Karla Ann

Karla Ann


Real name: Karla Ann
username: Mistressromirain
Location: Bedford,
Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg

The scam

Advertised various kinds of wrestling/boxing, but when contacted, would not give any description of skills or equipment or the venue for the session. After brief emails, tried to shame customer suggesting he was trying to chat her up without paying, then asked for $200 deposit. She sent over 60 emails (1/minute) trying to get the deposit through cashapp. Then she suggested sending the deposit as untraceable steam gift cards. Once the deposit was paid, she changed her tone suggesting she would do anything the customer wanted and asked to reveal dark wishes, and he needed to send an additional $500. Upon refusal to pay further, she disconnected her cashapp account and would not reply to emails. She mostly responded during the middle of the night, suggesting she is in Eastern Europe or Russia. Knew a lot about bitcoin and flipping it to make money (money laundering?). May not have even been a woman. The name he/she chose was stolen from an American porn star of the same name who was taller, heavier, more endowed than the picture she had.


Please comment if you have any more information on this person. We are doing this to prevent future scamming, so no "doxxing" please.

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