Location: Ireland,
E-mail: saralipswrestling@gmail.com
Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Pat from Boston

I met with Sara about a year ago. First let me say she is a lovely young lady. Very pretty with an excellent personality. We had a sleepy
Lift and carry session (ots and fireman’s carry) with very light domination. I also like lifting as well so we did role play alternating our roles I’m 5’8 175-180.
Sara was fantastic. She lifting me easily and was great being carried and being the sleepy limp victim herself. After we talked for about half an hour about the psychology of this fantasy. Sara is really worth seeing if you have the opportunity. She sincerely wants to do a good job and you cannot ask for more.


I had my first session with Sara in July 2021, after making an enquiry through her excellent website, which is really an informative guide if you are relatively new and inexperienced in the world of sessions.

As indicated in a number of other reviews, what really stands out is Sara's professionalism, friendly communication and attendance to detail. When communicating to arrange the session, Sara covers all bases so there are no details left unclear. I opted for the "Perverted Employee" roleplay during a scissorhold session, with the discussion tailoring the session to make sure that it was suited to my preferences.

As with the discussion of the details of the session, the arrangements for meeting of the day were very straightforward. I must admit that I was blown away when Sara first opened the door to greet me. She is incredibly attractive and, as requested, was wearing stockings and suspenders which really complimented her incredible body.

Sara put me at ease with a further discussion regarding the session before we started. However, once we started I was shocked by her scissorhold strength. My expectations were high, but she even surpassed them as her scissors are frighteningly strong! I recall being locked in her reverse headscissor (I think I could write a review in itself about being in that exquisite position) with the pressure quickly going off the charts and thinking how I was going to survive the next hour! Mercifully Sara is both masterful at both torturing someone in between her thighs but also allowing them respite by worshipping her magnificent body.

Once the session had finished, we had a lengthy chat, which again to me just reiterated the great level of professionalism that Sara has, and I was offered use of the shower facilities before I left, as was the case when I arrived.

I could happily make this review much more detailed (but no-one likes long, rambling reviews) and offer Sara many more compliments, but my recommendation would be to book a session with Sara yourself so you do not have to read reviews and can have an amazing experience firsthand.


It was Sara who introduced me to the world of session wrestling after she posted a very informative guide on how to book your first session. She is a beautiful, charming lady who can turn deliciously evil and ruthless when the session begins. She is strong, skillful and very considerate of her client's needs. It has been my genuine pleasure to meet her and look forward to my next session with her.


I have had a couple of sessions with Sara. Both have been great. I regret that I have not had more.
She is amazing and she has the switch from sweet to dominant personality down. She is very strong and dominant.
She scissored me, threw in a bit of hom. Her chokes were excellent. By the end I felt exhausted and exhilarated.
See Sara if you can. She's a gem.


I have had about 7 sessions with Sara over the past 2 years or so. She is an amazing lady and I have had a wonderful time in every session. Her scissors are insane and she threw me around quite easily! Great fun and hope to see you again soon Sara!


I’ve been remiss in not posting sooner. I finally met Sara in mid December after a couple of failed tries.

First, arranging a session with her couldn’t have been easier. Her replies were quick and quite understanding

I must warn you though, Sara will have you charmed and disarmed before you know it. What follows is her ability to take me right where I so wanted to go, whether I knew it or not

Don’t let this pretty young girl fool you though. Strong! So strong!

I’m so grateful I finally got to meet this beauty and can’t wait for her to return


Had a semi competitive yet very sensual session experience with Sara last year June and she is easily top 3 without even thinking.

To describe a session with session with Sara is very difficult because there are so many positives, in fact I would go as far as to say she is a perfectionist in domination. Mentally and physically by the end of the session you will feel as if you belong to her.

She responds to emails attentively.

To describe Sara now she is beautiful, kind, empathetic, smart, calm and ruthless if that is what you want her to be :)

She knocked me out cold in a front scissor and nearly did it again in a reverse figure 4 which up to this day I can still remember because everything went from 0-100 in like 4 seconds.

Overall she is just and incredible Goddess and I recommend highly! Don't miss the experience of a lifetime.


