Location: manchester, United Kingdom
E-mail: ravenwrestling1@gmail.com

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Height: 5'6 - 168 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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Hi my name is Raven, I am based at the wrestling factory in Manchester. I have too many interests to list, so if you would like to know more about me feel free to email or pm me xx

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Competitive Wrestling
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Fantasy Wrestling
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Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
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Im at Monique s on the 110519 Im available for wrestling fantasy session beat downs custom films ect contact myself or Monique for more information. Looking forward to meeting you there.

Had my first ever session today and beforehand was very nervous. When I arrived Raven was dressed for action and looked amazing, she was so friendly and put me at ease really quickly. Raven has an ace personality and is funny and chatty. After a little chat about what I would like I was clamped into a bodyscissor by rock solid thighs! Raven is incredibly strong and will make you tap when she is ready, all the time chatting and teasing. A series of headscissors from every angle followed and towards the end of the session she really applied the pressure making me realise that she could have made me tap at any moment previously and was just playing with me! An amazing session that was over too quickly (maybe my neck would disagree). I’d highly recommend Raven to anyone and will definitely be back for another session.


Had a great session with Raven recently and have to say that her strength just blew me away !

First of all we started off with a arm wrestle which I won with my right but not without a struggle but on the left arm it went on for about 2 mins with us both giving everything we had but I have to say that she beat me and that was hard to take as I'm a strong muscular guy who trains in the gym 4 days per week.

It did however make me realise what the session was going to have in store for me .

We could dissapointingly only do 30 mins due to a Wrestling show being held at the Manchester Wrestling Factory but with hindsight it was probably best for me as this girls incredible strength & power reall has to be witnessed to be believed.
She had me in vice like unescapable figure 4 headscissors , grapevines, reverse figure 4 scissors, that I swear I tried my damndest to get out of but her body is absolutely solid muscle and it was a futile waste of energy trying to wrestle my way out once she had you trapped , all this while I got the feeling that she was basically toying with me as she was never out of breath and didn't break sweat .

Towards the end of the session she had me in a schoolgirl pin and then proceeded to facesit me for a couple of minutes while inviting me to feel her biceps 💪🏽, of which I may add were like lumps of concrete .

All in all a fantastic experience with a lovely friendly girl who's strength is simply unbelievable and I'm so looking forward to another session next month only this time it will be for at least 1hour.

Thank you Raven.


I recently had the pleasure of having a mixed wrestling session with Raven. It was only my second session ever so I was a bit nervous but with her lovely smile and warm demeanour I felt at ease within minutes. We wrestled for about 45 minutes during which she had me tapping out more times than I could count using all sorts of holds with her superior skill. Once she gets you in her scissors or breast smothers there's no getting out. She is really strong and picked me up several times and gave me aeroplane spins with ease. For the last 15 minutes we did some fantasy/mild domination in which she had me worshipping her feet. It was the most incredible experience. I will definitely session with her again.

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