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Had wonderful session with Ms Xena. She is very muscular, and OMG is she strong! She picked up my 230 pounds like it was nothing. Arm wrestled her and in a second she slamed my arm down.
Ms Xena is not only strong & muscular, but very sensual and nice. If she is in your area you must treat yourself and see her.


Some time ago, I had my session with Ms Xena.
When she opened the door of her room, the visual impact was considerable: she was dressed in a black short dress that left very sensual fully exposed his huge arms and legs. She is the bulkiest female bodybuilder I have met.

Everything about her is great: shoulders, arms, forearms, abdomen, thighs, legs. Her best assets are, without doubt, their arms and shoulders. I took a tape measure and asked her if I could measure the perimeter of their biceps. She let me do it and the results were: 42.5 cm (16, 75 inches): awesome, then she let me compare their arms with my arms of 28 cm (11 inches). Must be seen to be believed: the perimeter of their biceps was as big as my thighs from the middle. However, I must say that she was off-season at this time of year; her weight was 93 kg! (205 lbs!), and mine 61 kg (134,5 lbs), so you can imagine what size difference between us two!

After all of this, she began the routine of poses and flexings of all kinds, while I was warming up ... Then she wrapped her arms and she lifted me without any difficulty, even I stood embraced in her body for more than a minute while she was holding me without much effort. After these feats of strength, I asked her to armwrestle her. She beat me twice very quickly with the right arm (I felt her enormous strength in my arm), then we tried with the left arm and it looks like it were more difficult for her beating me. I'm sure she would have beaten me too if I had used my two arms.

Finally, it came the most sensual and erotic part, when she already removed all of her little clothes, and let me see her incredible full anatomy, ending in a FS sublime.
Oh, by the way, I came out alive and one piece my session.

She is highly recommended for those who prefer more erotic affair than brute strength, but I think she has ample qualities of strength. And she is very friendly and nice, although she speaks little because she seems quite shy.

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