I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get around to doing this review as it has been almost 4 months since my last session with the wonder that is Sara. However, I just had to add my voice to all these reviews that are so rightly effusive in their praise for her.

My session with Sara at the start of September was not my first session with Sara, but having not met her in over 3 years, I was blown away by how much her arms had grown while maintaining her jaw dropping femininity. While Sara is still not a bodybuilder physique which is the build I prefer in terms of musculature, you could be in no doubt from looking at her that if you are an average guy and certainly if you are a weakling like me, that this amazon will 100% kick your ass!

And yet, despite knowing that this iron woman was about to spend the next hour tearing me apart, her warm smile and friendly banter instantly put me at ease. Make no mistake, while being an absolute tank and a heart achingly beautiful lady, she is a very nice and decent human being. She wants you to enjoy your session and she wants to to be at ease. Don't let that fool you though. Sara will absolutely go to town on you if you give her license to.

While my first session with her in 2016 was amazing and there was no doubt how powerful she was, I think she gave me her max on that occasion without me ever feeling I was in trouble.

This was different though. I wanted her to be extra rough on me based on my ability to take it the first time, but there was no taking it this time. After a matter of minutes, I had to call a time out and ask her not to do any more headscissors on me. She stopped straight away and was very patient and co-operative as I got my bearings. She then stuck to my torso and legs, but did that mean she would take it easy on me? Hell no. Sara went to town on me and revelled in reminding me about how I had been too weak to take her headscissors (she later admitted that she had done extensive wrestling training since our first session so that would explain how she was so much more powerful.) and that she could do with me as she wished. I love being made feel inferior do I loved this. It was amazing. The end of the session was more focused on muscle worship. The session got better and better and by the time it finished, the only negative I could say about the session was that it had to come to an end. It was absolutely sublime.

There is something however that I feel I must add that has not been mentioned in other reviews and that is the advantage Sara has in terms of psychology. Frankly, many women in the session/webcam industry hold 'schmoes in utter contempt, perhaps some give them reason, but Sara gets guys like us, I mean really gets us. That sort of empathy is important as sometimes it can be difficult for men like us to make sense of why we like what we do. It' s not easy to admit that I get turned on be being physically, verbally and psychologically humiliated by a physically superior woman-to anyone, but especially to the women themselves. But Sarah never judges you. You are not a kink to her, you are a person and she genuinely wants you to enjoy yourself. If you establish chemistry with her in a session, she cares about you and you care about her. It is not anything to be ashamed of, it is a human interaction and a very genuine one. At the end of the session, there was no rush to get you out the door. Sara gives you time to recover, shower if necessary and will chat to you about the session and anything else that naturally comes up. She is kind and warm and as if the amazing session you just had isn't enough, you leave thinking you have spent time with an old friend.

You will come across much more muscular session wrestlers, you will probably come across stronger (although she really is crazy strong), but you will find it very difficult to find one who is more skilled or talented at what she does. If you haven't sessioned with her, do yourself a favour and do it ASAP. You won't regret it.


Had a great session with Sara! I asked her to push my limits and she did this time and again all without making me feel unsafe.

Great conversation when I needed a break. Very, very strong thighs. I'll repeat if I get the chance!


Well what can I say about Sara! The profile description says it all and is 100% true "ultimate combination of beauty and power, I am everything you could ever dream off!"

This was my first ever session and it was to mark a special birthday and I am glad to say that it exceeded all my fantasy expectations. Sara looked beautiful and sexy in the chosen outfit. She was like the girl next door when she greeted me and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and was warm and interested in hearing about my fantasy's.
When the session was about to start, it was like turning on a switch and Sara went straight into character and looked every part of what you would want and straight away took control and there wasn't much that you could do (or want to do!)
I was a little skeptical that a woman could control you like they appear to do in videos, but I can say that I am no longer skeptical and was tapping in no time and I was only getting maybe 20- 30% power with the scissors. As for the chokes, wow, not a hope of escaping and keeps you in holds for 5-10 seconds longer after you tap, just to let you know you are lucky to get out.
I cannot recommend Sara enough and I am already planning my next session in my head and I want Sara to use more power, but as they say, be careful what you wish for!

Sara is all woman and an amazing session girl, so take my advise and book your session with this amazing genuine, sexy and powerful woman.


