Location: San Antonio, Texas
E-mail: sessionsintexas@gmail.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Had a great light/semi competitive wrestling session with Rosa last week. She definitely aims to please and is fairly strong for her size. Very professional and fun to talk with. She let me give her a massage at the end. I enjoyed working out some knots in her lower back. Definitively check her out if she comes to your town.


I've had 5 lift and carry sessions with rosa and each one keeps getting better and better.. she is really strong and she doesn't get tired.. she lifts and carries my 160lbs with ease... she lifts and carries me in almost anyway you can think of piggyback,firemans,cradle, shoulder rides, even lifts me with wrestling moves bodyslam,piledriver,.. my favorite carry she does with me is when she fireman Carrie's me and gets a chair and does chair squats with me she literally sits on the chair with me on her and stands up and sits back down she does 10 chair squats with me with no problem that was impressive..she is very friendly nice and funny and not to mention she's is good looking and in awesome shape.. I'll be booking my 6th L&C session with her at the end of the month.. I recommend yall get session with her you wont be disappointed 💪😊


Needless to say, Rosa far exceeded my expectations from the word Go! Extremely beautiful inside and out. At the very beginning I underestimated her, especially since this was our first session (definitely won't be our last). Her body is CHISELED to the bone. We sessioned in Austin.

At one point, I ended up talking my way into receiving 3 or 4 chops to the chest. Needless to say, 2 days later I can still see her hand print on my chest. #branded. Rosa was very accommodating in wanting to know what I wanted from the session. Though I could generally only provide a generic description of what I wanted but she still ran with it like a pro.

Her headscissors are deadly no joke. She could have put me out easily if she wanted to on many occasions. She thoroughly kicked my ass but I loved it! Next time I may ask her to put me out at least once. This first time I was far too afraid of her power. Her whole aura gave me them feeling that I was in the presence of someone that is far superior to me. I was at her mercy the ENTIRE time I was with her. Her sadistic smile is out of this world. She talked to me during holds like I was nothing and I loved every second of it. See her if you get the chance because it was well worth it! See this gem and Goddess of a woman!


I’ve enjoyed six sessions with Rosa since late 2018. The most recent of these was this week. I can confirm the new SG profile for Rosa is legitimate and the lady is one and the same as you have seen listed here before.

As always with Rosa, it was an excellent experience. She is the consummate professional in all aspects of the session including communications, reliability, preparation, and enjoyment. She offers a fun experience with good clean wrestling. She’s open to accommodating requests and works to tailor the session to your interests - within the limits she is very clear about.

Her jiu-jitsu skills have increased over the time I’ve wrestled with her. Although my skills are limited, in early bouts I could get a point here and there from weight or brute force. No more. Now I’m doing well to get a stalemate round or last until we have to reset due to getting close to the edge of the mat/ mattress. Her conditioning is top notch. Several times she easily threw me off her. Virtually all rounds ended with me tapping.

For this latest session, in addition to the semi-competitive wrestling, we incorporated some worked pro-wrestling moves and holds. These included her working a snap mare, cross face crippler, small package, figure four, and several others I forget the names of, on me. In exchange she showed me how to perform a body slam on her into the mattress.

Rosa is engaging and funny. She will happily chat about pro-wrestling, sessions, and her MMA career between rounds. Recommend you see her while she is available.

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