Location: Orlando, Florida
E-mail: rachelfights@live.com

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Height: 5'7 - 170 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 38

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About Me

I am a Session Wrestler, Pro Domme, and Fetish model with a wide variety of interests. I love the excitement of a good competition and showing off my strength, and although I am by no means an fbb, I do spend about 3 hours a day in the gym 7 days a week. So, I am extremely strong for a girl my size.

I am located in the Orlando, FL area, and do not travel as much as I used to, but still do some travelling and will make sure to keep my location and schedule updated.

I prefer to correspond via email as it allows me to keep track of all of your information, likes, and dislikes, so please feel free to email me at rachelfights@live.com to schedule a session or find out more information.

When contacting me regarding a session I would prefer that you include as much of the following information as possible:

- Name
- City where you are located, or where you are interested in booking a session with me.
- Type of session you are interested in

Services Offered

Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Competitive Boxing
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Competitive Kickboxing
Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Booking a limited number of sessions in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Mesa area between October 23rd and October 25th. Please contact me at rachelfights@live.com is you would like to book something with me while I am in the area.


I met her last saturday, she not that good of a session girl. I don't recommend her to anybody!


Is that her correct email, I've tried to contact her through rachelfights@live.com several times, haven't heard back yet.


shes ok

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