Location: Berlin, Germany
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Im a neat package of fighting spirit, fierce beauty and warriors endurance. I have background in sports, gymnastic and ballet, I regularly do general fitness, weight exercises and a lot of yoga and stretching, thanks to which I developed high flexibility and very strong muscles. Now Im more focused on perfecting my wrestling techniques, doing more and more semi-competitive, domination, fantasy... Im a tough girl who can take a punch or two, but what I really enjoy is when I have my opponent completely under my control and when I can see him struggle, and you will be struggling with me A LOT. Book your session today and Ill be happy to unleash all my RAGE on you! 

Please note I DONT OFFER ANY SEXUAL SERVICES, dont contact me with such inquieries. I require small deposit upfront and also references. When you contact me about session, please include your stats and propose the city and day you want to meet me. Actually, the more information you write in your initial email, the better the chances to get your spot secured quickly.

I am only sometimes open and able to book you last minute. But this is terribly hard when on tour and when I have most of my time pre-booked already. The sooner you write the better, but if you write me with less than 48H notice, I will most probably not have available spot for you.

 Also, very important, when inquiring please write me in English! I know it says Im in Berlin, but I dont speak German (yet). :)

Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Fantasy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
In-Gym Training


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-25-2018 10-26-2018 Zurich Switzerland
10-27-2018 10-28-2018 Munich Germany
10-29-2018 10-30-2018 Vienna Austria
11-02-2018 11-04-2018 Stockholm Sweden
11-04-2018 11-05-2018 Milan Italy
11-06-2018 11-08-2018 Athens Greece
11-16-2018 11-18-2018 Rome Italy
12-06-2018 12-07-2018 Dusseldorf Germany
12-08-2018 12-09-2018 Stuttgart Germany
12-09-2018 12-13-2018 Paris France
12-13-2018 12-19-2018 Istanbul Turkey
In Stockholm Milan Athens Stuttgart Paris and Istanbul sessions possible single or double with Warrior Amazon httpswww.sessiongirls.comWarriorAmazonprofile

I recently met Rage in Düsseldorf/Germany, and I'm totally entusiastic about her! Already the email contact was excellent! I told her that I like very much to get headlocked and that I wanted her to put me in a long and powerful headlock. She kindly agreed to do a session with me with focus on headlock. She loves it to have her victim completely under control and see him struggle.

At the beginning of the session, I explained her what kind of headlock I mean: it's a standing side headlock where the pressure is on my chin, not on the neck in order to avoid choking. Next moment I found myself in that headlock, and I was surprised and even shocked, as I hadn't expected her to be so strong!!! She really had a very powerful headlock on me, and I tapped after a few seconds! After a short break, she put me in her headlock again, squeezing less hard than before, and started dragging me around on her wrestling mat. By the way, the mat was the largest one I've ever seen. So there was plenty of space, and she used it for dragging me around so fast that I was forced to run in order to prevent my head from moving faster than the rest of my body! Incredible! When she reduced the speed, she increased the pressure and her headlock became so painful that I tapped again. But every time I tapped, she loosened a little bit her grip but didn't release me! Then she immediately continued dragging me around and bullying me in her powerful headlock. After all, it was the most exhausting headlock session I ever had in all my life!!! There was no chance to escape from Rage's headlock except by begging for mercy!!! Then she released me for a moment but didn't give me much time. She just allowed me to sweep the sweat off my face and to drink something, then she continued dragging me around and bullying me in her super powerful headlock!!! She obviously enjoyed it and had plenty of fun, and she did it with ease, while I was sweating and struggling and getting more and more exhausted. In the end, I gave up and finished the session before the end of the session time, as I was totally destroyed, almost unable to keep myself on my legs. The rest of the time, I was laying down on the mat in order to recover and cool down a little bit before I went to have a shower. - Oh my God! Rage was so awesome!!! For most guys, that would have been a humiliation that they would never like to experience in all their life - but I enjoyed every moment of it.

Rage is a very nice girl indeed! She doesn't look extremely muscular, but she's a package of beauty, intelligence, strength and stamina! She's very kind and has a very good sense of humour, so it is really fun to be with her. She is a "naughty girl" in the most positive sense. I like her a lot and I'm already looking forward to meet her next time. Humorous as she is, she promised that she will always have a free place for my head under her arm.

Lesson learned: Never underestimate a pretty young woman! She could be much stronger than you and show you where is your place!


Last week i was lucky to have a session (90’) with the beautiful Rage. From the first contact via email you notice she’s a kind, smart and funny lady! We met in Brussels in an apartement with plenty of place to wrestle. Although she doesn’t look like the typical bodybuilding wrestler (she looks very feminine) trust me she has all the skills. I’m 180 cm and 80 kg but i never stood a chance against her. She pinned, smothered, scissored me numerous times into submission. When i was worn out she decided to tie me up and play a bit more. She started tickling me, did some bellypunching (felt it a couple of days after) and smothered me some more.
Throughout the session we laughed and joked, you can see she loves her job.
In all this was one of the best sessions i ever had and i really hope i get the chance to meet her again! Highly recommended!


I've had two sessions with Rage, and I hope to get the opportunity for more.
Email contact was efficient, and gave away her character: assertive, life loving and smart.
She looks, moves and talks exactly as you know her from the videos, although her womanly shapes do hide her athletic physique.
Rage was smiling, joking and even mocking me throughout the session, especially when I was trying to fight my way out of a hold. She used a lot of different holds, both traditional and creative ones. She has great bodily awareness, with what I mean that she intuitively knows how to keep you underneath her, how to move you around and how to create new positions in which you'll plead for her to accept your submission. I asked if she would exploit an advantageous position of hers to wear me down and break my resistance, and she eagerly obliged.
The second time I met her, she looked more slim and more toned than on her pictures. Also, she'd learned new tricks, polished her technique, and now travels with puzzle mats. If you care as much about excellent mixed wrestling sessions as her, you book her as soon as you can!

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