteran (over 25 years) but nothing I have experienced prepared me for the utter domination, physical, intellectual and psychological that I received from Miss Andree. The session was in November in NYC and she walked in wearing a coat that covered her physique. We started by chatting about what I like in sessions, and her friendliness, intelligence, and sense of humor quickly put me at ease. Little did I expect that behind that beautiful almost girlish face. cute grin, and easy demeanor lurked the mind of an ultimate predator, with me as her prey. She then excused herself to change. When she emerged, I was taken aback by her ripped muscular body, threatening to explode out of her tiny black bikini top and thong. I knew from her photos that she had a world class physique, but I was still unprepared for the muscle goddess that stood before me. She asked if I was ready for her to put me in some holds. Before I could answer I found myself lifted and tossed (she is a top national strongwoman competitor) face down on the bed, my head and neck being crushed by her huge vascular peaked bicep. She taunted me to “try to escape” . Even though it was a fantasy wrestling match I rose to the challenge, well at least I tried to since I could not break her grip using both of my arms and I outweighed her by 30 pounds. I quickly was trained that resistance was futile. Over the next two hours I would experience her rock hard sensual muscles in a series of devastating head locks, leg and body scissors and grape vines. Each hold would start with just enough pressure to control me. As she mocked and taunted me for being such a pathetic excuse for a man I protested and tried to escape but only found myself even more helpless as her thigh and arm muscles bulged and swelled until the life was literally being squeezed or crushed out of me, the pressure only eased when I screamed and begged for mercy. Sometimes not even then.
Fortunately she can be a kind ruler and eventually released the holds in return for my worshipping her unreal vascular quads, glutes, calves, pecs and biceps, all shrink wrapped in the softest silky bronze skin. Failure to give appropriate worship however only led to sterner punishments, verbal and physical. At several points during the session she had me on my back, my legs trapped in a grape vine and my arms pinned over my head. She dared me to escape and then laughed at my inability to even move her. As she tightened her grip on my wrists my pleas for mercy were met only by a wicked grin, a mix of contempt and pure evil. Her eyes stared down into mine with what only could be described as lust, the lust of knowing she could do anything she wanted to me. And she did.

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