Location: Atlanta, Georgia
E-mail: magpiewrestles@gmail.com
Height: 5'1 - 154 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35
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Had a competitive boxing session with Maggie Pie late last year... she was very polite, amicable, and didn’t watch the clock one time!

I think she was sick, but she fought through it and beat my ass around the hotel room for 10 2 minute rounds. Unfortunately, though she won handedly, she just couldn’t find my chin for the knockout. I’d love to have a rematch with her to see what she’s got when she’s not sick, because her attitude and resilience amazed me.

At the end of every round she was pissed that I was still standing. While I wasn’t trying to win the fight, I definitely put up a good defense, which she shot through on multiple occasions. A couple times late in rounds she absolutely dropped me. At one point, all I remember is we were boxing toe to toe, on our feet, and next thing I knew I was on the ground, on my face, halfway under the bed seeing stars. I heard “5, 6, 7, 8” and I stumbled to my feet. She pounced on my, barraging my body and head with punches while I covered up until “ding” the bell rang to save me. She definitely packs a punch, and she’s a brawler. Every time I got knocked down she was on me the second I got to my feet trying to punch me out. Power in both fists, too, one time she floored me with a left that had me laying on the bed looking up at her while she smiled and told me “get up you’re all right, cmon.” You could tell that she didn’t want the session to end until she put me out cold on her terms, and she didn’t want a free shot. She seemed like she genuinely enjoyed the session.

Like I said, I am looking forward to a rematch when she is fully healthy and ready to go. She was genuinely upset at how many times I got “saved by the bell,” so maybe next time we will go 3 minute rounds. I definitely felt woozy and dizzy after the fight. It takes one hell of a woman to get in there, take shots boxing a 180 pound man, and beat him up. You won’t be disappointed!

@Maggie, looking forward to a rematch, we’ll see if you can find my chin this time, or if I’ll still be smiling at you after the 10th round knowing I survived :) thanks for the awesome session!



Definitely not the most pleasant wrestler I have ever communicated with. Was actually quite rude and dismissive in the communication so much I had no interest in pursuing the session with her after communication. Never had a session with her but the most condescending, rude communicator of any session wrestler I have ever encountered. She clearly doesn't like doing it and is why she is "retiring" most likely.


Recently had a session with Maggie and I'm here to tell you she is a really strong girl, especially for her size. Out weighed her by sixty pounds and she kicked my ass wrestling and arm wrestling. Able to hold me in numerous carry positions. She is personable and not a clock watcher.


Be careful with this one. I emailed to ask her a few questions on a late notice visit to my city and she replied later saying she was reporting me as a timewaster.


Seems you cant ask most these girls questions they are quick to label anyone as time wasters. Sorry to hear that


I’ve had several boxing sessions with Maggie over the past few years and she is one of my all-time favorites. She is brilliantly smart, skilled, fast, funny and incredibly powerful — the only reason she hasn’t ever knocked me out cold is because she chose not to. And I’d have to say I now consider her a true friend.


I had a session with Maggy also. Had a good time overall, but almost didn't get to see her just because she is poor at communicating. Some of these girls are like that.


Terrible. Like others say she has no personality and cares only for herself and her response time and respect for others doesn't exist. Spent a lot of money on her the first(and only!)time I sessioned with her. Leading up to the match her communication was terrible and the same with after as I have tried to set up additional sessions. I wont be spending any more money or time on her and recommended to all you spend yours on a more professional human being


I have had the pleasure of having a total of 6 sessions with Maggy and each one gets better and better. Maggy is very cooperative, and because of our several sessions together, we are very comfortable with each other.
At barely over 5 foot tall, Maggy is a compact power packed bundle of muscle that is both hard as steel, yet soft and sensual as well. Her choke holds are extremely powerful, and one can feel the muscles and strength in her arms, as well as her legs, yet there is no pain as she squeezes you into darkness.
Communication with Maggy has been easy, and she has even driven to pick me up to take me to our session site. I have had over 30 sessions with over 20 Ladies, and at this moment, I have not found any that I enjoy more than the sessions I have with Maggy. If you find yourself in Atlanta, or if Maggy is sessioning near your city, you owe it to yourself to schedule a session. You will not regret it.


I echo what a couple negative reviews have stated. My brother lives in ATL so i was trying to set up a wrestling session with her. She was kind of short with me, which is no big deal because i know some people just communicate that way when in business mode. Anyway I told her I would be delayed about a week because of a death in the family, but was gonna drive back with my brother (who was gonna be home for the funeral). She snapped on me and threatened to block me if i wasted her time again. Really turned me off. Seems cold blooded. Personality sucks to me


Would not recommend. Discussed session, once got there she did whatever she wanted. Doesn't care about her client, all about the money. There are alot better out there. Stay away


I've sessioned with MagPie a handful of times, and she is flat awesome! She is a great woman to talk to, easy to work with, and can definitely lay a smackdown. Her and I have had numerous boxing sessions, and each time she packs a hell of a punch. Has had me seeing stars on many occurrances. If you can get to session with her, do so. Definitely worth it! A+


Try to set up a session with her. Found her slow to reply,personality seems poor, has an attitude problem. Dont know wrestling skills but her personaliy sucks!


I saw Maggy for the first time last week in NYC, and it was [b]one of the best sessions I've ever had[/b]. We set up a semi-comp (at least theoretically) wrestling session - "theoretically" semi-comp because after feeling her strength and skill, my competitive instincts took over, and I soon found myself giving full effort. Not that it made much difference, as she proceeded to steamroll me with (what seemed like) ease. I've had many wrestling sessions, and never have I been so thoroughly dominated by a female as petite as Maggy. Triangles, scissors, smothers...she calmly & patiently maneuvered me into them all, and then turned up the pressure until I tapped...repeatedly. Maggie is [b]surprisingly strong, deceptively cute, undeniably skilled, extremely intelligent and, above all, addictively fun.[/b] HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. See her...you won't regret it!


all i can say is INCREADABLE!!! one of the best sessions i've ever had. beautiful to look at and she can scissor hell yeah. you'd be crazy not to session with this gal. not a clock watcher and great personality. but if needed she can kick some butt. looking foward to sessioning everytime she's near. :)


I have had the pleasure of meeting Maggie on two different occasions for sessions, and all I can say is WOW!!! For such a small package she is all I can handle and then some. I scheduled 2hr semi-comp sessions and barely lasted an hour before I was to exhausted to continue and just allowed her to place me in various submission holds. Her rear naked choke is lethal,and had the ability to make me tap with very little pressure. Maggie could simply place me lightly in her sleeper and just flex her biceps and cause me to tap out or pass out. I could feel every muscle in her biceps and forearms as she increased pressure. If you find yourself anywhere near Atlanta, you owe it to yourself to see this little package of TNT. 5 stars all the way.

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