Location: Budapest,
E-mail: orsi.sessions@gmail.com
Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33
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Orsi B. i consider the best fantasy's wrestler in Europe , why?.
She is very beatiful , one of top beatiful european session wrestlers. Next it's good fighter too , good resistance and stronger. Also she haven't bigger muscular body .
Compliment Orsi B. , i hope you return in Milan , before possible.


I fully agree!


I‘ve had a session with Orsi 2 days ago, and it was an awesome experience! Booking the session was quite uncomplicated, after a few mails the session was booked.
As it was my first session ever, I was very nervous, cause I didn’t really know what to expect. But when I met her, my nervousness disappeared very quick, as she is a very warm and friendly person.
We started of with some lift and carry positions and I was really surprised by her strength. Although she wrote, that she would only do certain positions with men of my weight, she did more positions than I expected. She even put me on her shoulders, which was really impressive. You wouldn’t suppose her that strong.
On the mat, Orsi also showed off her Strength and her good techniques as well. I didn’t get a chance to grab her, I was beneath her very quick. If you want her to scissor you, be careful what you wish for, her Scissors are really strong (I had to tap out multiple times). But it is definitely worth it. Orsi is very playful, she has a big talent to improvise and she knows how to handle you. I really loved her playful attitude, you can tell that she is enjoying it as well and to me, that’s a very important aspect.
As I said in the beginning, it was my first session ever and I was really nervous, but at the end I was really lucky having enjoyed such a an amazing session. Orsi was definitely the right choice and I would choose her everytime again.


Thank‘s for this informative review, which was helpful to me. Can I ask how much you weight?


My weight is about 75 kg/165 lbs.


You thought you had seen everything in the world of wrestling? Think again and read this :

I met some legendary wrestlers but Orsi B is a rare gem and you must meet her at least once in your life!

First, it's easy to talk to her and she responds very quickly to your messages. Orsi is of a kindness and a professionalism out of the commun run. The session was easily booked and once in front of the door, the heart throbbing with anguish and excitement, it's a real beauty that opens you with a devastating smile. Do not get me wrong, behind that smile hides a real demon ready to submit me. At first sight, Orsi looks like a basic girl, though she is muscular and feminine; I thought I could easily get over it, but it was not.

Orsi really pulverized me, despite my strength and my muscles, I could never resist. Without going into details, I was immobilized, completely at her mercy. It is impossible to get out of his head scissors, if you thought to have seen everything, test those of Orsi if you have the courage because after the session, I had pain in the ribs and the neck, I am a broken man now. Orsi is a real seductress but also a real sadist who likes to see men suffer and remove their manhood - I was her toy, and it may seem strange but face of this beauty I loved being her toy. The pressure of her thighs was so intense that it was unreal but also exciting. The beautiful Orsi does not look at the time and she is listening to your desires while having fun. Do not hesitate and meet her, she is a warm-hearted person with a big heart, thanks again Orsi for this moment ...


I met Orsi B for a session a couple of days ago, (june 2018).
Setting up the session with her was pretty simple, a few of mails, everything set without problem.
I was a little nervous, as always before meeting a new wrestler, but Orsi B is very friendly, has a sweet voice, and makes you feel welcome from the start.
Orsi B is just gorgeous, she is easy to talk to so my stress went down pretty fast.
Orsi B is a beautiful looking model with excellent body and great attitude towards the session.
I was thinking I would have a chance against her, think again!
Orsi B beat me up fair and square, because I believe she is not what she looks like….
Orsi B is pretty strong for her size, don’t let her model looks fool you.
I was left in no doubt that she is better than me and when she put me in her holds,
I stood little chance of escape (and believe me I tried!)
She also managed to insert some little Hungarian class at some point,
and was teaching me a few words during pins and submissions
(can’t wait to have my second class) jejeje
All this followed by a good laugh and a good line of trash talk in different languages
(which I enjoyed very much and found super sexy).
She constently speaks to you to remind you that you have no chance to escape and to tell you what she will do with you… 
I guess there are worse ways to suffer than when Orsi B herself is taking care of you!
I think it was a great mix of pain and pleasure at the same time.
She's a good wrestler and she wiped the mat with me but she always kept that friendly attitude. She is indeed lovely ;-)
I would recommend her if you want to have an energetic, fun and sweaty session.
If Orsi B comes to your city, without a doubt, BOOK HER, you would have a great time and you won’t regret it .

I recommend 100% 


I met Orsi B in Budapest on April 25 2018. Orsi looks very sexy, like a next door girl, with a very toned body but not overly muscular. She dominated the match immediately, she is very fast on the mat and has an arsenal of moves executed to perfection: head lock, various chokes, arm bars, and surprisingly killer scissors and more. She’s as cruel and merciless as it gets, and if you ask her to be aggressive and brutal- be careful what you wish for.she took me to the absolute limit. Her personality is very outgoing and very fun to be around. A fantastic experience and highly recommended.


Met Orsi and her friend Kimbra in Dublin in the begining of 2017. Can honestly say it was the best session I've ever experienced. Great use of holds and incredibly fun and energetic. I was left overwhelmed and thouroughly enjoyed the experience. Would definately repeat and gets my highest recommendation.


I vistited OrsiB 2-3 weeks back. I was surprised how she improved. I’m 186 (6’1) and 138 (310 lbs). I’m not the usual chubby guy. I do workout 3 days a week with quite heavy weights. When i fight with girls like OrsiB, i have to take care that she doesn’t get hurt and let her make some points. But what a surprise. The first 2 points she could handle herself without any help. Then i tried to make a point and before i could make it, i played the stupid guy who doesn’t know how to make the point and she could turn the game and make the point. So we played around for sometime.

Also here skills surprised me, she did points with holds that i never seen to here before . Also her strength improved. My heart jumped!

At the end i did a armwrestling session and also there another surprise. It was not easy to put her down. Then i looked here a little trick how to make and she was even able to make one point on armwrestling!

Who wrestle OrsiB at past will be surprised about her progress. Who never wrestled OrsiB will be surprise to meet, not only maybe the cutest girl in our circle, but also very funny joyfull girl, that everytime fight with a 120% of tenacity.

Thanks Orsi for the nice session

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