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I am an elite athlete who has just discovered freestyle wrestling in the last 6 months. I have a gymnastics, yoga and roller derby back ground so very agile, flexible and strong for my build. My forte is fantasy role play scenarios and have years of experience dominating men through BDSM. I offer playful but skilled mixed wrestling sessions and am currently training in freestyle wrestling. I'm not doing submission wrestling yet but in training.

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Sydney Australia current - July 22

LA July 25 - 30

Las Vegas August 1 - 5 (limited availability)


Tahlia recently advertised a wrestling show she was staging at "The Hurt Collective" in Sydney. I had never seriously considered session wrestling before, but was intrigued by the ad and was willing to at least take a look at what went on in these sorts of performances. The gala featured four wrestlers, including Killpussy ( visiting from the UK), Xena ( a renowned body builder and grappler frequently visiting Sydney), and Tahlia herself. The ladies wrestled in a "round robin" format, Olympic style. After the performance, light refreshments were served, and the wrestlers mingled and chatted with the audience. One member of the audience treated himself to a short private session with Tahlia in the upstairs portion of the facility. This sounded quite rambunctious, as the noise of flying bodies hitting the mat echoed outside the hidden area.

I found the performance extremely enjoyable, and approached Killpussy about the possibility of taking things further. She proved very warm and encouraging, assuring me that private sessions would be conducted in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. I felt confident that I could undergo a session without fear of any broken bones or other forms of physical damage. This was of primary importance, as I had no medical coverage for any form of injury I might incur during my visit to Australia.

Within 48 hours, I found myself again at the Hurt Collective ( a short 5 minutes on foot from the St Peters train station), together with both Tahlia and Killpussy. I explained that I had absolutely no prior wrestling experience, and was not interested in competing with them. I simply asked that they put me in some of the holds that I had seen on TV back in the 1980's. It was very important to me that I should not get panicky and cease to enjoy the pleasure of being with them. Tahlia came up with the suggestion that the 2 ladies could role play as physical trainers who use unorthodox measures to improve client fitness. Instead of wrestling holds, the manipulations would be described as "stretches". This very much appealed to me, as I don't like dealing with anyone as an adversary....I may not be much as a lover, but I am certainly not a fighter!

Thus began 90 extremely enjoyable minutes with two very lovely ladies. More often than not, it was "one on one", allowing one lady the chance to sit out on the side and decide on which of her favorite "stretches" she wished to expose me to when it became her turn again. There was a lot of head scissoring to improve my neck
flexibility, toe holds to stretch out my leg muscles, and, most memorably, the dreaded figure four leg lock simply for my enjoyment. ..the realization of a long held fantasy. I must also mention that my arms and shoulders also underwent treatment.

This proved to be a most enjoyable encounter. I was impressed by Tahlia's outgoing personality, her unflappable nature, her intuitive grasp of my desires, and her hospitable nature. I felt I was in safe , experienced hands throughout the session, and I relaxed enough to thoroughly enjoy our time together. For me, the stereotype of a "scaredy-cat" , this was of the utmost importance.

Needless to say, I soon registered for another double encounter with Tahlia, this time featuring her very capable acolyte Belle Starr. Kudos to all the ladies mentioned. I have no hesitation in recommending the lovely Tahlia to
anyone looking for an unforgettable experience with a very intelligent and extremely beautiful lady.

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