Mistress Leigh

Mistress Leigh


Location: New York, New York
E-mail: ms.tress.leigh@gmail.com

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Last logged in: 05/22/2017


Height: 5'9 - 175 cm
Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 28

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2017 Spring Body Movin Tour May 1-2 sessions in Tulsa OK May 3-5 sessions in South Eastern Missouri May 5-6 sessions in St. Louis MO May 7-16 sessions in Tulsa OK May 13 FemmeDomme Workshop Series Body Movin @ Xpressions Dungeon in Tulsa OK fetish wrestling taughtbody bondage by Mistress Leigh May 17 Domcon LA Industry only workshop Body Movin fetish wrestlingbody bondage for professional Dominatrices in Los Angeles CA May 17-21 DomCon LA in Los Angeles CA May 21-24 Sessions in Los Angeles CA May 25-27 Sessions in San Francisco CA May 27 Sex Worker Film and Art Festival in San Francisco CA May 28 sessions in Santa Rosa CA May 29-31 sessions in San Francisco CA June 1 Traverse performance art installation @ Chinatown Soup gallery in NY NY


Had a competitive roll/mma session with the graceful Mistress Leigh yesterday, and it was by far the best session I’ve had. Leigh was professional and prompt with her emails leading up to the meeting and she delivered on our pre-session arrangements and then some.

Her passion for what she does is really something that must be experienced in person. Leigh’s psychological warfare during the session is what captivated me most. She seems to really get why I’m into what I’m into, which was comforting.

Leigh’s stunning in person. Like...gorgeous. Smart as a tack too. And real talk guys, she has legit Bjj skills. I don’t roll at a gym or anything, but I can hold my own grappling. I’ve grappled guys with brown belts, other session wrestlers with purple belts and gotten in favorable positions. Simply put, Misstress Leigh beat the breaks off of me. Good luck once she passes your guard. Once she gets full mount you’re pretty much at her whim. Her trash-talk game was on point like everything else in the session.

Leigh is an artist. If you book a session and let her paint, you will not be disappointed.

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