Mistress AMRITA Japanese

Mistress AMRITA Japanese


Location: London, United Kingdom
E-mail: amritajapan@hotmail.com
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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

I am highly experienced Japanese session wrestler / dominatrix / fetish performer based in London, I visit several European cities and Tokyo regulalry.

My wrestling session style is fantasy / domination wrestling (NO fight back to me, just light defense is acceptable) so it is non competitive style. But I know variety of wrestling holds which you dont come across often, so if you are into passive type of wrestling session and you like to be overpwered by skilled female wrestler, you can enjoy session with me a lot with full of good surprise. 

Check my wrestling gallery for examples of holds. http://www.mistressamrita.com/photos_wrestling/

I have slim but fit, athletic body, have good lean muscles all over my body, those are not bulked up for cosmetic reason but the real natural muscle with good endurance and strength. 

My tight scissors holds are popular, with my good size lean musculer thighs, I can put guys into effective scissors and give them hard time.

Since I am an experienced dominatrix as well, I can combine wrestling session with variety of BDSM/fetish fantasies too. 

I am a Japanese rope bondage specialist, so I am 1 of the very few wrestler who can combine wrestling and authentic effective Shibari rope bondage, so you should try that if interested. 

I started wrestling from cat fight shows / mix fight videos in Japan some years ago, and I got into it and I learned various effective wrestling holds, tried them to sub victims all over the world.

I am very well travelled woman, visited 100 countries(I like travelling as hobby), so I am very international, open minded, but still keep Japanese elegance and professionalism. I speak fluent English.


Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Fantasy Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Belly Punching


Email me to arrange sessions at my travel destinations. Give me several days notice last minute arrangement is always very difficult to make it happen. Contact me to amrita@tokyomistress.com

I had a session with Amrita when she came to Paris a few weeks ago. She was awesome, both when dominating me and reassuring me. She's a real pro and she's not a clock Watchers, she just wants to enjoy destroying your manhood. Despite having met with Bodybuilders, her scissors were surprisingly the strongest I ever felt! I had marks on my skin because of her triangle chokes for a week after the session! I enjoyed every minute of the session, and I can only recommend her to you.


I recently met Amrita for a wrestling and bondage session. As you probably know, she doesn't offer competitive or even semi-competitive wrestling, but her skills as a domina more than make up for it as far as I'm concerned.

I've seen her a few times over the years and I'd say we're pretty comfortable with each other by now, yet she still surprises me every time. She's really good at finding the right balance between casual cruelty and gentle femdom: she knows how to be mean but also sensual.

Her scissors are as strong as ever (she'll knock you out if that's your thing) and there's not a single way to bend your arms and legs that she doesn't know.

If you're fine with fantasy wrestling and domination, you should give her a try!


Was fortunate enough to have a session with Amrita a few days back when she was visiting my location. Had read some of the reviews and thought it best to go to her website and check out her session page. It is very similar to Club-Q in Japan, no fighting back, pretty much fantasy only. I don’t have an issue with fantasy only, in recent years that seems to be the type I prefer more and more. In any case I made the appointment and gave her a brief description of my type of session, to which she agreed. When I arrived at her hotel the beautiful Japanese mistress greeted me and we once again went over my session request so she and I would be on the same page. I had asked for a scissors domination, bondage session. I have never had a bondage session before, and with someone of her level of expertise, it was inevitable that I see her in action. She did not disappoint and she soon had me bound from chest to toes and applied one submission hold after another. Her scissors are surprisingly strong, she is much stronger than she looks. She would alter the variety of bondage so that different body parts were available for her to put in submission holds and at the same time allowed her to show off her skills. She took the time to make sure I was happy with the way the session was going. Before I knew it the session was over and I had endured her amazing display of wrestling and bondage skills.
Overall if you are looking for a strictly fantasy session with a beautiful well-traveled Japanese mistress I highly recommend Amrita to you.

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