Princess Natalya

Princess Natalya


Location: Buffalo, New York

Member for about 1 year
Last logged in: 09/09/2017


Height: 5'4 - 163 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Curvy

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I DO NOT WRESTLE!!! I am not interested in wrestling with anyone especially not sexually... Ewww!! I am a Dom and I am interested in subs. If you are interested in exploring a fetish I accommodate send me a direct message for session inquiries at


I offer ballbusting, scissoring, trampling, key holding, face sitting, humiliation, FemDom, whipping, CBT, pegging, and more. 

You can purchase my snapchat for sneak peaks or my skype for private online sessions

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Don't waste your time with this girl. Doesn't respond in timely manner. Shouldn't have a profile on a wrestling site to begin with.


@person below me
I agree with you totally she is all about money, and so rude to the point it's not even fun check out her twitter sometime honestly I wish guys would stop just giving her money for nothing. sad that some guys are that big of losers that they will pay this cunt just to be mean to them like you said session with her If you want but she needs to be took off of this site, although she does have some face farting videos out there that are pretty hot. She is a hot girl no doubt but there are way better options out there!


Just an FYI for anyone who wants to contact this so called "session girl". I emailed her about a month ago and she has no personality what's so ever. My macaw parrot has a better personality than her. she would respond to my coherent questions with one to two word answers like No, I don't. I finally told her I need more than just one worded answers, she then gave more than one worded answers. she doesn't even address you. To avoid any bullshit she is a LifeStyle Dom. So Guys she will treat you like shit. She has no regards for you and even though you are being nice to her. If you are looking for a Domme Style Session there are plenty out there and they are much better than this one. If you want to session with her that's your call but you would have better time eating sand than sessioning with her. Like it is being said other Domme's out there are soo much better and nicer and will treat you with respect. I would avoid this one simply put this one is one large cunt. nothing more nothing less.
Also for men you can request an invoice on Paypal. That way you can see who you are sending money too. By requesting an invoice I have been swindled in deposits too so I did that and I was not swindled and I cancelled the paypal request.
Be care out there!

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