Hi visitors her profile , Yesterday had first time see live Sara Lips . She staied in Milan .
For her i decide go with car in Milan . I not like this because it's difficult find park with car , evening too .
But she have hotel into the Centre of Milan . I lose time for find park with my car .
For another Session Wrestler i haven't did this , but for Sara , yes .
She knew i hoped meet her , many years ago . Yesterday i meet her , was emotionally .
The program session was : ARM-WRESTLING , TEST OF STRENGHT , FANTASY WRESTLING . But during the session change the program .
We started with arm-wrestling , she have bigger musclar arms . The final score : 0:0 .
Next we started to Test of Strenght challenge , i'm arrived near battle her put her in the angle . But she with surprise , i wanted play to wrestling , found mode for prison my hear into your muscular arms , put on the bed .
Usually i reaction , but see her up to me , change idea i prefer stay under to her .
She did : Nipple Play , head scirssor , arm-bar , facesitting . She want see me her stronger body , look me : SHE IS THE BOSS .
She know i can found mode for leave to her domination , first leaving to head scissor , but she had found mode for stay up to me.
So ask my self : Why try reaction , defend and leave her domination ?.
It's nicely stay under to her , so remain in this position .
Reguard scissor , she is impressive . It's very difficult leave to scissor domination .
She have wonderful muscular legs . I saw few fitness girls , have beatiful and stronger legs as her .
Conclude say this : This session it's one of the best session did with session wrestler girls .
Thanks very much Sara for your time dedicated to me , before session ( details reply to my mails ) and session , had respected book hour programmed for our meeting .


Today was finally the day of my first ever session. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time, but it never really got to it. The main reason why I booked my first session with Sara is her website. This may sound like a stupid reason, but there's just so much information about all kinds of sessions and posibilities that it made me feel I was dealing with someone who knows what she's doing. And she sure does!
Another reason are obviously her videos out there, and the reviews on this (and other) sites. Another testemony that she's the real deal.

And yes, everything that's been said is true.
- It was easy to set up a meeting. Within 3 emails we agreed on a date and the type of session (I wanted domination with an emphasis on scissors). She responded quickly and to the point, while still being very kind.
- She's even more beautiful and more impressive in real life than in her pictures.
- She's a joy to be around. Very friendly up to the point she starts to squeeze.
- She really is as strong as people say.

And now to put in own two cents in:
Being new, I didnt really know what kind of pressure I could handle, so I wanted to find that out with her. No problem at all. She put me in a headscissor, put on a bit of pressure and kept increasing till I had to tap out. what followed next was a very enjoyable variation of all kind of scissors and chokes, with an occasional armbar. Always pushing my limits, but never going too far, even though she easily could.
My one or two attempts to escape an hold were quite futile, and I'm sure that if this would have been semi-competitive I would have been tapping out just as much.
I thoroughly enjoyed my session, and I will certainly explore more in this world.

Thank you Sara, for making my first experience as great as it was. From the ease of booking, to your pleasant company and the souvenir in the form of a (strangely enjoyable) sore neck :-)

I will certainly look forward to the next time you're visiting the Netherlands.


I had the pleasure of meeting Sara during her brief trip to LA. I had wanted to session with Sara for several years now. When I read on SessionGirls that she was planning a trip to LA I contacted her to set up a session. Sara was very easy to contact and responded to my emails promptly despite a busy European tour. After setting up a time Sara was very responsive to inquire as to my session interests. We agreed on a semi-comp and fantasy session. Sara is simply gorgeous. We spoke for a few minutes before the session to understand my experience level and session interests. She is extremely polite, soft spoken and intelligent. She was also humorous at times. I was surprised that despite being so polite, when Sara wrestles she is very serious and skilled in wrestling. Sara has both upper body and lower body strength. She easily overpowered me from the very beginning of the session. I was able to block only a few moves at the beginning of the session. Sara’s scissors are probably one the strongest that I have experienced. Her head scissors not only can cut off the blood supply bud are bone crushingly strong! Despite my large muscular frame there is simply no defense against Sara’s head scissors. If she gets you into this hold it is LIGHTS OUT for the poor guy subjected to Sara’s strength. We spent most of the session doing fantasy wrestling, muscle, body and foot worship. Overall this was one of the best sessions and I am looking forward to seeing Sara back in LA or elsewhere.



