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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 34

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I'm looking to connect with some fine humans. I'm an athlete, a healthy consumer and emotional stable. I have a wide range of topics of conversation and skills 

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I recently had the utmost honor and privilege to meet the one and only Ms. Monday Jones for a Reiki session. It was my first ever time having a real life reiki master work on me.
I arrived at the destination accordingly. I knocked on the door and was greeted by madam. She exuded a warm and friendly smile to me as I introduced myself to her.
She asked me inside and instructed me to remove my shoes, which I promptly did. As we walk, she asked me about my little production company that I have. I informed her that currently I only have male vs male clips; some solo clips.
I was instructed to walk up to the room where the session would take place. I was in awe of the room.
As she was setting up the table, madam asked me if I was wanting any sexual undertones for this. I told her no, and that I was only interested in a Reiki session. She was pleased to hear my answer.
She instructed me to lie down on the table. She put on the most calming, and relaxing music.
Before she began she ask me if I had any concerns for her to address. I told her three items: anxiety, depression and sadness. I told her about the recent losses in my life, the chaos of my home and the stress of my work. Then she began.
As she put her hands on my head, I instantaneously felt the calming warmth and energy from her.
In the thirty minutes we spent in our session, I could feel her hands feel all the negative energy in my aura. She worked her way down to my chest, lower torso, legs and feet.
After a moment, I could feel the negative energy being pulled out of my aura. She was diligent in plucking out every bit. I could feel as a great weight was taken out of me.
She then placed a protective barrier over my aura and was done with her work.
She told me to take my time getting up off the table and would have a glass of water for me downstairs.
After a moment or two I lay there, completely relaxed and safe. From there I sat up like a vampire (giggle) and sat there.
I went downstairs and we had a great conversation about many things. I informed her that not only was I producer; but my real job. As well as a podcaster, vlogger on YouTube. I showed her how I do all of this.
After our conversation had finished we both made our way outside where she gave me a hug. We went our separate ways.
If I could rate this session on a scale of one to five stars (one being the worst and five being the best), I’d rate this a one hundred stars.
Ms. Monday Jones is the real deal. It is my hope, in the future, to have more sessions with her. Not just Reiki, but maybe wrestling or other fetishes. She was a true delight to meet. You must meet this woman to understand.

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Thank you!



I’ve had several fantasy matches with Monday. She has very lean muscles and is remarkably strong. She has a lean fitness body not a bodybuilder physique. She is very accommodating to what I was seeking and had me tapping out the entire hour. It was strictly wrestling. I recommend her highly.

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