Location: New York City, New York
E-mail: mistresscyber2002@yahoo.com

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Height: 5'8 - 173 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

As a world renowned Dominatrix, I deliver excellence in session. However, I require a lot from my wrestling subbies. My sessions are expensive. So if you are not on the same page, stop here and choose someone else. I have been in this scene for years and have always done judo, karate and wrestling. I work out 4 to 5 times a week. I am very specifically interested in fantasy and competive wrestling. I love arm wrestling and doing submission holds on my opponents. I am extremely well versed in my combat style. When in NYC, I use the wrestling room at Pandoras Box.

You must include session request which lists the style of session you are looking for, your experience level+ who youve seen before. Failure to do so will result in deletion of your email. I rely on my discretion+ research in choosing appropriate play partners.

Reviews: 1.) Evan, New Orleans, April 2016- I asked for a secretary who would take control of my meeting and put me in a headlock, and this is what I got. I was extremely pleased as I am visiting from UK and M. Cyber was exceptionally strong, very good verbal skills, roleplay. Very good at communication+ discreet.

2.)MikeRules, Jan.26,2016, NOLA Mistress Cyber was a competitive nut, in A good way. We did 5 out of 5 matches, sweating up a storm. She gave it her all, and I got winded on the 5th. I won. And she gave me a gracious present:) In shape- strong legs, strong muscles,judo background, perfect for wrestling. Im 62, 225 lbs and she held her own. Excellent!

3.)Nov 7 , 2014 Lift and carry was awesome, judo/ wrestling- amazing skill. Mistress Cyber knocked it out of the woods with her wrestling style plus she is extremely strong. Lift and carry was no problem for her. And I had an amazing Roleplay as well. French Quarter Dungeon- her space was spacious and well set up. Shes the Only Real prodomme in New Orleans. She has southern charm, and NYC sense of timing. Extremely professional and discreet. LSU Larry; New Orleans

4.)May 14, 2014 Intense- but I got through it. Mistress Cyber of Pandoras Box knocked me out. She knows submission holds, wrestling moves and strength play, This is my second session. She is stellar. I thought Indian women were supposed to be submissive. Boy was I wrong! Brendan, P.B.

5.) Lift and Carry- Mar. 12 2014 The Mistress Cyber and I had a match. she bet me that I would have to jerk off in my bathroom at home. She won, beat the stuffing out of me. she wore a tank top and gym shorts. When she was done, she sat on my face and declared herself the winner! Surferboard66, L.I.

6.) Wrestling session with Mistress Cyber This past Saturday I went to see Mistress Cyber for a wrestling session. The session went very well and I had a great time. This was the first time I had a session with Mistress Cyber. She turned out to be even more beautiful in person than she was in the pictures on her web site. Besides being very beautiful, she is also very intelligent and in very good physical condition. Mistress Cyber wore a very sexy outfit for the session and during the session she gave her best during the match. If you’re interested in wrestling sessions, I would definitely recommend seeing Mistress Cyber.

7.)Wrestler 100 11/08/11 Hello Wrestler I was fortunate to have Mistress Cyber join in a session with Mistress Alicia. I was shocked at how strong Mistress Cyber was. Everytime I tried to sit up on the bondage bed, she effortlessly would slam me back down. She was a very welcome addition to a great session. Glad you had a wild time. Pinocchio 

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Travel session requests must include Style semi- competitivecompetitive fantasy your experience who youve seen before. I require a 100 deposit if I dont know you or I havent sessioned with you before. DEPOSIT through Cash.me or Or PayPal. NO DEPOSIT NO SESSION!!! Your submission is expected and appreciated!!!

Mistress Cyber-DOMCON Oct.4

Mistress met me st her gym. She had me register for a free pass. I was not disappointed. She's beautiful in her trainers. First, all she's pretty strong. I mentioned to mistress that I wanted to receive a session with three/four judo throws, scissors, and a sharp kick to my balls. She did all that and more. Mistress Cyber has had 3-4 years of judo training, kickboxing, and karate. She will make you worship her feet if losing. Trust me. I had a great time with such a highly skilled dominant wrestler, bur also I saw amp it up because of classes. Beautiful time with a beautiful domme. The Mistress is psychic because she knew gym scenes are my weakness, and I was turned on no one else knew who she really was:) Best ever fight session!


I saw Mistress Cyber at Mardi Gras for competitive play. She is 5'8", very strong, kickass body and tanned skin. I thought I would win the match but she knocked me to the floor on the wrestling mat. I was disappointed by my loss and has to kiss her feet. I was instructed to do other naught things to myself later on. Great attitude, beautiful girl!

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