Contacted Sara several weeks ago about setting up a session in Philadelphia, have been a fan of Sara for a while now. I was keen to test the strength of her scissors as i know she is renowned for having some of the strongest scissors in the industry.

Booking was straight forward, Sara is very professional in her emails. After discussing what I was after I went ahead and booked a 2 hour session.

Now to the important part, how did the session go. Sara is very pretty with a gorgeous slightly hard to understand accent. We chatted for a few minutes discussing the session. Once the session started, HOLY shit, she is lethal, i'm a big guy and she had me in a scissor head lock in seconds. Sara may not be the biggest session wrestler, but OMG her scissors are crushing, the strongest I have felt yet. She had me tapping numerous times throughout the session. She definitely has wrestling skills as had me in chokes and locks that only a trained person would know.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sessioning with Sara, she is an Irish legend. I would highly recommend her to anyone, but beware she is dynamite


In the city of brotherly love,Philadelphia,and posing with the greatest underdog of film,the statue of Rocky Balboa,I went in with brining confidence in my session with the goddess Sara Lipps. Setting everything up was so professional and personal. Nothing is left in doubt so as to have the best session for all. My thoughts of an upset were crushed as soon as I walked through the door. Sara is beautiful. So sweet and so easy to talk to. Her eyes are dazzling. But I knew the end was near as my eyes went right to her legs. Words cannot even do them justice. To get comfortable,we sat and chatted for awhile. I had a very long drive. But could tell she wanted to smash me as she asked if ready to get changed. We started off with some arm and leg wrestling. I had zero chance against her legs. But it was in arm wrestling that I was already defeated. She smashed down my right arm in seconds. I have never lost left armed. She held me straight up for an eternity. She wanted me to gas myself out. I resorted to trickery and got her wrist back a little,and got her down. I was spent,and we went to wrestling. She got my head and got my back and just overpowered me. Her scissors and rear naked chokes had me tapping in panic. I have lost a lot. No one has ever broke me so quickly ,and with such ease. But it was one of the most fulfilling sessions have ever had. Everything was perfect. I cannot wait to meet the amazing goddess Sara again.

sara lips

Thank you so much Barry, it was lovely to meet you finally meet you! I hope to see you again soon xx


I did a pro fantasy natch with her in Charlotte. Very professional in setting things up and easy to contact. Her skills are submission grappling but she worked with me on the pro aspect. It was a great match and she is a fun and intelligent lady. I enjoyed my time with her. Note that she is not pro trained and does not claim to be. I am happy I sesioned with her but if you are a pro purist the match might be different than you are used to. Incredible power under control. She is a WOW. Can't miss with her

sara lips

Thanks for your lovely review, I am glad that you enjoyed our session and my take on pro wrestling. We certainly did work up a swat. It was great fun and hope that we will meet again some day soon xx


Sara Lips. Wow.

Before I get into the meat of things, let me start by saying that Sara is one of the easiest people to work with, a real professional. While she won’t suffer a timewaster, she’s very communicative, willing to work with you, approachable and honest. She responded to me in a timely manner, far faster than just about anyone I’ve ever worked with. I don’t begrudge other session wrestlers for taking their time, I understand that they lead busy lives, but I appreciate that she has such a personal touch. This continued to when we met in person. She was welcoming and quiet, with a lovely smile and a glowing face. Very pleasant.

Then the session started, and she changed from this sweet, happy person into the meanest person on Earth. Like a switch.

I really can’t stress enough just how oppressive Sara is. In the short time I’ve been doing session wrestling, I’ve probably wrestled women who had a technical advantage over Sara, who’ve been practicing martial arts for years, but in terms of sheer, raw power? Second to none. She looks strong in her pictures, yes, but that’s nothing compared to actually feeling her body bearing down on you, to having this mass of muscle crushing you from above. I’m a fairly strong guy, about six feet tall, in good shape, and she steamrolled me. When she gets on top, there’s just no stopping her from having her way. You can fight, you can struggle, you can squirm, you can beg, you can plead, but she WILL have her way with you. She’s a juggernaut, she just keeps coming.

