Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
E-mail: sexyred10nudemodel@gmail.com
Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33
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Had the opportunity of meeting Sarah recently for a competitive session while she was in Charlotte. She is very prompt with returning emails. She was driving from Atlanta to Charlotte as I was driving a good distance. She immediately emailed me that she was delayed with traffic which is understandable. We reset appointment 45mins later. Right on time at her hotel. Sarah is fantastic with communication. Met me at the door in sweat pants and a sport bra. Sarah looks every bit as good in person as her photos . Her face is beautiful and the view just improves as your eyes venture to her sculpted abs and feminine but oh so powerful legs. A little small talk and then she said "Well let's get going " Off with the sweat pans and away we went, damn I was surprised. Beware of the legs is all I can say. Trust me guys, you will feel the burn for days. This little 5'4" vixen will put you through the ringer with her speed and tenacity. Not a clock watcher at all. Polite and intelligent conversation during short rest periods. Rest periods were defiantly initiated by me and not her! During one of our rest breaks she said she grew up as kind of a tom-boy and absolutely loves her job. I will defiantly watch her travels and repeat. J


Sarah is petite, fierce, very skilled and strong for her size. Before the session, she asked a few questions to undertand what I was looking for. Then during the session, it felt like she could read my mind and she would then come up with creative ideas that made the session quite special. She can dominate both physically and psychologically. One of the best sessions I have ever had.


I have had 2 sessions with Sarah and both sessions were an amazing and fun time! The very first thing that is apparent is that Sarah is absolutely beautiful. She also has a very sweet personality that made me feel very comfortable (I am normally very shy). I am 5'10 180 lbs and I can bench press 225x10 so I consider myself fairly strong, but this beautiful girl was able to dominate me and I really had no chance vs her. Sarah was able to pin me down in numerous fashions and she was able to submit me easily. It really was a fun time to get dominated by this beautiful girl and she was very fun to chat with during the session too. Sarah was also able to incorporate some fetish stuff in the match for me, which was a lot of fun as well! Overall, Sarah is beautiful, an excellent wrestler who was able to beat me easily, and she has a very sweet and charming personality. She comes highly recommended!!


Just a quick note to compliment Sarah Brooke not just on her smoking hot looks, dangerous mat skills, and sexy demeanor, but also on her professionalism. Recently, Sarah had to cancel a session because of travel gone wrong (happens to all of us), and to her credit she immediately communicated the situation, arranged for the return of my deposit, and so won the enduring loyalty I will show her when we are in the same city again. So many people out there unfortunately take advantage once they have a client's funds whether for a session, custom, or Skype, but not Sarah. She's definitely worth your time, money, and most importantly in this business: trust.


I read an earlier review from a guy who said she ko’d him multiple times with her head scissors. I made the mistake of requesting a match like that.

I’ve wrestled dozens of girls in the past, all who had varying degrees of strength
in their scissors; some really strong and some not that strong but NONE of who ever came remotely close to the sheer power of Sarah Brooke’s crushing head scissors.

Her legs are extremely sexy, well shaped, soft, smooth and absolutely devastating. Since I told her to be relentless that’s exactly what she was, so when I was furiously tapping and trying unsuccessfully to talk to say stop, she kept going and I was out in less than 10 seconds.

When I came to a few seconds later I realized I didn’t wanna be ko’d anymore lol. So I changed the parameters and she still could ko me at half her strength. So we went to 1/4 pressure which was more than enough for me. And I’m no wimp; the vast majority of the girls I’ve wrestled have been unable to even make me tap, let alone knock me out.

This girl, who is smoking hot, with a smoking hot body, is the real deal. In addition to her outrageously strong legs, she is fit, toned and has equally strong upper body strength. She is very good at ko’ing you in a sleeper hold as well.

Combine all that with the fact that she is a superior wrestler, absolutely loves to inflict as much pain and punishment as possible while teasing and taunting me while doing it, indulged my fantasy role play scenario and sat on my face and relentlessly smothered me with the same brutal lack of mercy and I had the perfect 2 hours of being totally controlled, dominated and punished by this sexy vixen.

However competitive you want her to be, whatever you want her to do and however mercilessly you want her to do it; she will exceed your expectations and she will win every single time.


