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Height: 5'7 - 170 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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I am a professional bodybuilder, trainer and mixed wrestler. I do competitive wrestling and lift and carry.

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Wrestling muscle worship foot fetish lift and carry

I had recently a wrestling session with her. She is very kind, very beautiful and very strong.
It was much fun, because she is such a sweet person and you can feel her power in every move that she makes.
Also her body is perfect.. I was absolutely in heaven wrestling with her and feeling her overcoming power. I hope i can meet her again. 😀


I met Nika last week for a wrestling and armwrestling session. First of all, she is stunningly beautiful, even more so in person than in her already amazing pictures! She has a built and strong physique (her biceps are absolutely gorgeous to watch and feel!) but she's still very feminine and sensual. I'm surprised she doesn't get more credit or more reviews as she is absolutely top notch. Where do you find a girl that has the face and the smile of a top model and possesses the strenght of an amazon warrior? Really, she laughs and flirts with you during the whole session with her incredibly sexy russian accent, makes everything to put you at ease, but when it comes to wrestling she switches to killing-mode and really enjoys kicking your ass.

As for our session, I'm a 30yo 6'1 190lbs guy (not training regularly but definitely keeping myself in good shape) and wasn't able to give her any real challenge. The armwrestling was incredible: she played me with both arms, even giving me big head starts, and I wasn't able to move her arm an inch. She gently teased me about it and sexily smiled while she beat me repeatedly. I've armwrestled quite a few girls and she's definitely top 2 in terms of arm strenght. We also did leg wrestling and she easily dominated that too. The wrestling part was also amazing: I assumed she would mainly rely on her strenght but she surprised me showing excellent grappling technique, putting me through an array of inescapable holds while I was helplessly trying to resist her and score some points of my own. In addition to being extremely strong, she is aggressive and athletic (apparently she has a background in track and field); and she also said she is constantly training to improve her wrestling skills (which are already more than enough to beat all of the non trained guys) and learn new moves.

To sum it up, I would truly recommend Nika to everybody and will definitely meet her again in the future.


i have wrestle this powerfull amazon.she HULK.strong,fast and very competitive.Love you NIka

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