Her legs are her most dangerous asset, and they’re every bit as powerful as you’d guess from her videos. I’m sure some women have guys fake things a bit in there shoots, act like the scissors hurt more than they really are, but I can confidently state that this isn’t the case with her - her legs HURT. Everything below her waist is like iron, unyielding, whether it’s her legs crushing your skull like a walnut or she’s sitting on your face, pressing down on you with her full weight.

It’s terrifying power, but it wouldn’t mean much if the women wielding it didn’t have the right attitude. Sara does. It’s honestly eerie, how she can go from this nice, soft spoken women to this dangerous, horror of a dominatrix, but she pulls it off perfectly. She has this look of utter disdain, like you’re just an ant to crush under her heel, like she could snuff you out at a moment’s notice and not even have a second thought. She talk trash, makes you feel low, grinds away at you. It’s a humbling experience but if you’re looking for true domination, there are few who can match her.

I know it sounds like I’m gushing and exaggerating, but I’m just being honest: Sara is 100%. It was a treat for her to visit my city, and I could definitely see myself traveling a fair distance for the pleasure again. If she’s ever in your area, or even close, check her out. She’s a rare woman.

sara lips

Thanks Zac! I am glad that you enjoyed our session. It was great fun. Not everyone likes pain or can handle the kind of intensity in this session style you like, so it is always nice when I have a challenge on my hands with someone like you! Thanks again for sessioning with me xx


After almost a decade of wanting to book someone in the industry of Session women, I finally pulled myself together and contacted Sara, and I don’t regret for a second.

As a “first timer” I felt that I needed to find someone whom I really could trust and put my confidence to. I wanted to do it with someone professional and intelligent who understands how to handle a guy who has never done this before and needs some guidance. Because getting it somewhat right and having a pleasant first experience was important to me. After watching many of Sara’s videos and reading most of her interesting blog post etc. I felt that I had finally found that person, with whom I could to take my first step into this world.

It took some time from my initial contact until I finally met Sara. She had to reschedule twice before we finally got to do the session. It was mainly due to the lack of bookings, bad timing, high flight prices etc. I don’t blame her though, she did all she could and I live in smaller town, which made it a bit difficult. Despite the disappointment of having to cancel/reschedule, Sara never gave up and continued to try, which just goes to show that she really makes an effort for her clients no matter where they live and how difficult it might seem. Besides that, the communication and booking procedures were very smooth. Sara is very easy to talk to – also on mail – responds quickly and puts much emphasis on customizing the session just as you want. She also understood me and my needs and desires very well, which was really nice. The wait was definitely worth it!

First of all, when I met her at her hotel room, she looked very beautiful. I was actually surprised of how much stronger and bigger she looked IRL. I guess the camera lens can fool you. She greeted me and we talked for a while before the session, which was really nice. She is really cool to talk with and she made me and the whole atmosphere very calmed and relaxed. After the meet and greet we got to it. My session was primarily focused on facesitting and mixed wrestling(especially scissoring). I got the impression that she started out a little bit easier just to get things going and to get a feeling of what I could handle, but then suddenly after a short while, she stepped up the intensity. It was not a competitive session but a domination session, although I tried to “fight back” a little at times. I knew that she was strong and well trained in this art, but I didn’t think it was going to be as hard to get out of her holds and positions as it was. She really knows (and enjoys) how to use her technique, wrestling holds and weight to keep you exactly where she wants – the feeling of being incapacitated was astonishing. During takedowns, wrestling and scissor holds there was very little I could do, if anything, no matter how hard I tried and I’m not that small, slightly above 80 kg and 177 cm tall. The feeling of being so easily taken down and completely incapacitated was truly amazing. Her scissors were also out of this world. Her leg power is remarkable insane and hard to describe, it’s something that needs to be experienced. And when she facesat me – also fullweight with just a small wrestling mat between my head and the floor – it was really hard to get her off or to even get a small whiff of air. She really knows how to bury the face underneath her arse and make it as hard as possible – I was truly in heaven. The session more than lived up to my expectations.