I wrestled Sarah last week in a semi-competitive match. She is high energy, flexible and competitive. Once she got me into a hold, she wouldn't let go until I tapped out. Her scissors were devastating. Sarah was fun and easy to talk to. I had some additional fetishes that she was able to incorporate into the wrestling match as well. I will definitely see her again when she comes through my city in the future.


My wife and I just recently had a couples session with Sarah, and it was better than either of us could have imagined. We were both nervous before the session, and my wife was very hesitant about doing the session. But Sarah's friendly, relaxed personality put us both at ease very quickly.

Our session consisted mostly of Sarah showing my wife how to apply various wrestling holds. Sarah was an amazing teacher. In the first 15 minutes of our 2 hour session, she had my wife applying chokes and scissors like a pro!

We then moved on to Sarah and me doing some competitive grappling. Well...as competitive as we could because I had an injury at the time. We did two falls. The first, Sarah put me right into a guillotine and had me tapping instantly. The second lasted a lot longer, but she eventually ended up getting me between her legs and squeezing me into submission. Don't let this girl's small size fool you, she is very strong, and her scissors are extremely painful. I am not a wrestler or a grappler, so I really can't comment on her skill level. But she was skilled enough to whoop my ass! And I had a fairly decent size advantage over her.

Next, my wife and I grappled while Sarah gave my wife tips and advice on how to beat me. Again, she was very informative and helped my wife out alot.

Overall, both my wife and I had an amazing session experience. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who plans on booking a session.


Had an awesome boxing session with Sarah in Austin, TX. She was easy to schedule and communicate with via email. I had a great time during my session with her and look forward to seeing her again. Her abs are amazing! Best of any session wrestler I have met :)


Just had a session with Sarah Brooke in Texas and she was absolutely amazing in person. It was pretty cool to say that I have never been knockedout before in a headscissor, but miss sarah brooke changed that all for me multiple times. If you want to be seriously knocked unconscious between the most hottest looking session wrestler then you need sarah brooke.


I saw Sarah a couple days ago for a belly punching session. Setting up a session was easy. Sarah chose a nice hotel in LA. Let me also say she is very cute in person. She was also definitely enthusiastic about beating me up.
Now for the actual session. Her punches were hard and her elbows were devastating. Her intensity was balls to the wall and her stamina was remarkable. I can take quite a bit of punishment. I actually held up well but she wore me down. At the end, I gave into her unrelenting attack. Most girls can't keep it up for an entire hour like she can. Two days later I'm very much feeling the effects. I'm thinking a session with Sarah should come with a bottle of asprin.


Had an awesome session with Sarah today. First of all, communication with her is easy. I requested a pro wrestling style role play and she more than delivered. She listened to my ideas and made suggestions about how to make .y role play better. Honestly I could not have asked for a better time. Hopefully when she swings through Philly again I'll be able to meet her again.


I had a great session with Sarah. She is unbelievably beautiful and she has great muscles! Just ask her to do a biceps pose, excellent. On top of being gorgeous and strong she is a really good wrestler you kind of pic your poison, guillotine, arm bar, scissors or smother she tapped me with all of them. She is very good on the communications during setup and I strongly recommend her for a session if she comes to your town.


I had the pleasure of doing a wrestling session with Sarah Brooke and wanted to write a review. To start, her pictures are great but they don't compare to seeing her beauty in person. She is really pretty and her 5'4 frame is all muscle. She is also really nice but you can tell she loves kicking ass.

She was super helpful in communication before the session and answered all my questions. It was easy to set up the session with her.

Sarah is strong as crap. I can bench 205 several times and she beat me several times in arm wrestling (I could barely resist with my left). She also pinned me many many times and I couldn't move her off me. Her scissors and the best I have ever felt. She's so powerful. I strongly recommend Sarah Brooke and hope to see her again.


Just had a domination session with the beautiful Sarah. I haven't had many sessions previous this this one before but this is the first time I've left and felt completely satisfied. There wasn't anything I was wishing I would have done when I left cause we did everything and it was perfect! Thank you again miss Sarah. Can't wait til your next visit to Michigan


Had the pleasure of a session with Sarah back in May. She is amazing. Yes, she's every bit as good looking as the pictures here, but she's also way more skilled than you might think. A very pleasant personality, but she clearly has a competitive streak and has learned a lot. This is a fun, sexy woman who will be having as much fun trying to tie you in knots as you are enjoying wrestling her. At her size she isn't going to beat trained, in shape 225# guys, but I promise you'll enjoy the session. Highly recommended.

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