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Height: 5'7 - 170 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 39

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About Me

Im a natural alpha female; strong and athletic, with a nasty little sadistic side. 

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt, with a background in striking (Muay Thai and Boxing) and additional training in Freestyle Wrestling and Pro-wrestling.

An all-action woman, with a muscle bound, ass-kicking body that has been honed with years of sport. Alongside martial arts, I ride mountain bikes and dirtbikes, which explains my ridiculously powerful 25 inch quads.

Im merciless on the mat – so dont think you can relax for a second!

I also have a dangerous wardrobe..catsuits...pantyhose..bikinis...leotards...gis...spandex...latex ...all the good stuff


Dare you take me on? 


Scorpion x

Favourite moves: RNC with Body Triangle, Reverse Headscissors, Camel Clutch






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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-17-2019 07-19-2019 Charlotte North Carolina United States
07-19-2019 07-21-2019 Raleigh North Carolina United States
07-21-2019 07-24-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
07-23-2019 07-23-2019 Hartford Connecticut United States
07-24-2019 07-25-2019 Detroit Illinois United States
07-25-2019 07-27-2019 Cleveland Ohio United States
07-27-2019 07-28-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
07-28-2019 07-30-2019 Cincinnati Ohio United States
07-30-2019 07-31-2019 Louisville Kentucky United States
07-31-2019 08-01-2019 Nashville Tennessee United States
08-02-2019 08-03-2019 Atlanta Georgia United States
08-03-2019 08-05-2019 Orlando Florida United States
08-05-2019 08-12-2019 St Petersburg Florida United States
08-12-2019 08-15-2019 Fort Lauderdale Florida United States
08-12-2019 08-15-2019 Miami Florida United States
For a dangerous selection of wrestling - domination - scissorhold - facesitting - foot fetish - with an excellent wardrobe..catsuits...pantyhose..bikinis...leotards ...all the good stuff! Full session details Bookings S x

So, had another session with the scorpion, and yes, it was another “brink of death” session! She knows how to suffocate and punish her opponent. I was gasping, in the reverse facesit, in the reverse headscissor, etc, and if you don’t listen to her, more punishment! Overall, great technical wrestler, and a great session, get in contact with her !

Steve Doran

I was very lucky to spend time with the beautiful Scorpion recently! She is incredibly smart, very strong and she has skills, amazing grappling skills!!! The session was very easily set up, prompt response to emails etc. Scorpion's studio is an excellent set up,immaculately clean & very well organized. A great place to session. Scorpion is definitely not a clock watcher, we sat and talked before our match, she is very funny and puts you completely at ease.
Now the session, I called it a match well it wasn't!!! Scorpion took control from the start & never lost it!!! She put me in various scissors, grapevines, armbands etc!!! She's able to get you to the point of submission but not go to far and really hurt you, unless you want that,I've no doubts she could!!! In summary, Scorpion is a wonderful person, very intelligent , extremely funny, great company and most importantly for session guys, an incredibly good wrestler!!! I loved my time with her. Will be booking again soon.

phil emp

in the month of March 2019
Aah! The powerful Scorpion, the session is set up quickly. The wrestling launched, I found myself stuck under it. I was fighting to avoid it, to submit it to me too quickly and I was trying to free myself from its pressure.

I suffered a thousand and one torments: His fist sinking into my sides, his chin pointed at my back, his hand twisting my wrist, my bicep crushed by his knee and the worst torment was his knee posed with weight on my a belly that forced me to release some of my oxygen, etc. (At each new torment, I asked myself the same question, but what is it still doing to me?)

Of course not forgetting the 22 submissions and the most frustrating was a kind of triangle scissors or with each pressure my neck lengthened a few millimeters. I got my 5 minutes of punishment for losing.

A session with Scorpion and worth 1 hour of intense rock and roll a good way to empty the more energy. I am planning very soon to redo the Scorpion experience. But this time in great shape!

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