I wanted her to push my boundaries as far as possible and boy she did. She didn’t get up or let me go just because I tapped. She held on until she felt that I had reach my boundaries and sometimes she went even further. Slowly, slowly during the session my powers faded away, a truly amazing feeling btw. She was very dominant throughout the session, but still managed to keep a fine balance by giving me the minibreaks I so desperately needed and by maintaining the playful and safe feeling. When the session was over I was completely done and drained from energy, Sara had broken me down – again an amazing feeling. Since it was a rough session (on my request) I was really sore and had quite a lot of marks on my body and face a couple of days after. My nose was for example really battered, red and sore for three days after all the intense facesitting. But having all these marks and soreness is really nice since it reminds me of how amazing the session was.

As mentioned Sara prefers to chat a bit both before and after the session in order to get a comfortable and relaxed environment, which helped to easy the nerves and was very enjoyable, even though I wasn’t very communicative after the session lol. My session was wonderful and Sara made my introduction to this “world” amazing. Everything felt so natural and authentic in some way. I can’t think of a better person out there to do it with and I can strongly recommend to session with her. It was my first time, but definitely not my last and I really hope and believe that I will see Sara for many more sessions in the future.

sara lips

Thanks fred, it was lovely to meet yo. I hope to see you again sometime. All the best with your final studies xx

DM Patrick

Recently I had my second session with Sara when she visited Boston. I cannot stress enough how amazing Sara is. She is strong and sexy and takes the time to truly understand your fantasy and make it a reality. I can’t wait for her next visit. Don’t miss her, she is among the best if not the best.

sara lips

Thanks Patrick, it was great to see you again. Hopefully catch you again soon, Take Care S xx


# #sara lips
“Love the feeling of being overpowered and dominated by the girl next door?” she asks on her website. Well, this a huge understatement since she is nothing like the girl next door, but very beautiful and strong. She surely knows how to wrestle and my guess is that she can beat and overpower a lot of men. She is also a very charming, attentive and intelligent person which helps her to find out how to give you just what you are longing for in a session. So far, I had two sessions of playful wrestling and sensual domination with her which I enjoyed very, very much. She is absolutely reliable, pleasant and fun to be with.
I can only highly recommend her.

sara lips

Thanks Eric, it was great to meet you too last year, I hope your trips all went well and look forward to seeing some of the pics, S xx


I was fortunate enough to have a semi-competitive/scissor session with Sara in London recently.

She is an absolute dream, and takes time to really understand what you are looking for in a session.

Her holds are absolutely unbreakable, and had me tapping in seconds. Her upper body strength is incredible, combined with her wrestling skills makes for a formidable opponent. It is her leg strength however that is truly frightening. Her body scissors left me dazed and begging for mercy. She can submit you with the strength of her thighs at will, leaving you weak and helpless.

I am eagerly anticipating another session with Sara when she visits London again.

sara lips

Thanks Dan, it was great to meet you also, you were very kind. I wish you all the best in future sessions and hope to re meet again sometime soon x


I met Sara in Philly this week and she has been by far the most intense session I've ever had. I've met some of the greats, but Sara is a surgeon and so technically skilled, that she was able to exert little effort in order to make me plead for mercy! She's incredibly sexy, is in incredible shape and has a touch of sadism that makes her push you to the limits, so you know who really is in charge. When chatting with her during the session, she's incredibly nice and smart, but when she's in "session" mode, she's a viper waiting to strike. Thank you for "a never will forget" session!

sara lips

Thank you for your kind review! It was absolutely great to meet you, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed our session. Hopefully I will catch up with you again soon in philly!


I met Sara a couple of weeks ago and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. She is as beautiful and imposing in person as she is in her pictures!
You won't find any other session wrestler with her level of professionalism in setting up the session and taking the time to understand what their clients enjoy.
As for the session, she exceeded all my best expectations by a mile. I tried all I had and still she was able to dominate me with ease, capturing me in hold after hold. Her scissors are SCARY and I was never able to resist her full squeezing pressure (I had to tap after only a few seconds). She also toyed with me in armwrestling and leg wrestling! After the session, I was completely out of order. And she even said I was lucky as she did go easy on me...
You won't regret trying a session with Sara, she's among the very best out there!

sara lips

Thank You, it was lovely to meet you in milan and I hope to see you again next time. I wish you a lovely xmas and new year! And all the best in upcoming future sessions xx


I’ve met Sara twice. She is very strong and I was amazed how much she improved her wrestling skills in the year between our matches. He is very professional and resorting setting up sessions and is a joy to spend time.

sara lips

Aww thanks Sammy, it was lovely to see you again, all the best with the new job and move xx


I have met Miss Sara Lips twice this year (April & Sep), and both times were such wonderful experiences.

