Location: Berlin,
E-mail: paksipaksi@yahoo.com
Height: 5'6 - 168 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 4
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I am very glad that this girl now comes ones to the Netherlands in July , I am sure would love to go book a judo session with this German judogirl in July in Amsterdam


lets keep in touch !!!


We sure will do that , I hope the coronavirus will be over then .
Werden wir sicher machen , ich hoffe den ganze Coronavirus ist dann vorbei wenn du Holland besuchst.


Gladly met Paksi during her last trip to Paris,.

She’s an amazing powerhouse lady who made me submit countless times in various holds, but she made sure to always respect my limits, and has a constant attention to your safety.

Paksi is highly skilled technically and has an impressive strength, and the two combined will challenge even the toughest of her opponents.

On top of that, she has a genuine interest in what she does, doesn’t rush you, will always give you all of her attention, and really stays down-to-earth.

You should definitively book her if she travels near you.


I met Paksi during her last tour in Paris.
Setting up the meeting was easy and the e-mails were clear.
She's a nice and kind woman but don't let her fool you: as soon as she grabs you, you're out. This session was above what I expected and I can't recommend her enough.
Even if I have some bruises, I really hope she will come back for a second round!


First of all it's worth mentioning (since she won't) that she is an ex professional athlete, national level freestyle grappler, also trained in several martial arts. It shows very quickly on how she stretches her very solid and flexible body and later with her awesome stamina and control. In 25 mixed wrestler encounters I've never enjoyed so much mixed wrestling, she makes it fun, inventive and within reach for someone untrained. Paksi is one of the coolest person I've ever met … and yes, beautiful.

She adjusted her skills and combat agressiveness to mine. I quickly realised it when I had her once in a RNC and in no time her leg was wrapped around mine grapewine-like and I had to tap immediately, and I mean immediately. Another time she had my arm trapped in her leg, so fast I didn't realise what happened, her feet hooking my forearm sending sharp pain in my twisted shoulder and elbow, which she would have easily both dislocated by extending her leg. I asked how did you do that ? she said oh I don't know, it's intuitive … :)

She has great functional strength everywhere but the power of her legs blew my mind. Yet they feel 'comfortable' to be trapped in, with her leggings it's like two muscular pillows. Until she squeezes of course. I think I taped in all her scissors, even the side body scissor and eventhough I've got a strong core.

She's excellent at everything :
- Judo throws : Only if you know how to get slammed on the floor.
- Boxing : Too fast for me.
- Arm wrestling : not bad for a girl.
- Kicks : ... sweet Jesus
She kicks like a bull with the elegance of a gazelle, beautiful but scary. I could shield her blows at 30-50% of her power with my muscles but the impact's shockwave was too much for my head on her roundhouse kick to my shoulder and for my lower spine on her front kick to my abdomen. In my case, 160lbs fit : Her side kick to the ribs = ER, any kick to the head † RIP.


I remember her as a friendly, natural girl, normal prices, sympathic attitute and some high level sportive backgrounds, high kondition-level.
Met her in a full- matted fightingroom and she`s quickly, good abilities in high-level kickboxing, good groundfighting, sometimes sweet--sometimes agressive fighting, interesting outfits (if you like you can choose).
I`m 6-1, 200 lb, some sports . . . . so we choose 70/30 semicomp and I need to say " a very interesting funny-sportive game with her possible" and I needet to say 3times "good morning to the ground".


Wo und wann können wir uns Wrestling


I‘ve met Paksi end of march 2017 in Berlin. It was a brilliant mixed-session. We did wrestling starting in stand, wrestling starting on knees, armwrestling – and Paksi showed me even some of her martial arts skill.
Paksi is are a very kind woman and
- very beautyfull
- very powerfull
- very skilled.

But, despite of her strengths, she is still a beautyfull lady with a feminine touch. She takes care of their opponents level and skill, so I felt me safe and sane at any time. Paksi provides a small but, well equipped mattroom. Worth a visit!!!

With regards "SucheMuskelfrau"

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