I was very new to the sessions world before I met her for the first time, so I was nervous to send her an email. But she was so friendly in our email conversations that my nerves turned to feelings of excitement, making me even more anxious to meet her.

My first thought upon meeting her was of how incredibly awesome her legs looked. They looked so amazingly powerful, and I was blessed to verify that as soon as we started wrestling. Before we began, she was very pleasant to talk with, and she seemed so reserved that I began to underestimate her. It was hard enough to wait a month for this night, but seeing how stunning she was as we talked, I could barely control my anxiousness to start wrestling with her.

When we began, I grabbed her wrists to prevent her from gaining an advantage, and instantly I knew I was in big trouble, feeling her extreme power as I held her. She simply smiled, knowing I had no chance to control her, and she swiftly overpowered me, pinning me down so easily. For the entire session, I was absolutely dominated, unable to escape her pins and submissions, and I was in such pain every time she scissored me, choked me, bending my arms in many different unnatural positions. Her legs squeezed my ribs so powerfully, so effortlessly, I was completely at her mercy. Despite how much agony I was in, I loved every minute of it. She turned into such a dominant predator, I couldn’t believe she was the same calm, polite woman who was having a nice conversation with me earlier.

There was no question of whether I was going to see her again. Later this year, I contacted her immediately after learning that she was returning to my state. And she was so nice to remember things I told her five months earlier, such as my hobbies and traveling stories, which just shows how kind and personable she is.

Sara is a wonderful combination of strength and beauty. She is gorgeous, and her legs are legitimately dangerous. They will hurt you, and you will love it.

I have had many more sessions in-between my two instances with Sara. Despite my added experiences with other wrestlers, I was even more excited to see Sara the 2nd time than the 1st because I remembered how wonderful it was. And the 2nd time was even greater…

Sara is perfect to session with for both beginners and the experienced, as I’ve been at both ends. Her friendly personality allows you to cast your nerves aside…until she gets hold of you. And for the more experienced gentlemen, you’ll be able to appreciate your session with her so much when you realize that it was her you’ve been waiting for all along. She is perfect. The only downside is that you’ll be less excited to session with anyone else afterwards.

I can’t wait for a 3rd time…

sara lips

Thanks David, it was a pleasure to spend some quality time with you again! All the best with your new venture ahead x


I had a recent session with the amazing Sara Lips. This is one powerful woman, with a vast arsenal of wrestling holds and a willingness to make her opponents suffer. I sent her a pretty detailed e-mail with pics of the type of sessions I like. She definitely does her homework, because she hit all of my thoughts on the nose, including attire.

Sara is so strong. Her scissor holds were brutal. Her legs are full and very solid, but they seemed to get enormous when she increased the pressure on her scissors. At my request, she held the pressure past my submissions, to demonstrate her dominance. I think she increased it a couple times to increase my suffering. Her headlocks and choke holds were amazing as well.

Overall, Sara was a great experience. Very accommodating in scheduling a session. Just a pleasure do deal with. I would totally recommend her to anyone thinking of meeting her. I hope to see her again sometime.

sara lips

Thank you C, it was lovely to finally get to meet you1 I am glad you enjoyed our session and hope to see you again in Chicago x


I had a session with Sara recently and she was everything she described herself and more. Friendly, professional, ultimate combination of beauty, muscles and feminine curves. She made me feel very comfortable. She had me in a few holds I couldn't get out from and happily so. She is intuitive in understanding what I wanted. I had the best session ever !

sara lips

Hi Essam,

Thank you for the lovely review, i am glad you really enjoyed our summer and hope to catch you again either your side of the pond or mine, who knows!


On her tour in Germany, I had the pleasure with her in cologne. She is very sympathetic and takes the nervousness. My wish was domination and this has met me. She has a lot of strength. She has done a lot of scissors and handles on me. I could only feel her muscles, which bulged up, because I was crushed in her scissors. She had weakended me so much that she could do anything with me. What she did then. I had no chance. I have had quite new experiences. It was great. Only recommendable.


WOW.Had a two hour session with Sara in Birmingham recently.From the moment I met her she made me feel so relaxed.Had a great chat before and after the session.As for the session,it was mind blowing.Never been trapped in such strong scissors.Her muscles are to Die for.I will be a very lucky Man if I meet a more Beautiful, Friendly and Strong Lady than Sara.Roll on the next session


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to session with Sara during her recent trip to Boston. What an amazing experience. I had some difficulty with scheduling up front due to a conflicting business trip, but Sara was was patient and understanding and we were able to work something out. As for the session itself, nothing short of spectacular. Sara is absolutely beautiful and remarkably strong. Her scissors are deadly and I enjoyed being teased and forced to worship her hard muscles as she overpowered and outwrestled me with ease. She appeared to enjoy the session even more than me, and that's saying something! She is also quite friendly and a pleasure to talk with. Can't wait to see her on her next trip to Boston, hopefully not too long from now.


I recently sessioned with Sara in London. She is smart, friendly, extremely attractive and unbelievably strong. She took my breath away in every way possible. I found her holds inbraekable and her scissors would burst a water main! It's the best session experience I have ever had and I don't hesitate in recommending her. Please be respectful as she's one in a million.


My biggest regret only booking an hour, but I'll make sure that is corrected next time I arrange a session with her. Although if she is fighting fit and 100% I'll have my work cut out.


I spent two hours with Sara and it was unbelievable. She looks amazing and is in fantastic shape. We started with some light wrestling and I couldn’t believe how helpless I felt as she went effortlessly from hold to hold. I asked her to focus on scissors and chokes and she did just that. When she has a hold locked on, there is no escape until she lets you go. Her legs are like steel and she’s able to easily make me tap out. I told her I hadn’t submitted to body scissors in years and she forced me to several times. I showed her a few new techniques, which I feared could come back to haunt me (turns out I was right).  I knew I was in for a rough time. Sara’s hand over mouth (HOM) smothering technique is unreal. She combines the HOM with scissors and chokes and used her hands to force my jaw closed so I couldn’t get ANY air. I could barely pull her hand away from my mouth using all my strength. To make the play even more intsense for me, she tied my hands behind my back and suddenly her scissors and her unbelievably effective HOM smothers became even more scary. It’s unbelievable knowing that she could just as easily knock me out quickly with her legs or her rear naked choke as she can slowly smothering me. Sometimes it was both at once. I’ve never seen anyone with skill like that.  If you get a chance - go see her - but be prepared to be very sore when the session ends - she has some truly exceptional moves.


I've been lucky enough to session with quite a large number of wrestlers over the years. Some have been really attractive. Some have been really strong. And some gab been really intelligent. But Sara is the first one I've who combines all three!

Having found her profile on the usual forums I was led to her website which is a cut above many of the 'cut and paste' sites so popular with other session wrestlers. I filled out the contact form and, having missed one visit to London, I finally managed to arrange a 'semi-comp' wrestling session with her on her latest visit.

Her communication beforehand was excellent and we met in her apartment in Bayswater at the appointed hour. I know it's a cliche to say people look better in the flesh than they do on the screen but Sara is stunning and as we chatted beforehand it was hard to believe that she really is into her wrestling. Combine that with her sultry Irish accent and I was hooked immediately.

She was very relaxed and once we'd established exactly what sort of session I wanted we got to it! Immediately it was apparent just how strong Sara is. We spent a thoroughly enjoyable (well for me anyway) hour of almost solid wrestling, interspersed with conversation ranging from how she got into the session world in the first place to how attitudes vary towards wrestling and many other fetishes.

I don't know the score (so I'll call it a draw!) but at the end of the session I was left with the feeling that next time I should probably book two hours, one for the session and one just to chat.

I know Sara has great plans for her website and she will also be touring regularly so if she comes to your town then I would suggest you make every effort to arrange a session. You won't be disappointed!

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